A woman suffered severe injuries after she was attacked by a dog at an island apartment complex Monday, police said.

The attack happened about 5:30 p.m. Monday at the Club of the Isle apartments, in the 3400 block of Cove View Boulevard.

The Daily News reached the 24-year-old woman, who asked not to be identified. She said she was undergoing surgery on her left leg on Tuesday afternoon, and was being tested for rabies.

The woman said she was attacked after walking out of her apartment with her own smaller dog. The attacking dog, which she said was a pit bull, was not on a leash and ran up to her, she said.

The dog bit her and put a tennis-ball sized hole in her leg, she said. A group of people nearby managed to pull the dog off her, she said.

Her own dog was not harmed, she said.

The dog was taken into custody and quarantined, police said on Tuesday afternoon. Police believe the animal might have been involved in another attack last week.

Police believe the dog is a danger to the public, the department said in a news release. Officers were still working to identify its owner Tuesday afternoon.

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Steve Fouga

I thought they usually just tested the animal, to avoid all the rigamarole of testing a human for rabies. 🤔

Randy Chapman

Oh no. Yet another loving, mistreated, misunderstood pit bulldog. Wonder what this woman undoubtedly did to deserve the mauling from this great breed of dog. We're constantly told how great they are to have around your toddlers, small animals, and the general public. There's no way the dog is at fault; obviously, it is the woman's fault somehow, or the fault of bad owners or the dog was doing what it's supposed to do. These are awesome family dogs that are nothing more than big teddy bears that want to do nothing but love everything around them.

Back to reality; yet another example of this working, far too often inbred breed that is inherently unsafe to trust around children or the general public unsupervised, doing what instinct tells it to do. I know the pit bull lovers will be irate by the comments above, but the statistics prove my point. Do poodles bite? Sure they do. Do Dachshunds bite? Sure they do. Do German Shepherds bite? Yep. But, the issue with Pitt bulldogs is the human race and what we've designed this breed to do. That, coupled with the fact that pound for pound, the breed is one of the strongest around, and the most prone to be abused and bite others. When they attack, it's often a very serious attack that is disfiguring or even fatal at times.

This dog needs to be terminated, and it's remains sent to the proper lab for testing, post haste.

Annie Kemble

I've known some very sweet pits (and SOME who like to destroy & eat bait dogs, we all know this)......But the LEASH law is for tiny little dogs - bullys..... simple..........Roaming dogs should have been hunted down by the dept of the police that handle 'dogs pick up'...... Why haven't they?
Maybe the NEW Police Chief can get a control of this!!!
It had to be so tramatic to you & your furbaby, I'm so sorry.
I have collected the name and internet site for about 7 Pit & Bully rescues, if anyone is interested or needs them.

Blanca Bell

I walk my border collie 3 miles Monday - Thursday. I have leaned to carry a defensive club because over the last 10 years we have been attached by unleashed "good" dogs about once a month. Last month we were charged/attacked by a huge pit bull. After defending myself and my dog the owner used foul language and said that I shouldn't have beat her dog about the head. Realize that I was walking in my neighborhood on a public street opposite of her home.
I guess it was my fault for exercising myself and my dog.
PS...yesterday we were attacked by a spaniel and a mutt.
Please be a responsible pet owner.

Steve Fouga

Blanca, you might consider a Kimber Pepper Blaster in lieu of the club. The Pepper Blaster is small, light, and about as incapacitating as a non-lethal weapon can be. I carry one when riding my bike on the beach.

It seems weird, but the beach, which should be the most peaceful spot on the Island for riding, requires a cyclist's constant attention because of the abundance of unleashed dogs. 😡

Dwight Joseph

Every one say my dog do not bite. But all dogs have teeth. I do not understand i had a dog name Pebbles had to jump on the hood of a car because a dog got very aggressive. I am walking down a street this dog ran up to me I start scream and swinging my purse backing away from the dog. So now I am scared to death of dogs. No it was not a pit dog.

Blanca Bell

Steve thanks for the info. I will I research this and give it a try.

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