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Michelle Aycoth

This will be the real story in the end.

Andy Aycoth

Wayne D Holt

This is the reality of the effect lock downs are having on lives all across America. As bad as it is now, extend the damage to supply chains for food and fuel in a few weeks and you will begin to get an idea of how big a gamble we took by adopting the "abundance of caution" approach instead of balanced risk/reward.

Leadership from Washington? Republicans wanted to make sure big corporations got to socialize their losses while privatizing the profits of the past few years. Democrats are using the opportunity to cram a raft of "progressive" proposals down the throats of Americans who don't want them.

Our leaders use epidemic statistics from areas of the world rife with tuberculosis, refugee populations, crowded sweat shops and illiterate masses. From these they extrapolate conclusions for fly-over America that destroy an economy and jeopardize our ability to get the essentials of life to millions of our fellow Americans.

A one-time check and a block of government cheese is not going to replace a promising career or a bankrupt business in our community. The people who didn't make efforts to prepare for a pandemic are the same people who have all the answers now that we must obey.

Remember who said what and when because it's guaranteed the political narrative is going to change as the reality of this hits closer and closer to all of our lives.

Chuck DiFalco

Mr. Holt, I agree completely.

Chuck DiFalco

The countdown to Great Depression 2.0 started midnight last night. If the state and local government lockdowns extend for 60 days, time's up. Oh, and the virus won't have caused the depression. Government "leaders" will have caused the depression, just like the Original Great Depression.

Wayne D Holt


Bill Quiroga



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