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David Hardee

How ironic and idiotic, that all the avenues to make the property tax situation better is obstructed by some attendant statute or bureaucratic function.

The intertwined and overlapped codified rules, regulations, statues along with the fiefdoms of the bureaucracies make impossible purification of any function because it will interfere or have an adverse effect on another. This convoluted mess quickly kills the enthusiasm and energy to even make a proposal.

Somewhere there is the champion that will begin to destruct this Medusa. That champion will not come out of the world saturated with lawyers, politicians and “public servants. That champion will have accomplished freedom from the burdens of fulfilling personal needs and family responsibilities. That champion will be enthused with by an inter calling to correct inequities, remove obstacles and restore noble virtues. Egotism, confidence and fortitude along with great energy will radiate from the champion and infect those around. Age and experiences will have produced the wisdom to see clearly the necessity to exercise some unpopular and unattractive rhetoric and actions on the obstructionist. This is the description of the champion that will fix our property tax fiasco.

The motto will be “Make public service great again!”

PD Hyatt

What we do not understand is that our taxes have been frozen since 2012 when I became disabled. This year for some strange reason CAD has decided that I am no longer frozen and I am past 65 to boot. Since I did NOT add anything to my property my question to them was how did my taxes go up? I was told about 2 weeks ago that they were going to investigate it and get back to me, but alas Mr. Watson has not done what he said he was going to do as I have not heard back from him. I wonder how many other over 65 and or disabled are being jacked around by CAD....

Stephanie Martin

Just use your last years budget.

Jack Cross

This is a bunch of bull. I served 5 years on the ARB. Appraisals are as of January 1. Yes they should increase because of the economy at that time. For argument purposes

lets freeze and use last years values. School funding is for the Maintainence and Operation M & O. Football stadiums and other construction are bond issues.

Funding is an amount per student determined by a complicated formula. But it is a fixed amount something like $11,000 per student but I'm not sure of the exact amount. Both the local taxpayers and the state pays this funding.

Here is the kicker, The state has a cap on the tax rate amount set at 1.17 per $100.00 value. Texas City and about half of the school districts in the state are at 1.17 or near it. That means if taxpayers wanted really good schools and was willing to tax themselves the state would not allow it.

So with the cap in place and the hands of the school board tied and at the same time the Appraisal district is setting values on property within the school taxing district, you have large chunk of property values. Using TCISD as an example, the school board sets the tax rate the same as last year or for that madder at the cap of 1.17.

remember the state has tied the hands of school boards. After the school districts takes its share of funding, there still is a big pile of property values plus value of new construction so why can't the school board take some of those values and lower the tax rate. The answer is because the state is taking local property taxes and using it in the state budget for programs other than education. In other words on a normal year when you protest your value at the cad, it is normal to blame the cad or the school board for your tax increase, but it is the state that benefits and is forcing the cad to appraise at 100 percent of market value. If the CAD appraised at a lower value, it should not hurt the CAD because there is a lot of property values, but the state is not going to allow this because the state benefits from high appraisal.

In fact every time appraisal values increase the state pays less and shifts their share of funding onto the backs of local taxpayers. The Texas Constitution prohibits a State property tax, but what is this. Using last years appraisals should not be a problem except the real reason the state won't use it is because Texas has a 2 year state budget that runs through 2021. The state pumped $11 billion into schools last year this was based on projections by the state comptroller. This crisis tanked the projection, not only is there going to be a revenue problem the next legislative session in 2022, the state does not have the money to cover the current 2021 budget. So the state will be looking for every dollar they can find and they will make sure the CAD keeps those appraisal values at 100 percent.

Jack Cross

How much of local tax valued does the state take.

This budget cycle the state if taking $3.5 billion that they put in the state budget

and another $5.5 billion for Robin Hood. Here is another shocker. Property owners begin protests this month and by July 20 the CAD will tell cities and other taxing bodies their revenue values so they can begin working on their budget.

But right now 3 months before the CAD knows what the final amount will be, the state already has the amount of revenue and soon will turn these numbers over to the Legislative Budget board so they can start working on the nest state budget.

How can this be, protests are just started and the cad won't have the final count until July 20.? Remember I told you the comptroller is the governing agency over cads. The Comptroller has a property tax division that takes sampled of property saled within the school taxing district. Since values are set on January 1, the state already has the sampled and computed the values. After the CAD does its appraisals and if the cand values are more than 5 percent below the CAD values, the state tells the Chief Appraiser that he must raise his values. its big brother to blame for high appraisals, the cad takes the wiping and the state takes your money.

Keith Gray

So Jack if this is all true, then why hammer only a certain portion of the county? Why not spread it out evenly, instead of hitting the same properties year after year... don't say it doesn't happen. This will be my 4th year in a row the CAD has hit me.

Ray Taft

Governor Abbott Declared a State of Disaster In Texas Due To COVID-19. Then, President Trump Approved the Major Disaster for Texas that began in January.

What an insult to Texans. Unelected out-of-touch appraisal districts raise our taxes by arrogantly raising our property values during a declared crisis, while our elected officials in Texas pretend they can’t do anything about it. What a racket!

Governor Abbott and the rest of the State of Texas elected officials need to freeze property values and taxes NOW! No more fake excuses.

Then, end this never ending tax scam by closing down all the stinking out-of-touch appraisal districts. Governor Abbott put them out of work, not us.

Gary Miller

Never waste a crisis! This is a perfect time and reason to do way with ISD (AKA public) schools. We haven't had "public" schools since the feds gave control to Unions. Now is the time to shut them down, give or lease Taxpayer owned assets to private management. Two School districts in California and Florida fired their ISD and hired private replacement. They fund their local schools with local taxes without any state funding. Education quality has improved, proven by higher college entrance scores. Teachers wages have increased and local voters control what is taught. Another option using only state funding without local taxes would be state charter schools. Local economies would be boosted. Bobby Jindle was converting all failing LA schools to state charter with great success. Costs decreased but but quality increased.

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