League City Police Complaint

League City residents Randy and Rachael Hall assert they were harassed and unjustly arrested at their home by League City police officers.


A judge Thursday dismissed a $25 million civil rights lawsuit filed against the city and a police officer by a prominent couple who say they were wrongly jailed in connection with a parking lot fender bender last year, officials said Friday.

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Diane Turski

I think that qualified immunity should be a reform item for police. It puts them above the law, and no one should be above the law.


The Halls are fighting a good fight here. This is obvious police overreach giving good police officers a bad name.

Dru Walters

She should have exchanged insurance at the scene and not left. She should have complied with the officers request - it should not have seemed unreasonable to see an officer if she had just had a fender bender.

Adriann Ivey

Ooops ! You have to remember , she is part of the HALL empire . At one time the chief of police would have called on a land line and requested the insurance info. They are THE Halls you know .

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