LA MARQUE — The result of an investigation into alleged racist comments by a La Marque councilwoman will be presented in open session today.

La Marque Mayor Bobby Hocking said a representative from law firm Olson & Olson will read the results to the council during its meeting then council members will have an opportunity to respond.

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(13) comments

Jake Feigle

It does not matter what his findings are. It is still he said she said. The only way to get the truth is by polygraph. That was $10,000.00 wasted. Another example of wasting the citizens money. I cannot make the Council meeting, but what difference would it make? I have said over and over the only way to arrive at the truth is by polygraph. It appears that the Mayor and the City Manager will not take the tests, so there is no winner nor a lose, except the citizens spent $10,000.00 for nothing..

Carlos Ponce

A polygraph is not reliable, ask Hillary Clinton. She got a a man who raped a 12 year old girl off who took a polygraph and passed. “I had him take a polygraph, which he passed – which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs,” she added with a laugh.

Jake Feigle

The word of some people is not reliable. I know of 2 lies Mrs. Bethea said. I would trust the polygraph tests if they were taken out of "Galveston, County I have dealt with Galveston County justice. Their favorite saying is,. "not enough evidence to go to the Grand Jury.
Walter. I agree with you 100 per-cent I will no longer waste my time by attending Council meetings. Connie has been make useless because of the kangaroo court, Mr. Lane has no idea what the Council members do. All you have to do is read the information he passed out telling of his qualifications. I guess that will make me a raciest. But I said the same thing about Mrs. Bethea.. O well, I guess I am a raciest against all people. But really, it is the voters that failed to get out to vote that are to blame. Had they voted , this would have ended after the primary. I feel James could have won without a runoff.. I would not blame James if he never runs again for another office in La Marque. That is Lal MAR

Walter Manuel

"“No one will be privy to (the results of the investigation) prior to (the Olson & Olson attorney) reading it into the record,” Hocking said.

Trube will then have an opportunity to respond to the report followed by the other council members, he said".

I can only imagine this is what Salem witch hunts looked like too back in the days.

Does it really matter what the city's own lawyers say when this investigation should have been done by the FBI and the Dept. of Justice in order that the REAL truth come out about what's really going on in the city of LM?

I agree, everyone should have taken a polygraph test in order for the truth top be revealed, otherwise as Jake said it's nothing more than "he said, she said" and the taxpayers are ultimately out $10,000.

Satan has obviously made his new camp over at LM city hall just like he has taken over at the LMISD.

Bring on the polygraph tests or someone from the city is purposefully trying to deny the citizens of LM of being given the TRUTH and ALL of this is just a political cover up and a whole lot of smelly BS!

Again, this looks like nothing more than a Salem witch hunt...[whistling]

Lois J Carelock

I tend to doubt that "No one will be privy to (the results of the investigation) prior to (the Olson & Olson attorney) reading it into the record" as stated by Hocking. I feel sure that there are those who will be advised in advance so they can prepare their responses. That's the way it usually works! Watch and listen carefully when the attorneys present their findings.

Walter Manuel

I'm sure that your right Very Aware, someone will know before tonight's council meeting.

I'm not sure what to think of a law firm who doesn't at least acknowledge having received a letter from someone in the community regarding the investigation in LM. I sent a letter to Mr. Begle with the Olson and Olson Law Firm on 06/20/2014 and have yet to receive an acknowledgement that they ever received it. Perhaps this might be the exact reason the city wants their OWN attorney's to do the investigation and not the FBI or Dept of Justice?

At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter what the other council members think or say, they are all elected officials by their constituents including councilwoman. Trube and whatever they say will be nothing more than their opinion and opinions are like you know what, everyone has one! [wink]

Charles Douglas

Well Earlybird/Bull Connors,
It is not to late for you to take a polygraph test to prove out what you claim was going on that parking lot during that Loooog day you mentioned! Say, I heard a voice on that tape saying that a certain BLACK public servant got elected in LaMarque and then she TURNED BLACK!!!!!!!! Was that you Earlybird/Bull?
Another thing, explain to me and the people, HOW DOES A BLACK PERSON GET ELECTED AND THEN TURN BLACK? What was the true meaning and significance of that statement? Was that you who said that, if not WHO WAS IT?
I know you won't answer those questions because you are afraid they will make you look bad. ( Oh Haul off and answer them anyway!!!!!!! Be honest for a change! )
You're always talking about Ms. Bethea lying, what about the lie you told the other day, when I asked you about that APOLOGY you chose to make a couple of years back dealing with the same rhetoric which was being spewed out in that parking lot conversation? You said you did not know anything about it,...that I was smoking something when there are two or there posters on this forum right now besides myself, who knows you made that apology! I could call their names RIGHT NOW, but that is not how I roll! This is between ME and YOU!!!
You mentioned someone being ineffective, YOU are the one who has been exposed and rendered ineffective by me! I've spiritually undressed you, and removed your disguise for all to recognize you! Get this, I think YOU caused Mr. Osteen to lose the election by your silly, ancient, offensive conversation on that parking lot.
Rest assure, anytime you get involved in any other city elections, even if it is with Mr. Bell, I will be around to remind the voters and constituents what and who you are, and just maybe the candidate you are supporting is JUST like you! Is that fair? I think so! You advocate second chances, for someone you tried to RECALL, but did not have the JUICE or support to even do that. Now you want to demean or trash out a young African- American male who ran and won a fair election. Inferring that he is not up to the job, or not intelligent enough to get the job done! Was experience listed as a qualification in order for a candidate to run for the City Council? If it was, was it also listed when the candidate you are supporting or supported, FIRST ran for a seat? Talk back to me if you can!!!!!!!!!
Where is that Sunday School you are teaching? I want to evaluate what's been taught there! On the other hand, NOBODY listens to you anymore anyway so, maybe I will let it slide!

Jake Feigle

JBG or Hocking: You know damn well that was not me on that tape you say you heard. I will take a polygraph test, but Bobby, you will take it first. I was not at the Council meeting tonight, but I bet the kangaroo court was once again in session. I will not waste my time by attending Council meetings in the future. If I want to see a circus I will go to Ringling and Brothers. My biggest complaint is with the voters that failed to vote. But they will be the first to complain when the taxes get raised. Bobby you and Carol got what you wanted. You got rid of James , and made Connie ineffective. I would still like to know what happened to that $32,000.00 shortage in the water department. Like Obama, I GUESS IT WILL STAY UNDER INVESTIGATION. Connie requested a copy of the bill, but has never received it. She is still a member of the Council. When will her request be granted? Probably when cows fly.


A polygraph is not always the end all be all to fact finding. Yes, a person's reactions are measured by the use of the machine but often it's not the machine that pulls the truth out of people but the person asking the questions, see it's two pronged and if the person conducting the exam isn't worth a damn neither will be the result. Trust me I have seen the best and worst. The bottom line is someone making accusations regarding city council meetings, racist remarks, he said she said should not constitute anyone taking a polygraph exam. Unless someone is making criminal accusations you won't find any Law Enforcement agency in the county that will conduct one regarding this nonsense.

I've said it before and I will say it again people of La Marque wake up and take your city back from back door deals, so called LM political elitist (that one actually made me laugh because people really think they are) and government official's who have only theirs and their friends interests at hand. LM will always be my hometown and I'm proud of it but political officials I urge you to look back at recent history and you will find the same folks causing problems, some may be rooting for you today but will stab you in the back with a "steak knife" if you cross them. They will always be there until you stand up to them, tell them to butt out of city business or until they die off. Call it what you will I will call it the truth and "The Usual Suspects".

Mike Matranga

JLM JLM just gave a lesson my friend. Crickets

Walter Manuel

Mike, it's obvious that no one wants anyone to take a polygraph test because they fear finding out the truth about their friends.

This city is so divided right now that a polygraph test given to those involved would at least be the start of the "healing" process that everyone spoke about in tonight's council meeting.

There are plenty of agencies who will perform polygraph tests for a price, they do it all the time for employment etc, so that's not really an excuse. There is absolutely no excuse for them not to take the test in order to prove that their not hiding anything from the residents of LM.

There was a sheriff in Taylor county last year who when asked by his opponent to agree to a drug test, he made every excuse including it being an insult to not only the sheriff dept, but also to his integrity, was a distraction from the race, yada, yada, yada.... I guess I don't need to bore everyone with the long details other than he was beat by a landslide by his opponent mainly because he refused to take a drug test and he lost a lot of people's trust.

Bring on the polygraphs and let the people of LM decide for themselves the truth after the results are in rather than expecting for everyone to simply be sheeples to nothing more than "he said/she said".

Charles Douglas

Earlybird/Bull Connors
I don't know nothing of the kind! Suppose you answer the questions I asked! If it was not you, WHO WAS IT who said "A CERTAIN BLACK CANDIDATE GOT ELECTED AND TURNED BLACK?" Don't make sense to me! What does it means sir? LOLOLOLOLOL. Cat got your tongue?
Another thing the only Kangaroo courts I know of were the ones Mr. and Ms. Bethea got maligned in and not to mention poor Mr. Lane!!! It is like another poster said, it is time for people like you EARLYBIRD/ Bull Connors to get exposed! This is 2014 BULL, not 1912! Your time in the SUNSHINE IS OVER! LaMarque is diverse, and becoming more diverse all the time, and all of our people here have a right to vote their minds, and to USE PUBLIC FACILITIES here as well! Where do you think you are, Alabama and MISSISSIPPI? I don't think this community wants to be known for the kind of politics YOU have in MIND!!!!! We will not be bullied by fear HYPERBOL ands kangaroo name-calling courts any longer like the ones Mr. and Ms. Bethea and Mr. Lane suffered through doing this election! ARE YOU HEARING ME?
I also still think Mr. Osteen would have picked up a few Minority votes he did not get if you had not continuously ranted and raved on this forum about what happened on that parking lot of which YOU were involved doing the election! You had SKIN in the game, so who was listening to you? Your credibility was gone and your objectivity was JACKED-UP mannnnnnnn! You think people could not figure that out?
Big "BULL" Connors, though he is dead, HIS spirit lives on in LaMarque. I know about BULL, hey, I was all up in there doing my little part, when he was acting the fool over there! Now, His spirit has returned just like the spirit of the Anti-Christ has! There are those of us here who are not going remain quiet while the likes of what was displayed during the last election continues! it is time LM join the rest of the world! BUTTERMILK junction and its brand of politics are gone like the wild, wild west and the great horsemen of the plains! Never to return, and that is straight-up real EARLYBIRD/BULL Connors!
You say I talk like BOBBY, so I think you talk and act like BULL CONNORS! That is more than a fair trade with me! I like it! Now I'm tired of wasting my time on you, so I'll say goodnight for now, but I won't be far away! I be waiting to see if you stick your foot in your mouth again, ( and you will ) then I'll come a-running! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

Shotcaller Hah!!!!!


I understand what you are saying Walter I just feel there is no basis for any LE agency to conduct one, if the city wants to hire a private firm to do it I say go ahead. The next question would be, is it an effective use of tax payer dollars? I'd say by the low voter turnout in this last election most people in LM could care less, it's a shame and I'd also say there is plenty of blame to go around on all sides.

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