Two teens, who law officers have declined to name, remained hospitalized in critical condition Monday, 10 days after a car crash that killed a 14-year-old Ball High School freshman, police said.   

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Laura Addison

It's very important to keep driving home this point: Brazier, already convicted of THREE DWIs "was sentenced Dec. 27, 2021, to three years in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility, but was released Sept. 2, less than eight hours before the fatal wreck."

End bail reform and fully fund MORE police. Vote wisely in November and help end this nightmare. More than ever, our streets are unsafe for everyone.

Jim Casey

This case has nothing to do with bail reform.

Laura Addison

Noted, Mr. Casey. While bail reform my not be related directly in this case, releasing repeat offenders is problematic. I should have included ending soft on crime policies as well. I can’t imagine why Brazier was released early with so many prior offenses. Also, he broke his parole agreement when he decided to drink and drive hours after his release.

George Croix

Jim, isn't the guy who killed the kid out on bail right now.

I think so.

Doesn't that mean that this same person, if that's the case, and unless chained to a bedpost, COULD go out right now and repeat the same thing, before standing trial for the last death...

I may be wrong, but believe that's the connection...

Jim Casey

Keith Brazier, the alleged driver of the vehicle that allegedly killed Mason Nelson, is in the hospital. I don't know for a fact, but I would hope he goes straight from the hospital to the county jail.

He was released from prison on parole.

I'll be the first to say too many criminals get out of jail too easily on bail, but this isn't a case of that. No elected official or judge in the county had anything to do with it.

George Croix


Larry Grissom

Ignore facts much?

Stacy Zellner

For someone with three DUIs, and just released on parole, why wasn't there an ignition breathalyzer on his vehicle? If he was ordered to have one, Mr. Brazier will be getting very familiar with our taxpayer hotel system in addition to the charges from this unnecessary tragedy.

Laura Addison

"Brazier is being held on a $500,000 bond, police said."

Does being "held" mean Brazier remains in police custody (while hospitalized) unless someone puts up 5-10% to be released from his bond? So, bailing out would be an option, in this case? The bond amount is high, there's that, but why would this be an option, especially given the seriousness of the alleged crime & past record?


Why haven't we seen a photo of this murderer yet?

George Croix

George Croix

Well, fiddle, for some reason (or maybe I'm screwing up, that link omits the picture that is with the website title.

Try this from Yahoo News...the pix is about half way through the video....

Jim Casey

This page contains a photo.

Also if you do a Google search on his name you'll find other stuff. His Facebook page was still up a couple of weeks ago.

Adriann Ivey

The shame of this murder by auto,of two students and possibly a third, is that he was arrested three separate times in less than five years . The shame of it is how many times did he cause accidents and never get caught. And then the parole board lets him out after serving less than 1/4 of his three-year sentence. He should’ve been serving five years not three. And you know what, it’s time we reinstated the death penalty! Murder is murder no matter what weapon you use ! M

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