A woman who died after falling from the third story of a Galveston apartment building committed suicide, police said.

The Galveston County Medical Examiner's Office on Tuesday identified the woman as Jennifer Monroe, 33, of Galveston. Monroe died after she fell from the window of a room in the Justine Apartments, at 503 21st St., onto an awning below.

Monroe died at the scene of the fall, police said. 

Galveston Police spokesman Capt. Joshua Schirard on Tuesday said police determined Monroe had committed suicide.

 — John Wayne Ferguson 

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Ron Shelby

Somehow, a 3rd story window doesn't sound like a "suicide" jump...especially if there's a visible awning below. I'd understand if it was a 10th or 15th story window but 3? Suicide?

Jim Forsythe

When I was doing safety training , falls was one of the subjects that surprised a lot of people. Most were under the impression that it would take a fall of over 20 feet. I guess it still is true that a fall from a chairs, kills about 6 people a year.

"Most fatal falls from heights are from 20 feet or less, about 14 percent of all fatal work injuries are from falls"
"In the USA, over 100 fatal falls occurred after a fall of 10 feet or less."

Ron Shelby

That's what I mean. Most people wouldn't think that an effective way to commit suicide was off the 3rd story. They'd most likely go and find a place higher up.

Jim Forsythe

What state of mind is a person who commits suicide in?
I have know several people who have committed suicide and most were not making good decisions at the end.
One shot himself and his wife, one gassed himself, my best friend shot himself because his wife left him and there was others that also had problems.
None were making right decisions, and if they had been in a 3 story building they may have jumped.
3 stories is about 30 feet high, which may look like enough to kill yourself.
Some times they are not trying to kill themselves, but are crying for help.
I had two workmates that it was the case. This is what they said afterwards.

Ron Shelby

Hence the argument that she was not trying to commit suicide. What was going on to drive her if she did. This should not be open and shut. Either something was driving her to cry for help...not real suicide. Or something else more criminal happened. Shouldn't be "open and shut" right there.

Bill Cochrane

Mr Shelby, I'm sure if you called police Chief Hale he could explain. IMHO a newspaper forum is not the proper venue to challenge the police account.

Anthony Sablan

I fell from the 4th floor when I was 4 years old. I thought the window was closed apparently I found out the hard way literally, I think what saved me was my guardian angel and the 4 feet of snow. Only thing I got was respiratory problems now I’m 39 I’m good. It’s all in GODs time I know people that died from falling off a ladder and cases of people who survive falling off 40 floors. I’m an example. I hurt for those whom don’t reach out for help when they feel helpless and worthless. Help is always available.

Anon Anon

I got to know Jennifer very briefly before she committed suicide. I know she would want you all to know some factors that lead to her actually jumping. Her mother was severely affected by Harvey and her mother was asking too much from her in a time she needed to focus on herself. Her father ran off and left them both years earlier to seek his fortune and never helped her when she needed it the most. Her semi close friend was extremely dependent on Jennifer too, guilting her into babysitting and not paying her squat for it. Her best, old friend died only a week and a half before she killed herself and she was really upset over it. We spoke very briefly before she died and I can’t believe I didn’t see the signs or do more myself, BUT SHAME ON THOSE THAT USED HER WHEN SHE NEEDED THEM THE MOST. YOU ALL DROVE HER TO KILL HERSELF AND SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES FOR NOT DOING MORE FOR HER. My heart goes out to Jennifer because she was a beautiful soul looking for happiness and friendship in a world that offered nothing of the sort. Rock on forever in the great beyond with David Bowie, Jenn. You deserved so much better from the world and I’ll always regret not doing more for you in our brief friendship.

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