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Charlene Adams

This is such a travesty of justice. This kid should not have been tried as an adult. Although what he did was horrendous, so was his life with her. He should have been tried as a juvenile and received help. Galveston DA just looking for headlines and convictions instead of justice.

Carlos Ponce

Not to worry, Charlene. He will be eligible for parole after serving 40 years in prison. Then you can take care of him if you are still around.

In August 2016 a juvenile court judge certified Chance Moseley as an adult. The GCDN erroneously reported he was 14 at the time of the murder.


Eyewitness News reported Nita Moseley had a number of dealings with CPS. That's where your concern should be - how CPS was inefficient in this case.


If society took GCDN editor Kimberly Worner's advice to "Look at whole picture when determining boy’s trial status", prisons would be empty and criminals would be in your city, your neighborhood. Matricide is still murder, no matter if the perp was 15 at the time. Justice has been served.

Charlene Adams

From what I understand he was a month from being 15. It really doesn’t matter whether he was 14 or 15. He never had a chance in life. She should never have gotten custody of him back so, yes, CPS is also at fault. He should have been tried as a juvenile and given a chance at life. The vitriol that oozes constantly from your comments is telling of your character.

Dru Walters

I couldn't agree with you more - the kid never had a chance.

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