LEAGUE CITY — Officials estimate that more than 12,000 people have moved into the city since the 2010 Census put the population at 83,560 people.

The city council Tuesday is expected to adopt a resolution asserting the population of the county’s largest city is 96,209 residents.

Between the 2000 and 2010 Census, the city’s population jumped 83 percent, from 45,444 people to 83,560. Using new housing starts as a gauge, the city planning department staff estimated the city has seen a 15 percent population increase since the 2010 Census.

Having the estimate is important as the city plans capital projects and expansion of services. By monitoring the city’s population growth, it can better project what the demands for city services and resources may be within the next five to 10 years.

Paul Menzies, the city’s director of Planning and Development, has used such population estimates in Harlingen and Kerrville to put the cities in better position to plan for development, City Manager Mark Rohr said.

By the city’s estimates, that growth rate isn’t about to slow down.

“It’s supposed to be a population rate of over 100,000 by the end of next year,” Rohr said.

Officials estimate the city will reach 175,000 to 200,000 people in 10 to 15 years, he said.

In preparing the population estimate, Rohr was struck by the city’s growth spurts since it was incorporated in 1962. That year the city fathers estimated the population to be about 5,000 residents.

Eight years later, the Census put the population at 10,818. There was modest growth through the 1970s and the pace picked up in the 1980s. By 1990, the population had risen to 30,159, according to census data.

By 2000, the population of the town founded by a cattle rancher topped 45,000 residents. Since 2000, the city has grown by 112 percent in population.

League City’s population

1962    5,000*

1970    10,818#

1980    16,578#

1990    30,159#

2000    45,444#

2010    83,560#

2011    85,026+

2012    87,260+

2013    89,257+

2014    92,714+

2015    96,209+

# U.S. Census data

* Estimate according to Feb. 22, 1962 City Council minutes

+ City estimates based on new housing starts

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(5) comments

Andy Aycoth

Whenever the GrandParkway gets built it will grow even faster.
Throw it if we ever got light rail to Houston/ Galveston it would grow even faster.

Judy Foster

And only 2,000 voters in the last election.

George Croix

Get some major industry, or buy bigger wallets.....[whistling].
A bedroom community is nice but won't pay the bills for long....

Getting folks from Houston escaping, well, Houston, and from here along the coast escaping the schools turned to crap by political correctness and cronyism.

Richard Worth

A few more subdivisions and everyone is going to need a helicopter just to go shopping.

Paul Ruiz

League City as with every city in Galveston County. Should be focusing on infrastructure. Congestion is a problem. League City needs to get Bay Area Boulevard built to FM 517. With two lanes going each way at least. And plenty of right a way set aside for growth/ expansion. The Grand Parkway needs to be pushed forward. Although with all things Texas. The areas with the higher demographics. Get projects such as Grand Parkway first. 96 League City Parkway needs to be completed to 518. League City needs to push for 517 to be widen and improved to Alvin. Since League City has land within it's city limits next to or near to 517. FM 626 widening needs to be completed to 146. Calder road needs to be improved. Side walks should be put in place from 646 to 518 along both sides of Highway 3. Wide enough for foot, running and bicycle use. League City has done a good job attracting retail. With the exception of bring Walmart to League City.

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