LA MARQUE — Despite Councilwoman Connie Trube’s suggestion that the council ignore the petitions calling for an election to recall her, the La Marque City Council on Monday approved placing the issue on the Nov. 4 ballot.

City Attorney Ellis Ortego said if the council refused to act on the petition, residents would have the right to take the issue to district court and have the court force the city to conduct the recall election.

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Robert Buckner

Connie, if other council members are unethical then make it public.

Walter Manuel

I'm not Willie Wonka, so I'm not going to sugar coat nothing!

Last night's Gateway to Podunkville's meeting looked like a pathetic spin off of "Much Ado About Nothing".

These council members knew exactly what they were going to do before they even went into their meeting, so for them to ask Ellis Ortego his opinion about what the city charter said about the recall was as about as useless as teats on a boar hog.

The city charter was clearly violated last night by council members when they voted to allow a petition to go beyond 30 days in order to have enough signatures to force a recall election. Period!

The outdated city charter has no certain guidelines or direction for what the "wording" on the petition has to say nor the terms for combining petitions or anything else for that matter according to Ellis Ortego.

I also question whether the charter was violated when Valerie Beverly was allowed to address city council and publically attack Council woman Trube during THEIR meeting when the regular meeting wasn't closed and time called and the floor opened up for public comment? This was quite telling and did nothing more than play to the audience in order to hopefully secure future votes.

Seeing how Ellis Ortego works for city council he appeared to just keep making excuses after excuses as to why the petitions were good because the city charter allowed these council members the freedom to do whatever they wanted to do. Period!

I can assure you, had this been any other council member being recalled, council members would have challenged the one petition going past 30 days.

If there are to be any changes in the city charter, we saw last night that the recalling of a council member definitely needed to be a priority in order to clarify the terms of recalling a council member.

The one thing that we heard about charter changes that we DON'T NEED is doing away with term limits. This is EXACTLY what we are currently seeing at LMISD with single member voting districts. You get someone in office for over 18 years like Shirley Fanuiel who you can't ever get rid of and they know it so they do whatever they want and get by with it.

Doing away with term limits appears to be nothing more than councils attempt at keeping certain people off of council and other members on seeing how Keith Bell's term limitations are up and as it stands today he has to get off of council for a while and then later re-run which is EXACTLY how it should be.

I seriously doubt that Olson and Olson or the city of LM for that matter ever even sent the investigative report to the DOJ and all of this was nothing but a witch hunt to get rid of council woman Trube. The last thing the city of LM wants is anyone stirring up the skeletons in their own closet especially the DOJ.

City halls Good Ole' Boy's looked more than ever like LMISD last night and it seemed that they were perfectly OK with that?

It is way past time that Councilwoman Trube spill the beans so that everyone gets a healthy heaping of exactly what they got coming! [whistling]

Jake Feigle

The Mayor and the City Manager have accused Mrs. Trube of making racial comments in 2012. Why did the Mayor and the city Manager fail to address the issue then? Was racial comments not an issues then? They didn't even tell the other council members about it. If I were a black person, I would demand to know why they did not address the matter then. Could their neglect make them racist? If Connie is to be recalled , why not recall the Mayor and fire the city Manager for the same reason? Does :La Marque have a double standard? Because the Mayor and City Manager did not address the issue in 2012, I feel that it did not happen. The Mayor said at a Council meeting that he would take a polygraph test, but it never happened. That would solve the matter, but don't hold your breath waiting for the Mayor to take the test. The special investigator the Mayor hired for $10,000 dollars was from a law fire=m the 'city has used many times. That was not an impartial selection. He never contacted me. I heard Connie say nothing but praise for the Librarian. He did talk to Chris 'Colombo , who told him what Connie said about the Librarian. He also told him that I was there and heard it too. "Why didn't he contact me? It looks like he was part of the kangaroo court. The Betheas lied when they said Connie said racial things against the Librarian.

Theresa Bethea

Look Jake, Never ever ever call me or my wife a liar again. Your just a disgruntled powerless old man whom is trying to justify your actions to yourself and a couple followers. Your and your buddies hate so many people that you cannot control you continue to cry foul. How about you, Walter and the rest of your Clan load up And move to Abiline "full time". I am tired of you constantly attacking me, consider this the last The next one Will be from a law firm! Do Not push your Luck!!

Ron Shelby

What a mess. If she were TRULY concerned about the cost to her constituents, she'd step aside gracefully, not bitterly.

Walter Manuel

Ron, why should "she" step anywhere when no one has taken a polygraph test in order to prove they are telling the truth and in fact Councilwoman Trube is lying?

After Councilman Mann and Council woman Barrett were recalled, Councilman Keith Bell and Geraldine Sam didn't have any problem not calling an election when the last recall petition was gathered and verified to recall Geraldine Sam, so why is he so candid this time in making sure that it doesn't cost the citizens any money to have a judge order city council to call for an election when he certainly didn't care before?

This speaks volumes as to the others and their own credibility, so they need to also prove that what they said is in fact true by taking the polygraph or otherwise it was just cheap, political trash talk.

BubbaB, no one's afraid of your threat of a lawyer, we all got one! Your just mad because you too happened to have laid with dogs and gotten flees, that being your problem not ours.

George Croix

IF the rules said 30 days, and then a vote was held to ignore the rules, then it seems to me that what the Council as a body did, vote to break the city's own rules, was less ethical than what the Councilwoman is accused of doing, making racial statements.

One can only imagine the uproar if the situation were reversed, and Council voted to ignore City ethics rules so that off color jokes could be told freely, and a recall petition not allowed.

Theresa Bethea

Silly boy, I enjoy my Fleas. They are very supportive, much more than blood sucking Ticks. Hope you enjoy your day complaining while I enjoy mine smiling for all God has blessed me with. Great Flea friends!!!!!!"wink""thumbs up""whistling ""smiling". Just loving life. God Bless the USA

Ron Shelby

Missionaryman, an election won't resolve that question. She's become a distinct liability on the council tying up both time and resources. That's why. Its simply the right thing to do at this point so everyone can move on...even her. I'm sure that this has been stressful for all.

Jake Feigle

Why should "Connie resign? She was only convicted in Mayor Hocking's kangaroo court Bobby only had the statements of the Betheas, which was their word against Connies. And that is a "he said, she said" account, and what Bobby and Mrs Butler said occurred in 2012. That too , is a "he said, she said" issue. That kind of testimony only gets by in a kangaroo court, which is what Bobby did. I personally would not take the word of any of the four of them. Go ahead an sue me Bubba. The only solution is for all parties to take the polygraph tests. That includes everyone of us that were involved. I mean everyone. The Betheas said they had hours of tape recordings about us, but conventionally did not have the so called remarks by Connie on tape about the Librarian . And lets get back to the 2012 incident. If Connie did in fact make those remarks back then , why wait until now to bring the matter up? Racism is a serious offence And should have been handle then. For failing their duty, the Mayor should be recalled, and the City Manager should be fired.. Had they done their duty then, we would not be in these conversations now .

Ron Shelby

That's simply what real "Leaders" do.

Walter Manuel

BubbaB, I wouldn't go so far as to say that your "blessed". I recall hearing how someone went crying and begging others to send their child to summer camp when they could have very easily paid for it themselves.

Sir, have a nice day while I too rejoice in what God has been so gracious to bestow on me!

Now, shall we begin "picking the blood sucking ticks" off of one another... [beam][beam][beam]

Walter Manuel

Ron the liability was when council allowed the first petition to go into day 33 in order that both petitions had enough signatures to call for a recall election.

No one has given Council woman Trube the opportunity to have her say nor hear from the ex- employees of LM who witnessed discrimination within the city and nothing was ever done about it.

Why is everyone so quick to want to throw Council woman Trube under the bus and get rid of her if it wasn't because she holds such valuable information that the citizens of LM are entitled to know about and has been part of the problem all along?

This whole mess didn't just get started, it's just now the smell has finally exposed where everything has been hidden for so long. Think about it....

Jake Feigle

They must have taken lessons from Obama. Honor only the laws you agree with, and ignore the ones you disagree with.

Theresa Bethea

MM you Sir are TRASH. Bringing my disabled son into this. I hope you ROTE your no man. Your are a POS. Your Daddy wouldn't like you right now. How you like that mommies Boy. Dan should wash you mouth out with soap

Walter Manuel

Wow Bubba"boy", it seems the truth really does hurt you, perhaps that's why you refuse to take the polygraph test as well?

I've been called far worse by much better people trust me, so what you think of me is certainly irrelevant.

I won't waste my time on such insignificance when the truth in the end will be much more telling for everyone. Now scoot and go secretly tape someone else, I've better things to do with my time and energy. [yawn]

Jake Feigle

What they had to tape us seems like an infringement on our privacy. We were about 20 t0 25 feet from them and they had to use something sensitive to invade our privacy. Is that legal? Maybe a lawyer can advise us.

Theresa Bethea

I don't need a polygraph, I have an audio tape that speaks for its self. (Remember). Enjoy the Abiline sunshine. The weather here in our town is partly cloudy.

Jake Feigle

But you do not haves on tape the one you filed with the Government and gave to Mayor Hocking.. You know the one I mean.. The one that you claim Connie said about the Librarian. That makes it a "he said,, she said" issue. Except in a kangaroo court , it takes ore than that to convict someone. It was good enough to get a couple of deadheads to get signatures for a recall. But it will take a vote to complete the deal.

George Croix

Didn't take long for this, again, to get into the cess pool ...

Lois J Carelock

I just have to inject my two cents about the disgraceful performance last night from the elected city council representatives of the city of La Marque who seemed to enjoy persecuting Councilwoman Trube. I hope each one of you were unable to sleep last night and that your conscience will continue to bother you until you make your wrongs right. I am embarrassed!

It seems that rules apply only when someone other than those same representatives are accused of a wrong doing.

It has been my experience through the years of attending many city council meetings that citizens are allowed to speak only if they sign up to speak. The following is verbatim the way that rule is listed in the agenda:
Comments from the Public (At this time, any person with city-related business who has
signed up may speak to Council (limited to three (3) minutes). In compliance with Texas
Open Meeting Act the City Council may not deliberate on comments. Personal attacks will
not be allowed, and personnel matters should be addressed to the City Manager during
normal business hours."

If this is a rule for some, why are others allowed to speak when they get ready to no matter when during the council meeting that occurs? Not only are they allowed to go to the podium to speak, but they are allowed to personally attack a sitting council member. In addition, the mayor and council members had a dialogue with this person. This happened last night and has happened in the not too distant past. I have witnessed those times.

What I want to know is: Why do the city attorney, the mayor and/or the other councilpersons allow this to happen and what penalty do they pay? This is unacceptable.

As for the issue of the petitions: I know that a particular petition was misrepresented to a citizen. Ms. Beverley can deny that all she wants, but it is the truth. I am so sorry that someone at the meeting last night did not stand up and ask for equal time to speak and defend Councilwoman Trube and the accusations against her. If I had been there, I would certainly have done that. I just wonder if the council, mayor, or city attorney would have allowed me to speak.

And Ms. Beverley and her friends want to bring this city together to live in peace? We'll be watching to see how she accomplishes that!

Shame on all of you!


How did some of these comments get on this feed? They obviously violate a lot of the above stated rules.

Walter Manuel

Amen Very Aware, very well said indeed! [thumbup]

It seems double standards runs rampant in the city of LM depending on what side of the fence one happens to be standing on at the time.

LM has slowly become the laughing stock of Galveston county and it's so sad to watch.

Satan has certainly set up camp here and it shows!

Jake Feigle

I know you watched the council meeting last night. When Bobby gave his final talk last night, and you didn't know better, you would swear that the city of La Marque was in perfect shape, and a model for the rest of the cities to follow. What world is he living in?

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