A motorcyclist died on Broadway after slamming into an 18-wheel truck trailer Wednesday night.

Daniel Hood, 39, of Texas City, was killed about 11 p.m. when the motorcycle he was driving hit the right rear corner of the truck, department spokesman Cpt. Joshua Schirard said.

Galveston police officers stopped at the intersection of 27th Street and Broadway saw a white and green Kawasaki motorcycle traveling west on Broadway run a red light at what they estimate was more than 100 mph, Schirard said.

Officers lost sight of the motorcycle almost immediately, but drove after it and found the driver of the motorcycle had crashed into the truck, which was turning north onto 36th Street from Broadway, Schirard said.

Police identified Hood as the driver of the motorcycle, Schirard said. Hood was not wearing a helmet and sustained head trauma and other injuries, Schirard said. Hood was pronounced dead after the arrival of Galveston emergency responders, Schirard said.

No charges have been filed or are expected, Schirard said.

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Wayne D Holt

When I see a motorcyclist driving like that, I always flinch knowing how easy it is to wind up crippled for life or dead in just a few seconds. This man, not yet 40, probably had 35 more good years ahead of him but a spur of the moment decision to see what his bike could do ended it all.

"Died on Broadway in Galveston in the roadway." What a terrible, sad epitaph for the family and friends he must have. I wish he had a second chance to make a better decision, but he doesn't. Very, very sad.

Doug Sivyer

Very sad indeed. Why do people make decisions like this? Under the influence perhaps, poor judgement? Who knows. And the state of Texas is also negligent for allowing riders to operate a motorcycle without a helmet. Automobile drivers must wear a seat belt so why do motor cycle riders not have to wear a helmet? I will never understand the logic of the no helmet required.

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