LEAGUE CITY — League City’s traffic feels more like Houston’s each day, especially at what is known as the 5 Corners intersection.

Soon, the city hopes a new plan will ease congestion.



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This traffic is a horrible way to start or end a day. Any good change is welcome to help the congestion; however, I feel this is just a Band-Aid. This intersection needs fly-overs not temporary fixes. If a construction mess is to be created; then do it right the first time and FIX IT! I am moving out of the area because of the inability to get around town in a timely manner and remain in a congenial mood. The planning board of LC seems oblivious as apartment buildings are popping up along every roadway that feeds into or is on these major roadways. More apartments and homes means MORE people. I don't want to be in this area if we get a hurricane and all have to evacuate. Can you imagine the horror?

Curtiss Brown

I think you are right Cheerio, fly-overs would work, They are costly and take more space than this project (more right-of-way to buy) but it would work much better. All you need is the will to pay for it.

tim rice

I go through this intersection 3-4 times a day and do not see how the proposed construction is going to help. In fact, what it does is add another intersection within a few hundred yards. The majority of the traffic problem is at the light, southbound on 270. The proposed solution adds another intersection this traffic has to pass through. If they are going to spend the money to purchase the mattress store and other land, then they need to look at a complete solution to the problem and purchase the Shell station and anything else needed and fix this problem the first time. I think connecting FM 518 south directly across through the Shell station to FM 270 north is a better solution and may actually cost less.

Curtiss Brown

Very bad diagram of what is happening.
But really, is adding another corner to the five corners (I count 10 corners) is going to help how? The answer is the merge lanes not shown in the diagram.

John Yount

This will only help with the morning traffic problem. The evening traffic flow South on Egret Bay is worse and this will not help. An overpass is the only solution. The city should obtain funding from the state to make this happen.

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