TEXAS CITY — It’ll have enough parking for 701 cars or trucks, 52 gas pumps, 30 cash registers and 41 bathroom stalls. Buc-ee’s Travel Store No. 33 at Interstate 45 South and Holland Road will no doubt be massive, but there’s one thing it won’t be — the biggest.

Despite city officials’ hopes to lure the world’s biggest convenience store to Texas City, final plans for Buc-ee’s show that the company’s 68,000-square-foot store in New Braunfels will still hold the world’s largest title.

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(8) comments

Richard Worth

Sorry, still don't understand the hysteria.

George Croix

Are you kidding.
People will come from all over just to P at a Buc-ee's.

Richard Worth

Sorry, cannot get excited about a Super Size Kwiki Mart.

Lars Faltskog

So many things are and have been built between Galveston and big H to and fro on I-45...this used to be one of the remaining open spaces. Not any more.

I am in the camp of "whoopdeedo". Another place to spend $ on things you don't need and I "pass" on the crowds.

Gary Miller

A 20 year tax cut brought a new business to TC.
TC will get more money because of this 20 year tax cut.
BUC-ee's will pay less property taxes but their paychecks will pay more.

Rainy Brown

A fantastic company and the cleanest of all convenience stores. They cater to the travelers interests, needs and comfort. A 7-11 can't begin to compare to any one of their stores.


Buc-ee's is tha' bomb!

Island Bred

Gecroix - damn it - would you stop already????

I'm getting tired of having to cross the street to agree with you!!! Plus I have to dodge all the cracks in the street by the all the shifting that Kev says happens everytime you make me have to do that....... The forum can't take much more of this [wink]

Quake Alert - I even agree with you IHOG...... [beam]

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