After weeks of controversy over a mandate to mow a wildflower-covered street corner, solutions began sprouting at a council workshop Thursday when officials discussed ways to make a city ordinance more resident-friendly.

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George Laiacona

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Evidently the city has a different idea as to just what beauty is. Educated gardeners know just when the wildflower season begins and ends. You don’t see any problem with the Bluebonnets along our highways, do you? Then why should there be a problem with wildflowers on our island. There should not be any any kind of permit at all. The city should educate themselves on just what flowers are for

Carlos Ponce

The current city ordinance is not against wildflowers but has a limit on their height and duration and has provisions for exemptions which must be applied for.

Noel Spencer

If permits are needed for growing beautiful wild flowers, then the city should require people to have a permit to let their ugly grass and weeds grow higher and uglier. A permit should be required to keep your junk in your front yard or to let you house fall in to disrepair.

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