Four people were sent to a University of Texas Medical Branch hospital after a truck collided with a golf cart in an intersection of Broadway on Monday evening, police said. 

A Chevrolet truck driving west on Broadway crashed with a golf cart heading south at the intersection with 19th Street at 6:35 p.m., Galveston Police Department spokesman Lt. Xavier Hancock said.

The truck, driven by a 57-year-old man, had a red light at the intersection and the golf cart, driven by a woman, 35, had a green light, Hancock said. 

There were also three girls in the golf cart, 15, 13 and 8 years old, Hancock said. All four people in the golf cart were transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, he said. They were vacationing in Galveston, he said. 

The driver of the truck didn't seek medical treatment and was issued multiple citations, Hancock said. He was visiting Galveston for work, Hancock said.

Keri Heath: 409-683-5241; or on Twitter @HeathKeri. 


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(4) comments

David Shea

Red light runners and golf-carts...Not a good mix.

Don Schlessinger

Hopefully Galveston City Council will outlaw golf carts on major thoroughfares on the Island. The city is risking lives allowing golf carts on Broadway and Seawall Blvd.

Larry Grissom

Golf carts are not allowed on Broadway but are allowed to cross Broadway.

This is the first year they have been allowed on the Seawall

I don’t think I’ll sit quietly if the City attempted to take away my Right to drive my golf cart anywhere it is legal to do so on the island.

Roy Hughes

Written by Lynne Springer

Personally, I find it difficult to drive behind a golf cart especially if it is carrying small children on the back seat. About a year ago when I was driving down Avenue P a golf cart carrying four children and two adults pulled in front of my car as they were possibly taking a tour of the island. On the back seat facing me was an adult female and she was holding a child that appeared to about two years old. The child sitting next to her appeared to be about 5 and she was holding on to the skinny rail that runs alongside the seat. I could not see a lap belt if there was one. The other two children were about 11 and 12 and they were sitting in the second seat facing forwards. The people on the back seat did not appear to safe and secure and I did not want to drive behind them. I still refuse to drive behind golf carts. For me, safety is number one and I fail to see how the golf carts are able to protect its passengers. I have seen teens that appear to be younger than driving age behind the wheel of a golf cart. I am not sure if there are any established laws for these vehicles. While they provide the riders with an open-air riding experience I wish they were made safer for the riders. Accidents happen on a regular basis between cars and trucks with someone not paying attention or following traffic laws. I would hate to see accidents between cars and golf carts because there is no protection for the passengers of the golf carts when confronted with a two-ton car. I do recall that there was an accident in 2018 or so,

between an SUV and a golf cart on FM 3005. The driver of the SUV stated that the golf cart was crossing FM 3005 and I believe he had to leave the roadway to avoid hitting the golf cart. Vehicles traveling on 3005 are going no less than 55 mph and in most cases, they are traveling faster. If a golf cart decides to cross, it would next to impossible to stop in order to not hit the cart. In this case, this road should be restricted to golf carts, both crossing the road, and driving on the road. Maybe there needs to be some restrictions as to what roads they may use for travel. I think that Broadway, the Seawall, 3005, and some other major thoroughfares should be off-limits due to the heavy traffic. I have not heard that the City of Galveston has any established regulations/restrictions for these vehicles. It would be a good idea to establish some regulations/restrictions before an accident happens. It is always better to practice safety before a major accident happens.

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