LEAGUE CITY — League City has a lot invested in the Ghirardi Compton Oak tree, and city officials said they have some concerns about how the 100-year-old tree is fairing in its new location.

So, to get a second opinion on how the rare oak is doing, the city has hired the master arborists with Burditt Consultants to conduct an assessment, said Deputy City Manager John Baumgartner.

Contact reporter Christopher Smith Gonzalez at 409-683-5314 or chris.gonzalez@galvnews.com.


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Kathy Porterfield

Oak Tree Torture
by The City of League City, Texas

I am NOT a tree hugger, I am a tree toucher.

It is OK to plant an Oak tree, it is OK to cut an Oak tree down.

What The City of League City is doing could be considered Oak tree torture.

I have photos of deer hoof prints underneath the remains of the tree's canopy.

It's almost as though the deer was coming by to look for acorns that had dropped
to the ground and then asked the _Clarence Tree_, "What are they doing to you?".

Mike Meador

It's good they have insurance 'cuz I went by and it needs more than just water.

Kevin Lang

I wonder if it might be getting too much water. Remember, the old location wasn't exactly a posh tree-resort. It's not that easy transitioning to a cozy life after 75 hard years.

Dwight Strain

Pricless 100 yr old oak tree. $200,000 to move the tree a stones throw away. Thousands more in consulting fees.... I dont think that five 10 inch oak trees really covers the loss..

Robin Poon

They moved this tree during a time of year which was imprudent for tree planting at all, much less transplanting such a massive tree from an in-ground location. They have trimmed branches from the tree at a time which is also not generally advised for tree trimming. Those who trimmed don't appear to have put paint or any protective seal on the exposed tree where the limbs were cut, as is generally advised on any AG extension site, to protect already weakened trees from disease or insect infestations.

The drip bags shown only provide water and not nutrients, something a transplant would generally require. Watching this tree debacle, it is easy to understand why the city chose to re-brand to a sail boat logo this year. One may also expect commemorative Ghirardi Oak key rings, coasters and benches made from the tree by mid-spring next year...

Kathy Porterfield

On Tuesday, March 7, 2012 the city council voted to relocate the Ghirardi Oak.

Council voted to use park dedication funds to move the Ghirardi Oak.

On June 6, 2012 the Ghirardi Oak was lifted and moved to new location.

On June 6, 2014 we will know if the Ghirardi Oak survived or not.

Kathy Porterfield

Urban Forester Mickey Merritt from the Texas Forest Service said the real risk would not be in relocating the tree, but what happens afterwards. _Phone (713) 688-8931_ Hey Mickey, have you ever read an Old Farmer's Almanac?

George Croix

About time for another candlelight vigil.

Kathy Porterfield

"We just wanted to get a second opinion," John said.

1_Urban Forester

2_League City Arborist

3_Expert Three Mover

4_Master Arborists

5_John, here is a fifth opinion for you. What we have here is a _moral hazard_.

A _moral hazard_ arises when someone takes a risk because the costs will be felt by someone else.

Kathy Porterfield

League City has a lot invested in the Ghirardi Compton Oak tree, and city officials said they have some concerns about how the 100-year-old tree is fairing in its new location.

League City has wasted a lot of the taxpayers money in the Ghirardi Compton Oak tree, those taxpayers that did NOT get to vote on moving the 100-year-old tree, said they have some concerns about how the 100-year-old tree is fairing in its new location.

Kathy Porterfield

Government by the consent of the governed.

I was NOT given a choice when it came time to decide on the fate of the Oak tree.

The Right to Vote

Kathy Porterfield

I got up early this past Sunday morning, I was going to attend prayer service, in solitude, under the canopy of the Gihrardi Oak, in what I thought was its original place here on Earth. I was sad and disappointed to find that it was no longer at the corner of Louisiana and FM 518.

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