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Charlotte O'rourke

Dr. Gibson, Thank you for the community apology, I’ve stuck my foot in my mouth many times over the years. It’s easy to do when speaking in public, and I wouldn’t realize what I actually said or how I twisted the words or concepts in the moment.

I’ve heard good things about your tenure in Galveston and the school board seemed united until recently. My best to you and your family as well as the Galveston school district family.

-Charlotte O’Rourke

Cindi Lyons

Charlotte, do you need a new pair of boots? Girl!

Charlotte O'rourke

“Girl” - Cindi? I haven’t been a girl for a very long time. What kind of harassment do you call that? Like using “ladies”. Should you be fired? Gender discrimination, age discrimination, harassment, sexism. Sexual harassment, and all of those inappropriate behaviors aren't just done by MEN to WOMEN as you just proved with your “Girl” and “Jerr Bears.”

There are $750,000 reasons to keep Gibson if he has been doing a good job, if not, that is a board decision.

Cindi Lyons

Charlotte, Jerry Gibson self identifies as “Jerr Bear.” You may want to keep up. No harassment in calling you a girl. I have no idea how old you are! Do you have two X chromosomes or an X and a Y? Try your word salad on harassment with someone who will fall for it. 😃

Charlotte O'rourke

Cindi, “Typically, “girl” is defined as a female child or a young or relatively young woman, while “woman” is defined as an adult female person. So, when women are called girls, the subtle message is that they are not mature, professional or responsible.”

It’s like calling a man a “boy”. Nicknames are for friends and it doesn’t sound like you are one.

Check with Human Resources or goggle the calling of women “girl” articles - if you work - as it’s not good to harass colleagues with questions on someone’s sex or age.

I’m not offended, but your bosses may not be willing to defend you on chromosome gender bias and calling women “girls” or men “boys. Lol. You are not exempt from from work practices based on your gender.

Carol Hollaway

Let’s wish him the best as we show him the door. This has been the most disingenuous “apology;” first, surprise at any public reaction, then denial, now apology. Jerry should apologize to his wife and daughters and start packing.

Tanya Hall

Agreed. He obviously consulted a crisis management professional and reversed his position. And being a husband and father does not automatically mean you respect women, unfortunately (and clearly, in this case). A disingenuous lip service apology for sure.

Cindi Lyons

“Jerr Bear’s” apology is disingenuous. The apology more than likely came at the direction of his lawyer(s) as an attempt to save face. It’s time for Jerr Bear to head to Pamplona, Spain where he can practice his bull riding skills.

John Machol

What a cretin!

Charlotte O'rourke

John, it would have been a wonderful dedication celebration to just say, what a great “team” effort. We pulled together to accomplish great things for our children.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and Gibson didn’t immediately apologize. I assumed he hadn’t heard the tape when asked and hadn’t realized his big fat blooper.. I don’t know his temperament or his job performance, but a “cretin”, I think not. Many seem happy celebrating his demise and posting online 7 more to follow his ousting. I hope people realize this wasn’t just about the blooper, but some hidden agendas. I’m sure this post will be deleted again.

Sometimes women can be bullies as well as even chauvinistic. It’s sad regardless of who does it.

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