Three days before he died, Adrian Caldwell posted a video message on his Facebook page with the caption, “I’m sorry.”

During the three-minute message, Caldwell, 24, said he felt “soulless” and urged his social media friends to get past the negative things in their lives. Caldwell referenced Black Lives Matter protests and the need for people to wear masks because of the coronavirus.

He ended it with a hopeful message.

“For the first time, I feel alive,” Caldwell said. “I just want to live, don’t you?”

That was on Monday. On Thursday evening, he was dead and implicated in police statements as a possible home invader shot by a person protecting a home during a break-in attempt.

Police on Tuesday still were investigating the fatal nighttime shooting and declined to release more information about the circumstances around Caldwell’s death.

Meanwhile, as word of Caldwell’s death spread on social media, friends and people who claimed to know him expressed disbelief he would commit a break-in.

“Adrian was a good person,” said Donyea McChristian, a former classmate who said she had been friends with Caldwell since childhood. “Adrian had no enemies. This isn’t something that Adrian would do.”

Other posts on social media described Caldwell as a person who loved to sing. He graduated Ball High School in 2014. He had no criminal record, according to county court records. He was briefly employed at the Golden Corral restaurant on Seawall Boulevard but left that job about a month ago, a manager there confirmed.

McChristian said she talked to Caldwell as recently as two weeks ago. He had recently moved back to his childhood home after living for a time in Beaumont, she said.

“Adrian lived in that area for just about as long as I remember,” McChristian said. “For somebody to say that Adrian broke into their house is, like, beyond me. Because that’s not the person Adrian was.”

Police have not released the name of the person who shot Caldwell. On Monday, police confirmed that two people were home at the time of the shooting and that Caldwell was shot once with a small-caliber handgun. No charges had been filed in the shooting as of Tuesday.

In an initial news release about the shooting, police said the residents of the home said Caldwell was shot while going through a window of the home. A news release on Monday made no mention of a window. In the Monday news release, police said detectives were “unclear of the reason the deceased was at the residence.”

Since Friday, the police department has declined to answer direct questions about whether Caldwell was inside or outside of the house when he was shot, citing the ongoing investigation.

The multi-story house on the end of Darcy Street where Caldwell was shot looks out onto Galveston Bay. The house is owned Frank Martin Ivey Jr. and Bobbie Leigh Ivey, according to public records. They could not be reached for comment Tuesday. Police by Tuesday had not disclosed who was residing in the house at the time of the shooting.

The back of the house has a wide deck, accessible by stairs, that abuts a group of floor-to-ceiling windows.

Caldwell’s mother, who lived with him in a home about a mile from where the shooting occurred, declined to comment on Tuesday, saying she was waiting for more information from the Galveston Police Department.

John Wayne Ferguson: 409-683-5226; or on Twitter @johnwferguson.


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(5) comments

Pete Nanos

Why didn't you lust send a target to the homeowner to wear on his back? There's a difference between good reporting and what you did.

Brent Broussard

I agree, Pete. Shameful piece.

Lorna Presswood

I agree also. Why is this article trying to purposely start trouble? Why else would the man be shot at 2 or 3 am at that house? All the evidence points to the obvious, not to the person being shot being the victim of a wrongful shooting. This is a story meant to sway opinion in the most unlikely way. Totally wrong.

Judy Spring

I know this family and there’s no way Adrian would try to break in someone’s house.

Terry Moore

I do not believe they are swaying it. This is coming from his family, church family and friends on Facebook pages. I have a family member who knew him well and the first thing she said no he would never do that. So let's wait for the infobt9 come out before trying to go in one direction.

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