You shouldn’t spit into the wind, or apparently, onto a Galveston County judge.

A Santa Fe woman was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison for spitting on a municipal judge during a 2018 magistrate hearing over a misdemeanor drug charge.

Marlene Alexandra Jackson, 36, of Santa Fe, was convicted Tuesday of felony harassment of a public servant, according to the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office.

Jackson was arrested in September 2018 on a municipal warrant, according to the district attorney’s office.

At a magistrate hearing during which Jackson was informed of her right to have an attorney, she leaned forward and spat at Judge Carlton Getty, prosecutors said. The spit landed on his arm and hand, prosecutors said.

Jackson was convicted of a third-degree felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

A jury on Wednesday sentenced her to three years in prison. She’ll be eligible for parole after serving nine months in prison, prosecutors said.

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Randy Chapman

Yet another genius criminal. From misdemeanor to felony in a split second! [unsure]

Gary ONeil

Make that a "spit" second.

Jack Reeves

Just another sad sign of the times....a total disregard for authority and common decency. I'm so glad I'm not a cop anymore...I'm afraid I would get fired.

Ron Shelby

Did the Judge set three years or did the jury?

James Lippert

Defendant elected to have the Jury access her penalty. And the Jury did their duty.

Dedrick Johnson

according to the article... the jury assigned her the punishment.

James Lippert

Sounds like my 2nd wife. She also had a spit mentality.

Randy Chapman


Carlos Ponce

Seems that she didn't have her green Teletubbie with her. "I bought my green Teletubbie a while back and it brings me good luck, but I do not like telling people that it is my good luck charm. I take my Teletubbie everywhere I go; it is always clipped to my purse, and I would not give it up for the world." - posted in Marlene Jackson's 2000 yearbook as a Junior.

Do they let Teletubbies in prison? I don't think so.

Dedrick Johnson

The inability to control one's anger is a sign that she is unfit for many careers. I hope her sentencing is not simply punitive with regards to time behind bars, but they should have mandated some sort of anger management course as a condition of her release. SMH

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