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Ray Taft

The reason we are seeing more cases of the China virus is because more people are being tested.

We can always test less instead of more and that would reduce new cases of covid-19, and the ability of Democrats and their media minions to scare people.

Hope you’re wearing a mask Ferguson while in Galveston, because it doesn’t look like you are in your photo.

Sean Thompson

Can you not make any comment without making it political?? Get over yourself because nobody cares what you think Ray. It's pure annoyance to all readers who were born and raised on this island.

Carlos Ponce

It's his right as a subscriber as long as he follows the conditions laid out by the GCDN. If you don't like it then don't read it. Sean: "Oh my, there's another post by Ray. I should not, must not read it. But I will." Sean, it's called self-control. Exercise it. No one is forcing you to read any post made by anyone especially those you find annoying.

Sean Thompson


jimmy winston

I've stopped reading Rays comments long ago. He's a baby and thinks everything is a democrats fault. even though the president, governor, senator, rep, state senator, state rep, city council, mayor etc are all Republican

Carlos Ponce

There's wisdom in what Ray writes, Jimmy. But if you choose not to read it, that's your prerogative.

Ray Taft

Excuse you. It is political. It’s always about politics to Democrats.

The number of China virus cases goes up, because of great testing, while the number of deaths (mortality rate), goes way down. The Democrats and their Fake News pals don’t want to tell us that! They’re fear-mongering to try to stop that awful orange man, no matter the cost to we-the-people.

And TDN claims to be a county-wide newspaper, not just one for you islanders.

Ray Taft

You’re annoying all your Democrat buddies who restrict free speech because it hurts your feelings.

Paula Flinn

Testing is not what’s causing the new cases, Ray. These new cases are caused by people failing to wear masks and not social distancing. It is a danger to be in large gatherings, like in restaurants and bars. We know what spreads the virus, so it helps to keep your hands clean and off your face as much as possible. If it isn’t necessary to go out, stay home on your own property. If you have to work with other people, wear a mask

CoVid-19 is not a hoax, nor is it a joke. But, it isn’t caused by testing, nor will new cases go away by not testing. That’s just convoluted logic.

You might look at the hospitalization rates for the county, state, and country. They give you a better idea of how many confirmed cases are serious ones.

Ray Taft

Rest easy all you Dems. My comments are being deleted.

Bailey Jones

As of yesterday there are 223 COVID-19 hospitalizations in the Galveston TSA (trauma service area), double the 111 we had just 23 days ago. Houston TSA shows 1343 COVID-19 hospitalizations, up from 482 on June 1st (+278%). State wide it's 4389, up from 1756 on June 1 (+ 250%).


During a press conference on Tuesday afternoon about the availability of hospital beds to treat COVID-19 patients, Gov Abbott said the Galveston TSA had a higher level of COVID-19 hospitalizations than the rest of the state. In that region, more than 10 percent of hospitalizations are for COVID-19. On average in other parts of Texas, COVID-19 accounts for only about 5.6 percent of hospital patients.

(The Galveston TSA includes parts of Texas from Lake Jackson to Galveston to Beaumont to Jasper, with a total population of 1.3M. The Galveston TSA contains 1842 hospital beds. Current capacity is at 81%, with only 19 ICU beds available. 12% of hospital beds are occupied by COVID-19 patients.)

Ray Taft

Believe what you want. I think it’s Democrat BS.

michaelsmith Staff
Michael A. Smith

John, like all Daily News employees, is wearing a mask in the building most of the time. He can take it off at his desk. Although much is uncertain about coronavirus, I'm willing to go out on limb and say you can't catch it from a mugshot. So relax.

Ray Taft

You relax and stop shutting down free speech by deleting my comments.

Kenneth Cambiano

What does everyone expect the mayors and county judges let the protesting,rioting and one of the largest funerals in Houston history happen. They all turned their back on the virus that we had under control. Now everyone must suffer again till we get it back under control. Shame on everyone else that have also turned their back on the pandemic and let it spread like a wild fire.

Ray Taft

Does the truth hurt TDN? Is that why you deleted my comment?

KevinMCox Staff
Kevin M. Cox

Ray, our website automatically removes comments after they receive a certain number of Abuse Reports. This gives our readers the ability to help self moderate.

For example, this means that if inappropriate material was posted in a comment during the middle of the night it would come off the website after enough readers report it, without having to wait for our staff to arrive at work the next morning.

The system is not perfect and means some material will get removed that shouldn't be, but we always investigate issues like this when they are brought to our attention.

Ray Taft

So speaking out about Democrats is offense to TDN.

I didn’t break any rules. I’m allowed to have my own opinion but apparently not if hurts Democrats’ feelings.

Typical left leaning fake news media.

Joe Mancuso

Kevin, a couple of questions about Abuse Reports:

1. Is there any way that comments could, instead of being removed, be made available only if I asked to see them? One person's "abuse" is another's.....

2. How many people have to report a comment before it's automatically taken down? just curious

3. If a comment is taken down and reviewed and found to not be "abusive", are the comments restored?

Thanks for the answers and for providing the forum!

Ray Taft

The Democrat mob determines who can post.

KevinMCox Staff
Kevin M. Cox

Joe, thanks for the questions.

1. This is a great suggestion and I'm going to request it from the development team. I'm also requesting a change in language when this happens. The current "Comment deleted" text isn't a good representation of what is happening or even true. We never actually delete comments, just hide them from public view.

2. I don't want to share specifics on this number because I'd like to avoid it being abused. Today in particular it seems like a lot of readers are using the "Report" button simply because they disagree with the content of another's post, not because it is actually inappropriate.

3. Yes, they can be restored. But keep in mind we don't have dedicated staff simply for handling comment moderation. Our readers are usually great at keeping things "between the lines" and we don't have to spend a lot of time dealing with comments. So there are times when the review of those comments will take a while. The fact that a comment doesn't immediately return shouldn't be interpreted to mean that our staff has agreed with the automatic removal.

I hope this helps.

Ray Taft

I think TDN staff deleted some.

Ray Taft

TDN needs to get enough staff to police their comments. Instead of having online only customers subside your newsprint, charge your home delivery customers to go online like many other newspapers do. They get it for free now.

Writing in all caps is inappropriate. Calling people names is inappropriate. Deleting a post because you don’t like it when it doesn’t fit with your world view is inappropriate.

That’s all on TDN. We’re paying to post our comments, so TDN needs to be policing it properly and not letting the Democrat mob rule.

Michelle Aycoth

So much for free speech !

Andy Aycoth

Ray Taft

Look out you Democrat mob. Deleted posts are back. Going to try again to show us just how intolerant you Democrats really are?

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