A man is dead and a woman faces felony charges after a three-vehicle crash Wednesday afternoon that also led to a good Samaritan’s pickup being stolen, police said.

Keniqua Pleasant, 19, of La Marque, was charged with failure to stop and render aid and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle in connection to the crash, detective John Griffith, spokesman for the League City Police Department, said. Her bond is set at $50,000

Jeremy Campbell, of League City, died in the crash, Griffith said.

The cascading crash happened just after 1 p.m. along the feeder road on the southbound side of Interstate 45, near the exit for League City Parkway, Griffith said.

Several vehicles were exiting the freeway when one struck the vehicle at the front of the line, pushing it from the exit ramp into the main lane, where it was struck by a third vehicle, Griffith said.

The force of that collision sent the first vehicle into a median and into a bulldozer, Griffith said. The driver of that vehicle, Campbell, was pronounced dead at the scene.

A witness to the collision stopped and got out of his car to help Campbell, Griffith said. A woman then got out of her vehicle, which was damaged in the initial crash, and took off in the good Samaritan’s truck.

Police later found the truck abandoned on Bay Area Boulevard, and Houston police detained a woman walking nearby, Griffith said.

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(11) comments

Stephanie Martin

Only $50,000.00 bond?

David Hardee

If facts, as stated, are correct this young person is a wasted piece of humanity and should be removed from society forever.

Doug Sivyer

Yes, and don't bother wasting out tax dollars on incarcerating he. Just administer euthanasia please. She had no regard for human life so why does she deserve any better?

Paul Harrington


Bill Cochrane

Mr. Sivyer, you have quoted many scriptures throughout this forum over time. This was an accident. She's 19. She apparently freaked out as most 19-year-olds would. She needs compassion and understanding and a second chance, not put to death. My son was involved in an accident that resulted in the death of his best friend. His friends dad forgave him and kept him from going to prison. Thirth years after the accident I asked my son if he ever thought about it. He answered "Every day Dad. Every day".

Bailey Jones

I'm with Bill.

Leigh Cowart

I too, am surprised by the low bond.....and her facial expression on her intake photo doesn't show much remorse. I will hold my breath to hear the details as to "WHY"??

Craig Mason

My heart goes out to the Campbell family!

Jim Forsythe

She was charged with failure to stop and render aid and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle in connection to the crash. Did she cause the crash, or was she just one of several vehicles that were exiting the freeway?

Was she driving(the third vehicle) the one that struck Campbells car . Until the police release the report, all that is know is she is charged with failure to stop and render aid and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle?

Some of you are calling for her to be removed from society forever for this crime or even administer euthanasia ?

Did she strike Campbells car on purpose was it a accident? Did she even strike Campbells car?

You may want to hold judgment on her, until all the facts are know!

Leigh Cowart

On Facebook, I45Now, video of crash scene, eyewitnesses, say she was going at a high rate of speed, caused the crash and stole a good samaritans truck with over 300 comments, some that saw the incident. GDN blurb is a watered down account with no bias or blame. And with today's standard reporting you'll never hear anything else about it.

Jim Forsythe


According to police, 19-year-old Keniqua Pleasant was exiting the freeway when her vehicle hit the car of 46-year-old Jeremy Campbell. Pleasant’s vehicle pushed Campbell’s vehicle into traffic on the feeder road where it was hit by a third vehicle, police said. That caused Campbell’s vehicle to jump over a retaining wall where it slammed into a bulldozer at a construction site and killed Campbell, police said.

Charges 1


Charges 2


What is not given in this news story are all the facts leading up to the accident. When they have interviewed all and done with all the work up of the facts in this case, more will be know as what happen . To relay on Facebook for facts, sometimes ends with exaggerated facts. The ones on Facebook, are they going to talk to the police or are they just talking. I hope I'm never convicted by what is posted on Facebook as facts.

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