Virus goes missing at UTMB lab

The Galveston National Laboratory, located on the campus of the University of Texas Medical Branch, studies deadly agents such as Anthrax and Ebola. The medical branch announced it has notified the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that a virus has gone missing from the lab.

GALVESTON — A vial containing a potentially deadly virus has gone missing from a secure biomedical research facility at The University of Texas Medical Branch’s Galveston National Laboratory.

The medical branch made the announcement Saturday afternoon, while stressing that there was no reason to believe there is a threat to the public.

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(7) comments

Rainy Brown

I thought there was a count taken at every step of an action?

Jack Hawley

How nice that they try to downplay it and tie it all up with their investigative "facts" so neatly.
"Oh gee, it just probably stuck to a worker and then fell to the floor and we just swept it up all pretty and tidy, nothing to worry your lil heads over Galveston citizens...."

What if this happened to a virus that was a highly contagious airborne??

Richard Worth

It's amazing how low-key you can make an event sound when the people involved are one of your biggest advertisers. If this were anyone else the GDN would be screaming for a fullscale investigation.

Gary Miller

Some humans are fools.
Nothing human can be fool proof.
Our best hope is the fools will do nothing deadly.

Lars Faltskog

"Take home" tips from this incident:

1. Don't go around barefooted.
2. Always have, at hand, waterless hand santizer. The "off name" store brands are sufficient...i.e. Kroger, Sam's.
3. Don't touch your face with your hands.
4. Breathe shallowly if your ever in the UTMB vicinity.

Island Bred

There's lots of splainin to do Lucy!!

Good grief. If I park in the wrong spot at UTMB I get more grief than this got!!

Stephen Maradeo

Shouldn't there be a higher authority that investigates things like this? It is easy for UTMB to quickly dismiss the possible idea of theft.

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