Galveston middle-schoolers will all attend the same grade-level campuses next year after the district board of trustees decided in a split vote to create one fifth-grade campus, one sixth-grade campus and one campus for seventh- and eighth-graders.

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Carol Dean

This might just work!

April Ellis

Thank you GISD!!! I was afraid the Middle School Task Force that I was on this year wasn't going to make a difference, I am so happy to hear that it did! This is exactly what GISD needs so that ALL kids can have the same opportunity at the SAME level of education!

Walter Dannenmaier

And half of them will STILL be below average. And now the ones who might have had a chance to master the more difficult technical subjects will do so while carrying the weight of the incapable and poorly behaved. A banner day for the children of Galveston. Let NO CHILD GET AHEAD! Next up, equity for Ball High Sports. Let the teams represent the community. We cannot discriminate by selecting players based on talent - it's just not fair.

Roy Hughes

Poorly behaved students should be in a separate room from those who can behave. However, these that do misbehave need to learn to behave and that cannot occur in a room full of misbehaving kids. Students who are behind need to be caught up. That is the hardest part. If the student and parent would attend a conference with the teacher and counselor the student who is behind will need to be placed in tutoring so that he/she can catch up. Usually, when students are behind it comes from previous years of not understanding course material and then, being moved up. I believe there is a special name for that. Social promotion, I believe. When I was in school classes were leveled. I have heard that this is not lawful. Bush started No Child Left Behind. There are ways a student can be ahead of his/her classmates, There might not be a way to please every parent , though.

Sports- if the goal was not to win maybe there should be a community team. I recall my daughter playing volleyball in junior high. It was a joke to say the least. Everyone played. I do not think the goal was to win. It was to have everyone playing. When she went to high school and learned about club volleyball it sure was embarrassing for her not to know how to play volleyball. She wanted lessons- so I put her into lessons for volleyball. She played club ball for three years. Those were her best times in sports- not the sport team at school that played favorites and put the less talented on the higher team. Why can't you discriminate in sports you are doing it for academics. Other schools exist for a reason.

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