Coastal Spine Project

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz speaks Wednesday during a press conference at Galveston City Hall about the Texas Coastal Spine Project.


U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz visited Galveston City Hall Wednesday to discuss the coastal barrier project — the largest construction project the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has ever undertaken.

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Gary Scoggin

I’ll bet he was disappointed when he discovered he wasn’t in Cancun.

George Croix

Good one, Gary….even to me as a Cruz voter….well, actually an Anybody But Beto fan in that race…..

“We’re on the finish line of getting the authorization through,” Cruz said. “It has passed both the Senate and the House and hopefully in a month or two, it will be on the president's desk.”

There’s the rub for all the fine folks who actually think this is coming anytime remotely soon. Or, ever….

In a month or two the elected President may sign it if the actual president tells him to. Then, it’s off to the races with stall tactics and lawsuits and environmental protests and such……and the 300 billion gift to student loan deadbeat wannabes may well kill the whole thing, as it totally eats up all the claimed gains from last weeks so-called IRA travesty, and then some…a lot of somes. …

I know I’m personally looking forward to paying part of some Yale grad school philosophy major’s debt….


Gary Scoggin

Who knows? Maybe Ted has a little student debt left over from his days at Harvard.

George Croix

Ya figure Cruz is under 125 grand.

That should be the lunch bill for six for any politician worth lobbying…


David Merritt

We need to learn to support positive actions that affect our community even if we don't like the person delivering the message. My parents paid for my college and I will pay for my childrens college which is how it should be if they choose to go. We need to really get behind our elected officials while they are in office. We can vote for against them come November for those on the ballot. I have worked a couple Hurricanes in our region. Lets give it a chance to see if it can help save a few lives. I just got back from vacation with my family for eight days. I will not fault a man for flying with his family on a summer vacation (really). He has a life like we all do outside of work oh I forgot he is a politician he is held to a higher standard. (really)

Bailey Jones

Good for Ted. That's twice this year that Texas Republicans have done something I agree with.

Ted Gillis

I don’t care who tells our president to sign this bill George, I’ll just be glad when he does. Andy we’ll owe no favors to anyone when he does, as opposed to the former guy who would have probably shaken down Abbott for some favor before signing it.

Thank you Ted.

George Croix

Good for you, Ted.

Every team effort needs cheerleaders....

Norman Pappous


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