GALVESTON — Sometime in the near future, the city’s planning commission will consider changing its requirements on what tools it will allow in cleaning seaweed off the beaches.

The planning commission issues annual beach maintenance permits to homeowners associations that wish to clean seaweed off beaches in front of their properties. To receive a permit, applicants must comply with federal, state and local regulations. The regulations include rules that prevent too much sand from being removed from the beach.

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Bill Broussard

I was just writing a thought about the proposed firing of the City Manager : "Who in their right mind would come to work in this town at this point in time unless they were willing to be bought before they arrived? If someone on staff currently is promoted to CM, we should assume they are bought also."

Then I read the prove-my-point sentences in this article: "
"Planning Director Rick Vazquez told the commission an alternative to creating a list of permitted equipment might be to identify approved contractors and then to supply a list to property owners.

Vazquez also said the General Land Office, which must approve the beach cleaning permits, does not specify which tools can be used to clean the beaches.

“You would actually be creating rules and regulations that go beyond what the GLO currently requires,” Vazquez said."

Mr. Vazquez need a sit down lesson from Kelly at the Park Board on preservation of an eroding beach before he's let out in public again. Wonder what his "hiring Bonus" was.

Steve Fouga

Now I'm really confused about seaweed cleanup. I thought that when the seaweed is removed, it is simply carried or pushed to somewhere else on the beach. If so, then does it really matter whether the sand is left exactly where it was, rather than it being moved a few feet or a few hundred feet?

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