The death toll from COVID-19 in Galveston County remained at 37 people Sunday, and the Galveston County Health District reported 10 new positive cases. 

As of Sunday, 817 people in Galveston County have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Of those, 471 have recovered, according to the health district.

To date, 30,513 county residents have been tested, accounting for nearly 9 percent of the county’s population, officials said.

Coastal Health & Wellness clinics are offering testing for the uninsured.

For information, call 409-938-7221.

For additional testing options in Galveston County, visit

— Angela Wilson


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(7) comments

Ray Taft

Why continue with the coronavirus precautions with all the Democrat lead protesting going on in cities all across America?

The mobs are not practicing social distancing. The rioters, looters and thugs are only wearing masks to hide their identity.

Why continue? Is it so Democrats can have it both ways - rioters are ok, but law-abiding citizens must kowtow to the government coronavirus precautions?

Ray Taft

After months of telling Americans, sometimes under penalty of law, to avoid large crowds and maintain "social distance' to slow coronavirus spread, Democratic leaders across the country have done little to stop protesters from gathering in large, dense groups as they protest, riot, and loot.

How come Democrats are impotent when it comes to protesters and their failure to obey the law, but go after law-abiding citizens with a vengeance? And are those businesses that couldn’t be opened before, now being looted and burned down because Democrat leaders allow it?

Wait for it - Democrats and their cronies in the MSM will try to shift blame to President Trump, who goaded weak Democrat governors into finally taking action.

Gary Miller

Ray> Democrats want the riots to continue because they think it helps them in November.

Ray Taft

Michigan Democrat Gov. Whitmer’s office building was attacked in downtown Lansing on Sunday, and so far, she has not responded to that, or the other destruction in the capital city.

But Whitmer was quick to call citizens who were protesting to go back to work, terrorists who would spread the coronavirus. What’s up with Democrat Gov. Whitmer?

James Stephenson


Ted Gillis

Do the crickets tell you anything Ray?

Bailey Jones

They say "Jiminy was a Democrat!"

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