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Craig Mason

So a 5000 dollar budget line item has turned into a 60,000 dollar debt. Not only has the county lost every round but now they want to double down and go to the Texas Supreme Court. Way to go judge Henry, way to recklessly blow through our tax money. As a Galveston county tax payer, I say take your loss and let this one go. Quit wasting time and money.

Ron Shelby

Sorry Craig but you really don't understand. This is NOT about a single line in this one budget. Its now about the law establishing Commissioner's Court's authority as controller of the purse strings in the budget process. If you let this one go, it balloons later when another elected official with a much larger budget item goes to court over an item removed from their budget. There's a "balance" at play here between what an elected official needs to run their office and execute the duties they were elected to perform, and the Commissioners Court's statutory authority to budget, ..and thereby control costs and taxes.

Jim Forsythe

You may want to review this story in the GDN.


Also how much did the Galveston County Commissioners pay for lawyers to represent Galveston County. Unless they represented themselves, it was not free.

So it was $60,000, plus lawyers fees for Galveston County lawyers.

Carol Dean

So, Ron, did you ever move back to Texas? Judge Sullivan was clearly following the law when she filed her suit.

Ron Shelby

Are you a lawyer now Carol?

Leigh Cowart

What gets me the most is the judges didn't address the county's argument. What's up with that? Looks like the main issue is still not resolved. Why can't the appeals court resolve the issue is my question?

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