Over the past two years, scores of personal and business checks entrusted to the U.S. Post Office in Galveston have vanished. At least 140 of those were stolen, altered and cashed for amounts ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars and totaling more than $950,000, according to police records obtained by The Daily News and reported Friday.

Those cases represent only a fraction of the checks gone missing in the U.S. Mail. Other cases were reported to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, which has declined to comment about specifics and has not provided documents sought under the Federal Freedom of Information Act. Still other cases probably were never reported.


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Robert Dagnon

This is a situation that has effected my business on two separate occasions. The fist time it was from a group of checks that I dropped in the drop box outside the Bob Lyons post office. They washed the checks and altered them for more than $40,000. After learning that hard lesson, I only deposit inside the post office now. The second time was from a group of two checks I deposited inside the Bob Lyons Post office. This time they washed them and hit me for $20,000+. It is clearly an inside job. I contacted the Bob Lyons post office - as usual they showed no interest or concern for my situation - they just gave me an 800 number to call and said “Good Luck”. The 800 number was worse - told me to file report online. Of course - no acknowledgement! This is a serious issues and NO ONE at USPS gives a damn. To them it is the banks problem and they all but admit that there is no integrity in the system! They just don’t care.

Lizzie Tish


Lizzie Tish

Thank you for sharing this, Robert. I am both horrified and disgusted by their lack of concern!

Bailey Jones

Anyone who writes checks should invest in "Fraud Prevention Gel Pens". Uni-Ball is one manufacturer. They are designed specifically to deter check washing. I write very few checks these days, but it only takes one in the wrong hands, as the story above illustrates.

Dwight Burns

Put our boxes back at our post office in Dickinson, Texas. We have never experienced the disservice we are experiencing today. And get rid of this crazy man who is suppose to be the Post Master General installed by the past Presidential Administration. Thanks.

Cliff Hall

Approximately September 2020 a check I mailed to a local Galveston business via the mail box outside Bob Lyons Post Office. When I placed the envelope I made sure it dropped and didn’t stay in the shute. The business never received nor was that check ever presented for payment.

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