GALVESTON — A district court judge said Tuesday that county employees have told her and others that they’re afraid County Court Judge Christopher Dupuy will become violent and hurt or kill someone.

Judge Susan Criss, of Galveston’s 212th District Court, also said County Court Judge Barbara Roberts asked for armed security for a judge’s meeting in January. Criss claims Roberts made the request because of concerns that Dupuy would act in a manner that threatened the safety of the judiciary.

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Miss Priss

I can't believe more judges are not speaking out on this judge's behavior. I guess it's more important for them to stick with a political party then to not question it.

Perhaps Barbara Roberts is nervous about Courthouse security because she knows that some judges (cough - Slaughter) have Bailiffs working in their courtrooms who are not properly trained on courthouse security. That should make everyone feel nice and safe going there. Political favors - gotta love them and at the expense of public safety.

Shelly Pearl


William Taber

I hope the Judge does sue the paper and Judge Criss for their lies. The Chronicle has already reported that Judge Criss lied multiple times!

Thank goodness the Chronicle actually investigated this garbage. The Chonicle reported that the Sheriff found no evidence to support Criss, "I can't see where he has threatened ANYONE, I can't see where he has made ANY acts of aggression against ANYONE."

Judge Roberts calls Criss a liar, "I'm NOT worried about Dupuy at all."

Dupuy also "unlocked his personal Facebook page" for the Chronicle and NOTHING supported Criss' bizarre statement about "carrying and acquiring firearms, including a rifle and a handgun, and concealing them in a zipped pocket in his jacket."

How many lies does Criss have to spew not to have a story? Shame on the DailyNews.

Where does this story come from? Judge Dupuy's recent actions have led to the removal of Judge Radcliffe, a democrat and friend of Judge Criss, a democrat. This is third-rate politics supported by the DailyNews.

For once, it would be nice to read the truth. Thank goodness there's other papers to do that with.

Shelly Pearl


Susan Criss

Suzanne Radcliffe and I are aquaintences but not friends. I am on record with John Council of the Texas Lawyer that Dupuy was not wrong about the conflict of her practicing in the Galveston County family courts before the ethics opinion came out.
Furthermore I am on record for taking that very position several years ago when the same issue came up with Juvenile Associate Judge Kathryn Lanaan. I brought it to the attention of the Juvenile Board that Lanaan should not be practicing family law while sitting on the juvenile bench here. Lanaan responded by asking whether that applied to Radcliffe as well. I responded that it should. I am on the Juvenule Board and have a vote on Lanaa. But I did not ever have a say so regarding Radcliffe. But I stated to the juvenile board members, which included all of the family court judges I thought it was a problem.
That is the stance I took despite Lanaan being a friend and fellow Democrat. I never backed off of it.
Perhaps I missed where Judge Roberts used the word "liar" to describe me. I do not think that she did . I have also seen anonymous cowardly commenters misreprent the truth. Including making statements that Greg Enos and I are under criminal investigation.
But I will not hesitate to sue anyone who slanders, libels or commits malicious prosecution of me regardless of whether they mistakenly think that anoymous screen name cannot be discovered.

William Taber

Galveston District Attorney confirmed to the Houston Chonicle that there is an ongoing criminal investigation into Greg Enos, the ex husband of Judge Criss.

Is Judge Susan Criss also under criminal investigation, and is this the real reason everything was referred to the Attorney General's office? Is this the smoking gun for Judge Criss's email to the newpaper?

Shelly Pearl


Susan Criss

Pretty obvious News2012 is Dupuy.

Chris Gimenez

News2012, where did you read in the Chronicle that there is an ongoing criminal investigation into Greg Enos? I didn't see it anywhere. I did read this however and it's quoted directly from the real newspaper, the Chronicle: "Roady previously confirmed that Dupuy was the subject of multiple complaints meriting criminal investigation. Roady asked the Texas attorney general to take over the investigations. Dupuy called the complaints politically motivated.

Dupuy has been accused of improper behavior since his election in 2010 in a Republican sweep. His controversial actions include phoning an attorney at home and threatening judicial consequences for calling the judge's wife to testify in a hearing. A judge fined Dupuy $7,500 in January 2012 for improperly trying to remove the judge overseeing a malpractice suit against him.

The Sheriff should have ordered the D.A.'s go-to-guy, Sgt. Balchunas, to determine whether Dupuy is a threat. Balchunas doesn't need to investigate and he doesn't need any evidence to get Roady to accept charges and have someone arrested.

The real reason it was referred to the OAG, as asked by News2012, is probably because there is overwhelming evidence and like so much before this, Roady doesn't want to be the D.A. of "justice for everyone", just justice for non-elected citizens.

Paul Hyatt

Starting to smell like it is political and or revenge for something....

Charles Douglas

What it looks and smells like to me is that we need to tighten the requirements and standards for those seeking public office in the state, and Galveston County.

I'm Independent because I like being in a neutral position with my vote and my support, but when it comes down to Judge Criss or Judge Dupuy, I'll take Judge Criss SEVEN ways to Sunday, Monday through Saturday!

Yes there should be more security at the courthouse, and we should not have to wait for some deranged fool to walk up and kill 5 or 6 people over there to prove what many people think can happen. This is one of the things I don't like about this country, we are a hundred times more reactive than we are proactive!

Times have changed in this world, because PEOPLE have changed, we are not living in Mayberry USA anymore where the biggest worry was the town drunk knee walking on the sidewalk bumping into shop doors, setting off alarms!

I don't think a county official should have to apologize for being safety conscious, with the world like it is, no more than I would feel about a school teacher making the same concerns should be discounted. County Sheriff and the County Judge, needs to get on the stick, is what I think.

Shelly Pearl


Zen Sailor

Compare Galveston in it's heyday and what it has become at this the leadership, both private and public...scary isn't it...the current group ( especially the public officials-both city and county) certainly leave a lot to be did everything digress to the point that there is such a concentration of incompetent and clueless council members, county clerks, judges , DA's etc. trying to lead such a fractured and desperate populace...can anybody highlight what Galveston has to offer,.. besides a hick government that is loaded with special interests and begs to be taken advantage of ? this point, Galveston not only deserves it's bad-joke reputation, it is doing everything to further it...

Shelly Pearl


Raymond Lewis

There seems not a day goes by without something negative being written in either Houston or Galvesteon papers about Dupuy. Sounds like he needs to go and never should have been a judge in the first place. Don't think this guy is capable of acting rationally and appears to be getting worst.

Gary Scoggin

Cross, Depuy, Murray, Enos.... All in one story, .... A target rich environment for advocates of good governmnt

Steve Bock

they change procedures when Murray was down there but exempted so many people they might as well not done anything at all. one of the major changes they need to make is to put a Baliff in every court. One of the main courts in the court house doesn't have a Baliff is the probate court who handles probate mental .and other cases . all they have to do is give the wrong thing to the wrong family and she had no one there to protect them. Use some of the money the county throw away and hire a baliff for this court.

Chris Gimenez

Dupuy's continuing antics are a direct result of having a District Attorney who refuses to carry out his duties when it involves elected officials and certain law enforcement officials. Whether it's a thug small-town police chief or a sitting judge, this D.A. refuses to act in the face of overwhelming evidence. Roady admitted to the Chronicle that he had a number of complaints against Dupuy that were criminal in nature. So just why has he waited so long to do something about it? Why didn't he do the investigations and either put it to rest or charge him? Why does he feel he has to throw something else at the OAG? Is it because he is incapable of following through or simply becasue he doesn't have the will to take on his own party? As long as Galveston County's highest elected law enforcement official apparently has two standards for applying the law, the citizens of Galveston County have every right to question his credibility and integrity.

William Taber

Susan Criss has now accused me of being Judge Dupuy. Too funny, almost paranoid. Judge, I'm not Dupuy. Yet, once again, it was another statement from you, another lie. Please try to control yourself and to simply stop lying.

Susan Criss

okay Chris.

Susan Criss

Then have the guts to post under your real name. Chris.

Christopher Dupuy

I am very thankful for all the outpouring of support at the Courthouse, and online in defense of Criss's recent slanderous statements.

They were all easily disproved. Lies usually are.

But now it's time for the State Commission on Judicial Conduct to perform their oversight function. An extensive packet was sent to them yesterday, and I have faith that this will be handled appropriately in Austin.

To my supporters, there's no need to engage Criss and her small clan in meaningless debates. At the courthouse we just ignore her, I encourage my supporters to do the same.

Christopher Dupuy

Connie Hanks

"Judge" Dupuy - you are a joke. You would do all of us a favor if you stepped down. I don't know you and don't want to - but I'll bet your picture is next to the definition of narcissim in the dictionary.

Kevin Lang

It looks like I might need to run out to Sam's and get jumbo packages of Pop Corn and Milk Duds.

As a lay person, I'll sit and pay attention to how this plays out. I'm curious whether my lay understanding of what constitutes libel and slander are correct. I'm also curious whether Judge Dupuy might prove Judge Criss correct as he proves her incorrect, or vice versa, or perhaps we'll get clear exposure of both their characters.

When this finishes playing out, will any of us like what we see?

George Croix

Sniff. Sniff?
Is public airing of unsubstantiated allegations in a newspaper forum really the best way for elected officials to settle issues?
This national obsession with poisoning the well via first strike and inuendo as opposed to documented proof looks to be really catching on since it's been proven so successful at gaining the highest offices.
It still is poor form, by the standards that used to matter.

Kevin Lang

gecroix, now, how many times has Lars tried to tell you to get with the program and evolve? :-)

FWIW, I'm also past tired of mud-slinging. I hope rationale wins out here.

Walter Manuel

Wow! Mr. Pot meet Ms. Kettle...

From all that I've quietly been reading about and resisting posting on before now, it would seem that the State Commission on Judicial Conduct would have an established personal relationship with Judge Dupuy by now from everything that's been reported thus far reagrding his past and current business affairs.

I myself will personally stand behind Judge Criss any day of the week. I say bring on all the investigations you want and may be best man/woman/group win! [wink]

Charles Douglas

Missionary Man, I stand right there with you, because if we do, we will witness fair and impartial treatment by that Judge, and observe due process according to the law. You can't say that about everybody. You know me, I'll call'em like they fall.( I've been in enough courts to know what I'm saying too!).

Chris Gimenez

Judge Dupuy, having been faslely charged by District Attorney Roady and a "seasoned" investigator from the GCSO, I have a keen appreciation for the legal concept of innocent until proven guilty. But my God man, you've got a track record that defies belief. It's my personal opinion that both you and the District Attorney should resign and give the citizens of Galveston County a chance to feel hopeful again that justice is indeed blind rather than selective, personal, and vindictive.

Yours truly,

Marine One

zensailor - wow...... a hick government? I'll assume you were making an attempt to degrade a country person, or someone with old school morals and values. Maybe even a bit more civil than common city-folk...

Kevin Lang

Considering the government we have at many of the levels of jurisdiction that impact us, calling any of them "hick governments" is very degrading--to hick governments. We don't see many "hicks" that think about knife placement as their first order of political business. For many in "civic service", knife placement is their ONLY concern.

Steve Bock

what are the 2 DA's that Roady was given this budget circle to investigate crimes aganist public officials. If they are going to have to send everything to the AG office what is the sense to have them. I have a suggestion remove Dpuy and let Kirk Sisktrunk to serve the rest of his term and then run for the job if he wants. I will the first to admit that I made a mistake in that election I did not vote for Dpuy but I did vote for some of the other bunch which has done a good job. Yes I did vote to Jason Murray. I said I made some mistakes

Connie Hanks

I would personally like to thank all of you who voted a straight Republican ticket when this idiot was elected. Being aggravated with what is going on in Washington is one thing. Pulling a straight ticket in a county election did nothing but screw up things that weren't broken to begin with. You reap what you sow. How about thinking for yourself the next time you go to the polls?

Christine Mangle

You are so right about the perils of straight ticket voting bos69!! Especially when potential candidates are not properly vetted.

Rumi Cat



I believe this whole thing is very disturbing and wonder what affects it would/will have on pending cases...

I believe Judges and attorneys should be respectful to each other in the public. Let the right people in charge handle the allegations regarding Dupuy/and other attorneys and put this to rest. It's embarrassment to the County judicial system playing games.

Let's try to get the work done that you were voted in office to do!!! Stop the bickering.

"I am scared" tactics need to stop. First it was Murray and now Dupuy... Are they calling wolf now...Chicken little.... So confusing....

Miss Priss

The DA can't investigate a judge when he is trying cases in his court that is why he is not using the special investigators / prosecutor for it. It's the right thing for Roady to send this to the AG office. Because he does this, does not necessarily mean that Dupuy is not abusing his official capacity - if Roady didn't take it seriously, it would have stopped by now.

The article in the Chronicle made several elected officials look stupid - Criss, Dupuy and Trochesset. Roady and Roberts seemed like the only two sane people in there.

Here's some advice to Dupuy - quit posting stupid /controversial crap in your Facebook - you're a sitting Judge for goodness sake and maybe some of your issues will go away. It's doing a disservice to you and the others in the local judicial. It's pretty clear based on eyewitness behavior that he has no respect for others and the position that he was elected.

Chris Gimenez

Truthserum, you're incorrect. Special investigators & prosecutors are exactly what should have been used to investigate the criminal complaints against Dupuy and it should have happened long ago. The fact is that Roady has dodged these complaints by referring them to the State Bar which in turn sent them back to him because they were criminal in nature. If every DA in the state was sending these types of issues to the AG they'd be too overwhelmed to investigate what they're supposed to be doing. Special investigators/prosecutors could have and should have been brought to bear long ago on Dupuy.

Roady appears to have been covering for Dupuy since he took office and now it's become more than he can ignore. I hope it takes both of them down so the citizens of Galveston County can replace them with officials who are capable of carrying out their responsibilities without regard for political vendettas or the elected or law enforcement position being complained about, or retaliating against the complainants. Roady's as much a disgrace to his office for his actions while in office as he is for the mishandling of the Dupuy complaints. They both need to go and Roady can bet his breakfast that election time will be a time of political reckoning for his actions while in office.

Randy Chapman

Amen, BVR!

Kevin Lang

Certainly, Roady's office should be able to do a heavy investigation, determine what's there and what's not there, and get all of the evidence and depositions documented. Once it's clear that there's substantial evidence of wrongdoing that would result in charges, I think it's perfectly reasonable, and probably warranted to package it up and send it to the AG for charging and prosecuting. Especially since one of the allegations against the judge is bias. If Roady filed the charges, there probably aren't many prosecutors in his office that would want to present anything that might need the judges ruling. The people can't get a do-over in court if they lose a case due to judicial misconduct or judicial bias.

Miss Priss

BVR - you are incorrect! You are bias against roady's office. They have an obligation to send this to the AG office.

Chris Gimenez

No truthserum, I'm correct and there is no difference between using a special prosecutor and investigator in the Ken Clark case and the one involving Dupuy.
The only obligation Roady has is to fairly and equitably seek justice where justice is required. He has proven he is patently incapable of doing so. And I'm not biased against Roady, I'm knowledgeable of his abuses.

Miss Priss

There is a difference between these two political offices. Commissioner is not the same as a judiciary position - I can assure you.

Years ago, there was a judge here in Galveston county accused of accepting bribes. It went to the AG office for final investigation. The judge ended up losing his re-election before the case was resolved.

Chris Gimenez

Let me give you a little head's up about the difference between using a special investigator & prosecutor to look at Dupuy and using the AG's Office. Currently the AG's Office is overwhelmed with public corruption cases and they're taking years to conduct investigations and prosecutions. Had Roady assigned a special investigator and prosecutor as he well could have, then the investigation would have commenced and moved forward much quicker. What Roady did was effectively relegate Dupuy's investigation to the back burner and rest assured the public won't hear anything more about it until after the next election. That was planned by Roady so he can say he has heeded the calls for action and yet stick his finger in the complainant's eyes whether they realize it or not.

You can keep defending Roady but I know well how he thinks and how he works. He's a politician first and a District Attorney second. The good news is that he's going to have good people running against him in the next election and the GOP party isn't that pleased with his performance to date.

Miss Priss

You're giving me a heads up? You were indicted and charges dropped so now you are an expert on how the justice system is supposed to treat these cases?

Maybe the special prosecutor and investigator have turned everything over to the AG on this guy - maybe the AG recommended it be done.

You don't know anymore about this than knowing if Roady will have a primary opponent. Most people I know like Roady and I believe that he will be reelected.

Chris Gimenez

Yes Miss Priss, you obviously need a heads up. Indictments are handed down by grand juries for felonies. I was CHARGED with a misdemeanor which only required a clueless D.A., a worthless S.O. sgt. and a pathetic J.P. to sign the affadavit. And you're trying to convince everyone how much you know? It looks like I'm more of an expert than you are sweetheart. And guess what, I'm not afraid to let everyone know who I am. You have to keep hiding behind your phony name.

Now in order to try to validate your goofiness you try to lead the readers to believe there was a special investigator and prosecutor and they handed it over to the AG. Any proof of that or is that just more of your dribble?

As for Roady, you must be hanging around with a small crowd because he's already feeling the heat and the election cycle hasn't even started yet. He's going to have at least one opponent in the primary if not two and they'll be an opponent in the general.

Miss Priss

Yes Gimenez - everyone is an MF except for you.

Walter Manuel

Truthserum, you posted, "It's pretty clear based on eyewitness behavior that he has no respect for others and the position that he was elected".

At the end of the day it appears to me that it all boils down to the fact that Judge Dupuy knows that he's going to be a one term judge, so he doesn't care what he does or says to anyone?

I'm sure the straight ticket voters won't even make that mistake twice....

Miss Priss

Missionary man - I hope you are right and the voters have enough sense to throw this guy out of office........ And a few others who have been labeled crooks. There are some really good people out there who want to run for office but want nothing to do or be a part of with this crew of elected officials.

I feel that if Jason Murray were to have run again with voters in this county - he would have been re-elected.

Kevin Lang

MissionaryMan, I'd agree with you if we can be assured that he'll get a primary opponent, and that opponent doesn't get squashed by either the Tea Party or Ken Clark machines. The way the county seems to be voting in the general elections now, if there's an "R" after the candidate's name, that's who's going to win. I'm just not sure the average voter in the county is really paying much attention to this. Of course, this opinion could be heavily tainted by my own cynicism.

Let's see if he gets a worthy opponent in the primary, and then we might have a better chance of handicapping his re-election chances.

Walter Manuel

Kevin, I can assure you that the list has already been started for those planning on running against Judge Dupuy and I have to admit that some of the names being thrown around would make a great judge.

I personally think that the vetting process will be much better next go around for sure.

Charles Douglas

Ohh I'm sure we are going to find a talented enough individual to run against this guy,defeat him, and send him back to his elements. He stands out like a fly in buttermilk sitting over there with the rest of those Jurists! Like Mr. Manuel indicated earlier, fool us the first time, he is to be blamed, fool us again, and that is on Galveston County constituents.

How do these type public servants keep slipping through the system designed to keep them out, is what I want to know? I mean not just at the county level, but in the cities and school districts too. Behavior like we are witnessing in these areas makes all of us look foolish, not just those who perpetuates the bad, incompetent, foolish behavior.

Pam Matranga

I commend Judge Criss for taking action when others have been afraid too. To often people agree and complain but when it comes to action they are no where to be found. Thanks Judge

Kevin Lang

Jbgood, our political system is not designed to keep anyond other than the cream of the crop out of the mix.

MissionaryMan, I hope you're right.

Walter Manuel

Mr. JBG, I too have heard that everybody needs a fly in the buttermilk every once in a while, but this "fly" has taken it way too far.

Kevin, you'll see what I'm talking about soon and I think that you'll agree that a change is coming and will be a breath of fresh air to all of us no matter what side of the fence someone might be sitting on.

Robert Buckner

Change cannot come soon enough, Walter.

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