League City Councilman Hank Dugie has made official that he’ll run for county treasurer in next year’s Republican primary and, if he wins, will work to ensure he’s the last treasurer in the county’s history. Dugie called the treasurer’s office an example of bloated government and said the office was redundant and that it wastes more than $500,000 a year.

The Question of the Week is: Should the Galveston County treasurer's office be eliminated?



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Carlos Ponce

Duties of Galveston County Treasurer:

Chief Custodian of County Funds

Investment Officer of Galveston County

Galveston County Payroll Coordinator

Contract Administrator for Bank Depository

Statutory Supervisor of Unclaimed Property

Treasurer of the Galveston County Bail Bond Board

Mission Statement:

To keep an account of receipts and expenditures of all money that the Treasurer receives by virtue of the office and all debts due to and owed by the County. The County Treasurer and the treasurer’s staff also maintains accurate detailed accounts of all transactions of the treasurer’s office. The County Treasurer also invests county funds, immediately to meet monthly obligations.

Walsh, Kevin C., CPA County Treasurer

Cooper, Crystal, CIO Assistant County Treasurer​

Bailey, Marcie Payroll Manager

Kolaja, Kristi Lead Accountant

McGee, Brittanie Payroll Assistant

Shoemake, Michele Accountant

Wall, Wendy Accountant


Carlos Ponce

Texas County Treasurer

What is a County Treasurer?

The county treasurer is the chief custodian of county finance and is charged with the safekeeping and investing of county funds. This includes the maintenance and reconciliation of all checking accounts under the care of the county treasurer and the disbursement of funds.

What Does a County Treasurer Do in Texas?

A county treasurer in Texas has the following duties:

Receives and deposits all county revenues

Acts as chief liaison between the county and depository banks

Disburses funds upon the order of the Commissioners Court

Records receipts and expenditures and reconciles bank statements

May prepare the payroll

May be designated as the county's investment officer and required to submit regular reports on county finance to the members of the Commissioners Court

May also act as the county’s human resources officer, employee benefits coordinator, risk manager and insurance coordinator

May have some audit responsibilities in counties with no Auditor


Charles Wiley

If My memory serves me well, Steve Greenberg ran for County Treasurer in the 1970’s to abolish the office as well. He was defeated.

Jim Forsythe

Was an answer ever given to the questions Kenneth Douglas asked? Below is from the GDN. Would we have been better off without a county treasurer? Mr. Douglas's questions may be more important now, than they were in 2019.

Sep 17, 2019: Who really is responsible for Galveston County's loss of $525,282.39? And, who's responsible for allowing the IRS to seek to fine Galveston County $76,550 for incorrectly filing forms for county employees, etc. ("IRS threatens county with $76K fine," The Daily News, Aug. 31).

This is taxpayers' money that's not being properly protected. And to make things worse, not one county employee has been fired or resigned.

It's this refusal by all elected, and appointed officials that had oversight of these funds to take responsibility for loss of such a huge sum of taxpayers' money, which creates a great concern of the fiscal integrity within our county government and the oversight of elected officials to maintain the same.

In my view, such a change for payment via email should've prompted a call from the county treasurer, auditor, purchasing department, etc. Such a call would've prevented this theft. Now comes the IRS wanting to fine the county, which should prompt all taxpayers to ask, who's really to blame for these failures?

Elected county officials should be held accountable for their failure to see that such safeguards were in place, as well as the county treasurer, auditor and purchasing agent.

Kenneth Douglas--- Dickinson

David Hardee

This issue has been debated for more than a decade. To economize or to eliminate a useless department or to penalize for failure and act in the PUBLIC interest has never been a priority for a government. The candidates will bellow their public interest claims but once they are on the gravy train they don't want to disturb the swamp for fear of recrimination and loss of goodies. The best pay and benefits of the bureaucrats along with the shield of immunity makes for a lacks daisy employment. That $525,000 scam of public funds is the prime example.

Hold your nose and vote a useless yes.

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