LA MARQUE — The campaign to unseat La Marque Councilwoman Connie Trube appears to be coming to a screeching halt.

La Marque Mayor Bobby Hocking said the council will meet Monday to rescind the recall election for Trube after getting a second opinion from City Attorney Ellis Ortego.

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J. Shaffer

I think this is probably a good idea. Not to dismiss the concerns of those who started a recall petition, but she's not running for re-election and it will cost a pretty penny to oust her before that.

We don't need the bad press. We don't need the legal bills.

What we need is to start looking for someone to represent that area of La Marque and all of it's citizens.

I'm sure as a council person you are approached by many people with different issues. Everyone deserves to be listened to and represented to best of each elected officials ability.

Jake Feigle

Nurse Jayne, it appears that you too have been taken in by the kangaroo court of Mayor Hocking.. He held that court only on the information of the Betheas. The Mayor did not bother to question the other side. Even at the meeting , Connies side was not asked for our input ' Three people heard Connie say nothing but praise for Mrs. Long. I was one of them.. There is no way the two petitions could be joined together . Each had to stand on its own. Here again, The Mayor, once again, jumped the gun and said something to the effect, that the recall was on. Now he had to make this retraction.. Connie is innocent until proven guilty. She has not been proven guilty . All activations have been. ", he said., she said "..In a real court that will not hold up. The Mayor offered to take a polygraph test, but it seems he had a change of heart. That would have put the whole matter to rest. Please. Nurse Jayne, try to gest all of the facts before you form an opinion..

George Croix

The Nurse is exactly right.

And, on top of it, LM could also use a few folks who can count to 30....[wink]

Jake Feigle

Sounds like you too have been taken in by the Mayors kangaroo court. Maybe being able to count to 30 isn't enough.. Maybe you need to take a course in what it takes to find someone guilty. A person is considered innocent until proven guilty. Connie has not been prove guilty. For the condition that the LMISD has gotten in, Connies remarks about one of the board members, could very well apply too all of them.. When is it a crime for telling the truth? And why have rules if they do not apply to everyone? It should not matter if you are the Mayor, the City Manager, or Joe Blow.. That kangaroo court was a violation of Mrs. Trubes civil rights. Only one side of the story was heard. When I campaigned against the "rubber stamp trio, which Connie was one of them, I did so because they were wrong. Why do I defend her now? Everyone is entitled to change, and Connie has become a valued member of the city council. We lost a valuable member when James Osteen was defeated because of this bogus raciest campaign We need peoples like James and Connie on our elected positions.

George Croix

Well, where to start.....
First, if I've been taken somewhere, it must be invisible, because it looks to me like I'm right where I'm supposed to be. Being me.
Second, the Councilwoman is not running for re-election, is she.
So, the Nurse is exactly right that someone needs to be found to run to replace her and represent all of the citizens of LaMarque. That is a straight up statement, and it doesn't matter what guilt or innocence ever comes out about elected official should represent all people in his/her area.
Third, maybe I don't, but I'm pretty sure I have nothing to learn from you about any decision making process, anyway, whether invloving guilt, innocence, or what channel to watch on the toob. I have no vested interest in whether Trube is guilty or not of the accusation(s), just that if people are going to complain about ethics violations, those same people should not violate the spirit of a recall petition(s) by conveniently changing the rules after the game has been played. A 30 day game.
Fourth, neither the Nurse nor I said doodley squat about guilt or innocence, of anybody. Her, and my, interest was in the recall...for her that it was a waste of time and money, and for me that it certainly seemed to be a set up, or else too many people can't count who are holding elected positions.
Fifth, it's never a crime to tell the truth (did I say it was?), and the rules should apply to everyone (did I say they didn't?). On the subject, recall rules should be the same for everybody.
I' wasn't reading anything into the Nurses post, just using her straightforward words at face value, a little something you might want to try yourself. In the end, the DOJ investigation result is going to trump everything else, not small town politics or old guard rivalries. I moved out of LM 23 years ago, after living there for 40 what.... my opinion is no less worthy than anyone elses, and no more so, either...
Next to last, I like Osteen a lot, and think his loss will be felt, but I can't say that the new guy will not do as well, or even better, because there hasn't been enough time go by. I think the pitch for the combining of the two recall petitions to make one might have been a curve ball thrown by the rookie, but tiem will tell if it's an anamoly, or a trend.
Last, sir, it's no use to try to P on my leg and tell me it's raining. And while you might well tell me what you'd do in my place, a perfectly legitimate thing to do, it's not a whit of your business to tell me what I need to do, nor would it matter to me if you did...again...anymore than it matters this time....
With any due respect, of course....

Walter Manuel

I wonder if the same person is still, "smiling for all God has blessed them with. Great Flea friends!!!!!!"wink""thumbs up""whistling ""smiling". Just loving life. God Bless the USA"??? ROFL

I wonder if the city of LM should hand out crying towels for Valerie Beverly and her group and rolls of paper towels in order for the council members to wipe off all of that egg from their faces?

Laws were obviously broken and that would be the only reason that this vote to rescind the recall election would be made. It's more than apparent that council members have made this a personal thing and want Council woman Trube gone even when they violated the city charter.

When LM city council members start to conduct business like the members of LMISD board of trustees, it's time to consider voting them all out of office.

And oh yeah, for the council member who said after coming out of a meeting, "well, it's a done deal. We're going to appoint a Mexican in Council woman Trube's place because we don't have any Mexican's on the board", I suspect you need to immediately step down yourself since your personal bias towards Council woman Trube disrespected members of our community and her constituents in her district as well.

I highly suggest that Council woman Trube seek legal council of where to go from here.

Everything done in the dark WILL eventually come to light![wink]

Robert Buckner

A few points to consider here folks,;
The DOJ investigation results aren't in,
It is still a "he said-she said" event, nothing nowhere has been proven.
earlybird, what was racist about the last election?
earlybird, Nurse Jane is entitled to her opinion. At the present, nobody knows the facts. Your opinion is strictly hearsay and it's very very boring hearing "kangaroo court" multiple times a day..
I'm still curious as to what Connie is holding over everyone's heads that is so bad.
gecroix has a point about counting to 30[smile]

Jake Feigle

It was not raciest until the Berthas accused Connie of making a false statement against the librarian. That is what cost James the election.. And you are right. Nothing has been proved., so Connie is innocent until proven guilty.. e lost a very good councilman because of this.

Valerie Beverly

She ADMITTED ON FOX NEWS that she said what she said!!!!!!!!!! Why is this a problem for people to remember?????

Lois J Carelock

When people plot and plan against someone by spreading untruths and evil intentions and pretend to be holier-than-thou, the Man upstairs brings justice to the innocent. The honest, well intentioned folks who really care about this city are the ones who come out ahead every time.

It's time for all the hypocrites to get in, get out, or get run over. The antics that have taken place in our city council meetings since this racism issue has come up are out of order and uncalled for. What an embarrassment to this city and it's people.

Councilwoman Trube does not deserve the criticism and accusations that she has had to endure. It has been totally out of order in the council meetings. She has worked hard for the constituents in her district and is respected by the majority of them as well as others in this city.

Wake up city leaders and look in the mirror. Take inventory of your attitudes and actions. What comes across when you are behind the desk at the council meetings is one-upmanship and huge egos. Start following the charter and concentrating on moving this city forward instead of focusing on your personal vendettas. You are not winning friends and influencing people, believe me!

And this goes for you people who are new to our fair city...get in, get out, or get run over. The trouble you have started is just that...trouble...and we don't need it!

Walter Manuel

Bravo! Very well put Very Aware!

Our school district is in horrible enough shape that the last thing that our community needed was people purposefully setting out to hurt others in order to push through their own personal agendas.

Never in all of my life have I seen such division in this community and it's going to take years to repair the damage that's already been done!

Walter Manuel

I failed to mention that this total disregard to the city's charter shows nothing more than complacency with some of our current city council members and is exactly why everyone should vote against ending council member term limits in November.

There are enough willing and quite capable individuals in this community who would step up and serve on our city council that we don't need members who are so comfortable knowing that redistricting allows them to remain in their seats indefinitely so they can do as they please without any remorse.

Make some of these districts At-Large and then we're certainly talking about a whole new ball game. [wink]

Walter Manuel

Oh. my bad.... forget the AT-Large districts, I forgot that was already changed some time back that you don't have to live in the district for which you represent!

We still don't need council members beyond 6 years. Period! [rolleyes]

Valerie Beverly

Evidently no one cares about the remarks that were made and the hate behind them. Doesn't deserve the crtisism???? I wonder how Mr. Missionary man would feel if it was against Hispanics? And don't be fooled when the doors are closed im sure shes calling them a whole lotta ugly stuff. She doesn't want them here any more than she does BLACK AMERCIANS. I commend the efforts of Ms. Beverly and Mr. Clark to rid our community of the hate. Im sure shes going to be fine with the choice of council not to continue, the message was sent that behavior such as Ms. Trubes is UNACCEPTABLE and it didn't cost the city any extra money. Thanks to them!

Jake Feigle

You too have been taken by the Mayor's kangaroo court. When Ms. Long came and spoke with Connie , there were three of us sitting with Connie. When Ms. Long left to go to the Betheas, Connie and the three of us had nothing but praise for Ms. Long. Connie has been convicted only on "he said, she said" kangaroo court. The so called independent Attorney is one the city has used many times. Connie is innocent until proven guilty. If they could prove it , they would have already done it. And by the way, has anyone gone and talked to Ms. Long to see what she has to say about Connie? Try it, you might be surprised.

Lois J Carelock

Sorry, but I see the hate reversed!

Valerie Beverly


Walter Manuel

National Treasure, I have many friends in LM who are African American and when Councilwoman Trube made that statement I got calls day and night from them stating that they too felt the same way about members of the school district and the shape that it is in and they applauded her for saying what others were thinking.

I suppose you wouldn't have any problem either with me being called a racist by the LMISD board members and their supporters because I don't agree with them and yet 3/4 of our students in LMISD are African American and I'm fighting for a better education for them as well? Makes a lot of sense doesn't it???

Valerie Beverly may have impressed you in 8 months, but others in this town and in her own district are entitled to their opinion as well and have had years to obviously see the good that Councilwoman Trube has done for them otherwise she would have been recalled the last time.

Perhaps you and Mrs. Beverly can head over to the school district where they are in desperate need of recalling some of their board members, not the city of LM!

Valerie Beverly

LMAO!!!!!!! What a bunch of bull!!!!! YOU, Black friends!!!!!!!! Sure, I guess when your not wearing your sheet you project a different.......lets say point of view!!!!!!!
Have a NICE DAY!!!!!

Lois J Carelock

Sounds like a great idea to me, Missionary Man!!!

So tired of hearing the race card brought up.

Valerie Beverly

This is living proof racism is alive and well.

Walter Manuel

The race card seems to be the weakest excuse that some people have to fire up others when that's the best they got.

What's really sad is that CLEAT started all of this for their own agenda and now where are they???

I can tell you their probably not bothered by what life is like now for others in LM so long as they were successful in getting what they wanted!

Leonard T. Payne

National Treasure. What boards have you ever served on in the City of La Marque, or have you ever volunteered for any ?

Valerie Beverly

As you know I am new to La Marque, so I guess that fact means I cant speak my mind, or try to do positive things for my new town? Take a seat next to that other loud mouth.

Lois J Carelock

Pretty quiet out there now, isn't it Leonard? Think they are having trouble answering that question. Maybe they will loose interest and move on!

Walter Manuel

Very Aware, I'm sure the sheeples are off trying to find their next leader who can better lead and prepare them for their next crusade seeing how they've all but lost most of their credibility with this here battle. [wink]

Mike Meador

Why would you want to stay in LaMarque? From the city government to the school district, you have idiots trying to run each entity......which YOU HAVE ELECTED!

At one time you could be proud to say "I'm from LaMarque." But not now. Unfortunately, those idiots trying to run the city or the morons trying to educate the students are just doing nothing.....NOTHING BUT TAKING YOUR TAXES.

Why wouldn't you want get out before everybody in Galveston County, and more, think you are nothing but an idiot or a moron.

Walter Manuel

You are so right Cougargator, we in fact did elect these people to office and now it's our time to correct our own mistakes starting with Novembers election.

We will be taking back control of our city council by encouraging voters to vote against Prop 4, Prop 5 and Prop 10.

City council members need to be reminded that they work for us, not the other way around.

It's obvious that we need some "new" faces sitting on city council in order that the city is finally returned back to it's rightful owners![wink]

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