The Galveston County Health District has reported four more deaths related to the coronavirus/ But it also removed four deaths from the total because of an error that led to counting some deaths more than once.

The total number of people who have died related to COVID-19 is 165, according to the health district. 

Four women died between Aug. 22 and Sept. 4, all between ages 61 and 90, according to the health district. All four people had preexisting medical conditions. 

The health district also removed the deaths of three men and one woman that were reported between July 6 and Aug. 2. The health district compared data with Texas Department of State Health Services and removed the four duplicate deaths. 

The health district also reported 72 new positive cases, bringing the total to 11,249. That number includes 46 cases that date as far back as June, and one from April. The health district has for several days been reporting late cases. 

Because of the late cases, the health district isn't reporting positivity rates. 

The health district reported 153 new recoveries, bringing the total to 8,951. 


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Robert Braeking

Once again the health district is spouting irrelevant statistics. The only valid measure of SARS is to measure morbidity per million population per day. The curve is near zero.

The number of cases is irrelevant. This statistic can be skewed based on number of tests performed and demographics and condition of those tested.

Total number of deaths is irrelevant without knowing when these deaths occurred. If the health district would graph deaths per day we could get a clear picture of the progression of the disease and trends.

There have been 165 deaths reported in 174 days - average less than 1 per day.

Look at the graph on the GCHD website ignoring the number of cases and the number recovered. Flat line.

They report 11249 cases 8951 recovered and 165 deaths and 2160 active cases. 2160+8951+165=11276 I thought these were reported to be hard numbers so there could be no rounding errors. Where do the other 27 fall?

Back to work! Masks for the public don't do squat. Let's stop being ridiculous.


Bailey Jones

Galveston County is too small of a sample set to get very good statistics. With ~340,000 residents and a national mortality rate of ~59/100,000, there's just not going to be much to see. But, if you're interested in deaths by date you can find them here - https://tabexternal.dshs.texas.gov/t/THD/views/COVIDExternalQC/COVIDTrends?:isGuestRedirectFromVizportal=y&:embed=y

Just click on Galveston County on the map.

And the GCDN does a good jobs of displaying local data on their COVID-19 Maps and Charts page, under the Interactive tab, including breakdowns by city and demographics.

The good news that everyone should be celebrating is that our national case rate has been falling since the end of July, and our death rate since the middle of August - although there's been a spike in both this last week. So, whatever we've been doing has been having an effect. But we're still 5,000 deaths a week from where we need to be.

Carlos Ponce

"The total number of people who have died related to COVID-19 is 165"

"related to" - The CDC reports only 6% of deaths "related to" COVID-19, the Chinese Virus, are due to the virus only. Comorbidity - what are the contributing factors to the deaths in Galveston County? Based on national trends they all had pre-existing conditions. Protect those with those conditions, let the rest of the county and country LIVE.

Why a higher rate than some other countries? Could it be that we have a higher rate of obesity (I resemble that remark)? Could it be doctors and modern medicine have extended the lives of those with chronic diseases where in other countries they would just let them die?

Terri Abraham

So, what are you saying? I don't understand the point your post wants to make.

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