Authorities have charged a League City student with soliciting her “easily manipulated” friends into prostitution. The girls performed sexual acts on a 62-year-old business owner from Friendswood, police said.

Webster police charged Chelsey Elizabeth Taylor, 17, with one felony count of compelling prostitution in connection with the three child sexual assault cases against Michael Wayne McIntosh, Galveston County Assistant District Attorney Adam Poole said.

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Dwight Burns

A young madam in the making.

The grownup in this case played with fire and got burned. And rightly so.

Lars Faltskog

Sounds like Taylor is a savy businessperson. Mind you, her "business" can be potentially dangerous, as one never knows what kind of "trick" is picked up and could turn out to be crazy and violent. Not only that, spread of disease is a risk.

Not a business to encourage. However, her big mistake was sourcing out underage girls. Perhaps she could have sought out women "of age" who still were youthful in appearance. That's hard to find since folks in the "business" can age fast - its said to be rough. Many take up drugs too, which enhances the "aging process".

If Taylor had rustled up older, legal women, the authorities very likely would have not "caught" her so soon. Either way, raking up 3,000 pesos for the short hours to work - that's incredible.

Robert Clements

Taylor didn't "rustle up" anyone. One girl gave her gas money a couple times. She was victimized by the 60 year old just like all the other girls.

Like the old saying: A lie is half way around the world before the truth can get it's shoes on.

Money Mike gave all the girls money to lure them into sex. Many girls fell for it. It is silly to condemn them. We protect 16 year olds for a reason. This "blame the victim" makes no sense.

Lars Faltskog

I would say that all were "victims", except Money Mike, and nothing warrants blaming them for anything other than making bad choices.

Yet, life's circumstances very likely steered the girls into making the erroneous decisions to sell themselves.

Lars Faltskog

I wonder why GDN hasn't run the story about the boy in Dickinson who got his breakfast tray thrown in the trash by the cafeteria worker for being 30 cents "short".

Mike Meador

I don't think a sixth grade student should not get his breakfast for not having .30 cents. But, parents and students, have been told in there is no charging allowed for breakfast. I think a sixth grade student should be able to tell a parent his account was out of money.
After being in the school business for thirty-three years, many students were allowed to charge when their funds were out.....however, I'm sure this was not the first time a child was told they were going to be out of money.
As for throwing out the food when he got to the cashier, that is what has to be done - you cannot return the food back into the line if another person has handled it.

Chris Dannenmaier

Well, you do have to credit the girls for exhibiting intiative and seizing an opportunity when it was in front of them. They need to expand their business model to include regulatory compliance costs. And it goes without saying that they shouldn't be taking advantage of older men that way.

Charles Douglas


George Croix

It's pretty easy to see why some kids turn out like this, considering the example set by too many adults.
Too bad the fathers of the underage girls can't get a little one-on-one personal chat time with the child molester.
At least, they can't officially...

Gary Miller

I'm old enough to remember when a prostitution ring was revealed at the University of Houston whan a Daddy ended up in his daughters bed. Girls were paying for college by selling sex.
Selling sex is profitable. Just look at TV ads for cars.

Lars Faltskog

Response to IHOG posted at 2:08 pm on Thu, Nov 7, 2013:

You got that right, ! IHOG ! The skirts seem to get higher on those TV car ads, and the camera leers onto them a little longer than you'd expect. As far as the extra $ to pay for college, trade school, et cetera. The other options could be to bartend, work at Hooters, or pole dance at a Gentlemen's club.

It's just that bartending and waitressing isn't for everyone. It's tough work and not everyone can balance a tray nor be adept at mixing drinks. Barbacking takes less skill, but is not as lucrative. However, being a "lady of the evening" requires less hourly work. Moreover, any "escort" service such as explained in the article has little to no production costs - aside from having a place to "work" ...and perhaps some start-up things I won't mention here.

All in all, Europe has us beat in this department. Over there, they have organized brothels and Madame Mona Stangleys ( those similar to that of Best Little Whorehouse in TX fame) are quite numerous in other parts of the world.

Lars Faltskog

Response to cougargator posted at 4:18 pm on Thu, Nov 7, 2013:

Glad for your input. Correct, once the food is on the tray, the cafeteria worker can't put it back with the rest of the food to be served. However, I think they could have come up with a common sensical and easy solution. Here's the scenario as to how it SHOULD have played out:

Boy comes up to the cashier area. Cashier says, "You're out of funds and we told your parents. Have any $? Child answers, "No." Cashier says, "Well, we have to figure out what to do this time." Perhaps a nice teacher is also in line, ready to shell out 30 cents. OR...cashier gets another student to go to the cafeteria where an adult is...if not, other child goes to the school's front desk to see if there's possibly any adult who can shell out the 30 cents just this one time. Boy eats breakfast. A staff member calls mom and says what happened. Mom must come to school next day with child to reimburse for this breakfast (and upcoming lunch).

Mom must have student escorted with her. She talks to the proper people to square away all debts. If not, she and boy get sent home. That way, the busy cafeteria workers are absolved from any other controversy. Quite simple. Sounds like no one used their heads. Surely, one nice person could have come up with the 30 cents to avoid the hoopla.


I bet if the kid had been a varsity football player they would have found a way around the lack of $0.30. Seriously the kid was 12 years old. Blame the parent but denying the kid breakfast is simply wrong.

Lars Faltskog

You have a good point, TikiOwl. No one can tell me that there wasn't someone around that elementary school that could have footed the 30 cents, and allow the boy to have breakfast without incident. Teachers and school staff tend to have big hearts when it comes to that kind of thing, especially if you come across a kind-hearted middle-aged staff member. You know, the kind who wears the nifty holiday knitted sweaters this time of year and are always doing things for children.

I think folks want to stir up this kind of thing to make the news. Interesting how it happened in the northern part of our county, but didn't make it to the GDN.


Fool McIntosh, just ruint these young ladies lives, and they should have known better. This is terrible!

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