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Gary Miller

There have been enough irregularities that Trump should declare martial law and then declare this unbeleivable mess of an election is void. Then call in the National Guard to conduct a new election in April or May with no ballot accepted if the voter is not correctly identified. No votes accepted from any state refusing to comply with established laws. No last minute new laws.

Bailey Jones

Put the KoolAid down, Gary. It's time for patriots on the right to rise up and put country ahead of cult.

Harvey Mueller

And just when will patriots on the left put country ahead of cult and live by the rule of law?

Keith Gray

Baily when you have more votes than voters... really?

Bailey Jones

Keith - if you have proof of what you say bring it to the courts. Uncover this massive fraud on the part of Democrats - if there is one. I fully support that. But I would hope that if Trump fails to bring his "proof" to the courts, or loses in the courts, you will acknowledge that the real fraud in this election is the one in the White House.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, the "proof" is coming!

Wayne D Holt

Keith, see my post below. It is not only real, the process has been proven how it can be done and be almost undetectable. Theft of an election should be a capital offense.

Gary Miller

Keith> Something that happens in Democrat controlled areas. The reason is easily identified. It's caused by illegal voting. Double or multiple voting. Where the voter used to live and voting were they now live. Even worse is Democrat activists registering in as many places as possible. In 2020 there are entire counties and states reporting more votes than registered voters, some even exceeding population. In 2000 auditors identified 11 million double voters who voted in southern states. Most were from the Area of New York. When state auditors tried to purge them from voters lists Democrat lawyers got Democrat judges to prohibit the purges. Solution? Require re registering every few years. And checking former state registration.

Gary Miller

Bailey> You would like all ILLEGAL votes be counted. Several kinds are to be deleted after careful inspection. Some are mail in votes which didn't have legal authority for them. Another is votes from counties or states that recorded more votes than registered voters. Double voters who voted where they used to live and again where they live now. Third ballots counted while poll watchers were excluded or obstructed.Need I remind you Democrats have used illegal votes to survive for many years. It's time for Trump to put an end to the practice. In the past wimpy republicans just let them get away with it. Trump isn't a wimpy Republican.

Wayne D Holt

Bailey, independent journalists, individual videographers and enraged American voters all across the country are documenting literally hundreds of examples of illegally expelled Republican poll watchers, 4am ballot dumps and counts when there are no poll watchers, the removal of Republican watchers for virus concerns while Democrats and media remain...it goes on and on.

This is not a case of sour grapes, which would have been in evidence as far back as the Obama win if America was as systemically racist as it is portrayed. This is a case of the country being stolen and the DA refuses to press charges.

There is no one on planet earth who can say with any credibility this has been an honest election, a fair election, an accurate election. The corruption of the voting process has been so brazen it is hard to comprehend what the people orchestrating it are thinking. To me, it looks like someone well about D or R wants us to see the theft so clearly that we take to the streets so other measures can be forced on us.

I know and respect many, many Democrats. I'm closer to being a JFK Democrat than a McConnell Republican. But this is tantamount to treason. This is NOT about assuring a Trump victory. This is about stepping back from the abyss of civil war and insurrection. It Democrats think 70 million Trump voters are going to yawn through this, there is a rude awakening coming...and the responsibility will be on the multitude of decent Democrats who put their party's victory over an election process all could agree was fairly won.

Bailey Jones

I'll say it again, Wayne, if either campaign has evidence of wrongdoing, bring it forward to the courts and have it adjudicated. I believe 0% of what comes out of Trump's mouth, and even less when it comes out of the mouths of his spawn and "America's Mayor". I'll believe it when I see it held up to the light of a legal process. Until then, it's just more of Trump's BS. Even the news half of Fox News doesn't buy it. Of course, the opinion half is selling it.

This is another opportunity for Trump to be the savior that his deluded followers believe he is. Let him bring forth the evidence, cleanse our system of this "systemic fraud", win the recount, and set his people free. Be the hero. Be the leader. Be the guy who actually deserves a second term. But he won't do that, because it's mostly BS. He'll either lose in the courts or fail to take his "proof" to the courts so he can spend the rest of his sad pathetic existence wallowing in his victimhood. And his obsequious sheep will bleat their support of the new great Lost Cause.

I'm sure there are irregularities - there always are when 130,000,000 people are involved. But stealing an election (and doing an amazingly poor job of it)? No. Treason? Nonsense. There is no evidence that supports that, regardless of what you've seen on youtube.

Let the courts prove me wrong.

Wayne D Holt

Bailey, I care a whole lot less whether he wins or loses than I do that we don't lose our republic completely, with it already on the ropes. We have a national voting system that is a sieve by any objective standard, yet there seems to be no recognition of that by those who call this "winning."

America would be lot better off with Biden as president in an election that everyone could see is free and fair that what we see today.

If you believe the courts are the repository of pristine, blind justice I have two words for you: Judge Sullivan. A perfect example of a judiciary that seems to think they are legislators. But I will remind you if the Supreme Court finds for Trump that you placed your trust in the courts system...please hold that thought a while longer.

Wayne D Holt

Please view the video at the URL downpage and see just how easy it is to do, and to cover up, if you don't know how to look for it.

Carlos Ponce

Patience Bailey! Democrats have been doing this and covering up fraud for YEARS! But there's no such thing as a perfect crime.......All that is hidden will be revealed.

Gary Miller

Bailey> I didn't mention the old Democrat policy of harvesting votes from graveyards.

Gary Miller

Bailey> I think Democrats took a count and learned there weren't Democrats to win any election. Then they resurected all their vote stealing methods used over the years and invented some new ones like mail in ballots. Trump was aware of Democrats vote stealing methods and made ready. When the illegal votes are identified and counted results will change.

Ted Gillis

I’ll be that planet earth person Wayne.

Wayne D Holt

Ted, just so I don't attribute to you something that you don't mean: "There is no one on planet earth who can say with any credibility this has been an honest election, a fair election, an accurate election. "

Are you saying what we can see documented innumerable times is...what? Computer generated images? A bank of crypto-Trumptards banging away writing fiction? Public officials who see it and are shut down by higher ups having flashbacks from the 60s? Precinct locations using wallboard to shut out a view of the counting is just a quick exterior freshening? Seriously?

Again, if people think I am arguing this as a Trump supporter they are dead wrong. If this was being done to Biden it would be just as wrong. I'm not trying to get Trump re-elected, I'm trying to make sure brazen corruption in our election process is noted.

Wayne D Holt

For those who wish to know how deep the rot goes in the election process, you should acquaint yourself with the GEM election management software system, which is used to tally approx 25% of all US voting locations both for national and local elections, and fractional balloting per se, which can be implemented in nearly all US elections.

The fractional voting systems have, for some reason yet to be explained, been coded to enable fractional voting, i.e., the addition or subtraction of some fraction of each vote cast. Why would we have software with this capacity? No one seems to have a good answer for that, but we can see how it may be used to build vote totals illicitly with much less obvious signs than Chicago-style ballot box stuffing.

Your eyes will be opened when you watch the video at this URL to follow. It is wholly incompatible with anything like American's ideas of a free and fair election. And yet, 25% of American voters are vulnerable to it and possible many more. Enough to swing an election illegality? More than enough.

For those who would avoid watching in the belief a bunch of privileged white Trump supporters dreamed this up to discredit the 2020 election, it was discovered by a gifted African-American programmer ten years ago as a way to explain some of the anomalies seen in their local elections. It was later seen that the geographic scope was unlimited; it can and probably is being used all across this country.

There is no doubt America has deep systemic issues. But it is not race, not even class. It is what our united response will be to the corruption that infects our country from the top down, emanating from those with no loyalty to country, no belief in democracy and no intention of letting power slip from their hands.

Watch it and weep: https://youtu.be/Fob-AGgZn44

Jim Forsythe

Wayne, the U-tube clip was from 2016. If there was anything to it, the FBI would have found it in the audits they do. I'm sure that if anything was wrong, that the group that put together this tape, clip together would have been working with election officials and law enforcement. Like Bailey said, if anything is being done that is illegal, charge the parties involved.

The reason Biden is increasing in total votes is that in the states that have not declared a winner, are now counting mail in votes.

Over 50% of people voted by mail, and some states did not allow counting until after 7pm on the Third, which is going to take time.

We also still have the overseas votes, that are still coming in.

Wayne D Holt

" If there was anything to it, the FBI would have found it in the audits they do." Are we talking about the same FBI that was at the center of the Russian collusion hoax, the Steele dossier fraud, the examination of Hillary's server turned over to Cloudstrke for forensic examination on a national security issue...that FBI?

" I'm sure that if anything was wrong, that the group that put together this tape, clip together would have been working with election officials and law enforcement." Jim, I'm assuming you didn't get as far as the clip showing the voting official who brought it to law enforcement. He was replaced, as was the judge on the case. The discovery documents demanded by the plaintiffs were encrypted and the new judge dismissed the case rather than force de-encryption. That law enforcement?

People keeping putting words in my mouth I never said. I said NOTHING about vote totals. I said the independently recorded examples of voter fraud at ballot counting. It's easier to get clarity in a disagreement if I don't have to defend things I never said. Fraud is fraud, whether Democrat or Republican. I make no distinctions.

Bailey Jones

Watched it - and I am weeping that anyone would place any faith in it. OMG THE SOFTWARE USES FRACTIONS!!! Yes, Wayne, all numbers are stored in computers as fractions. But again - prove me wrong. Could these people, or the organization that they represent, or any of the 270,000 people who watched this video - could none of them find a law enforcement official, or a justice official, or any reputable news agency to follow up on their claims? No. They could not.

This looks like every Kennedy assassination or moon landing conspiracy video I've ever seen. Which is to say, there's no "there" there.

I await the depositions in Trump v America.

Wayne D Holt

Re fractions: you seem to have entirely missed the point of the claim. The GEM System and others have the ability to enter vote totals in fractional amounts. Since you seem to be really on top of the computational angle, can you offer a good reason why vote totals could be fractionalized? Not percentage of the vote, the vote total. Because I would have marked you as a One Man-One Vote Guy but you seem to be OK with One Man -.728 Vote.

Did you get as far as the official who brought it to the attention of the appropriate officials in their county? Read my response just above you for the exciting conclusion to this story.

I can't let this pass. You're a Lone Gunman Guy on the JFK assassination? Lee Harvey Oswald was the beginning and end of this plot? The House Select Committee disagreed with you about that, if so. Perhaps you're referring to another conspiracy theory because if you buy LHO was the only one involved, I'm not sure even a US government official report is going to provide the kind of ontological certitude for you to believe that it is possible to steal elections.

Bailey Jones

That's just the way computers, and databases work, Wayne. In computer programs, you have to declare the type of number you're using. It could be a 16-bit unsigned integer - no fractions allowed, but you're limited to a total of 65535, hardly workable for a large election. There are double-precision integers you could use - but why? Why is this even a concern? There are a thousand ways to hack a program to queer the result - because programs are PROGRAMMABLE. I want to see proof of fraud, not some kid writing a script to show how fraud could conceivably be committed. For instance, show me where 500 bodies came into the polling place but 600 votes got cast. Or 400 votes got cast. Show me how this scheme of yours gets by the audit record - that's the record of each ballot that can be printed out and counted by hand to compare against the "fractional result". This - like every JFK conspiracy I've seen - and I've seen them all - is just BS. JFK was killed by a zealot who was then killed by what we used to call a "retard".

I know you have a penchant for conspiracies so I won't bother to engage you on it, but a very good book on the subject is Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy Hardcover by Vincent Bugliosi.

Fun fact - When Ruby killed Oswald, no one in the Dallas/Ft Worth funeral community would provide funeral services for his family. My dad was a casket salesman at the time. A little old lady named Mrs. Miller, who ran Miller funeral home in Ft, Worth, stepped up to do the job. My dad supplied the casket. He swore us children to secrecy lest anyone find out that the president's assassin was buried in one of his caskets. When Oswald was dug up a few years later, he was reburied in a new casket. The original was auctioned off a few years ago to a collector.

Gary Miller

Balley? Are you saying the examples I reported are not illegal? Or are they legal because Democrats did them?

Ted Gillis

Why is it only deep systemic fraud when a democratic wins, but not when a republican wins? Are the efforts of these fraudsters you claim are behind the scenes working for the powerful people sometimes not enough when a republican wins, or do they just take the year off? I don’t follow or buy your fantastical claim, Wayne.

Wayne D Holt

Here's the model. Fraud = Fraud. Wherever it was found, it would be fraud. Here's a boomerang for you. If the Republicans committed voter fraud to win elections, how come we have heard ZERO about it from the folks who brought Kavanaugh gang rape accusations, Trump is in Putin's pocket sci-fi, Trump invented holding cages for illegal immigrant children and so on? If they could try to sell that malarkey (hat tip to Joe), Republican voter fraud would be a piece of cake.

Why no reports of 4am ballot buckets showing up in The Hampton? Why no drywall covers over the windows during elections in Orange County, California? Seems like that would be shooting fish in a barrel.

Why do 100% percent of inner city minorities vote Biden when Trump got the largest share of minority votes for a Republican since 1960?

Fantastical claims pales into insignificance when you are talking about the tall tale Democrats are asking us to take on faith. I guess they hope their sterling record will be enough to tip the balance.

Gary Miller

Ted> It's when Democrats win because it's all they have had for survival for years. Not when Republicans win because they value honesty more than power. The big difference. Winning or loosing is all, not how it was done. To a Democrats a winning criminal is a winner.

Carlos Ponce

In a press conference, Michigan Republican Party Chair Laura Cox said, “In Antrim County, ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a 6,000 vote swing against our candidates. The county clerk came forward and said a tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the vote.”

And you know what.... "47 Michigan counties use the same software."

Jim Forsythe

Once the counting and legal stuff is over, the total will be known. Until then, glitz's will happen. If it is found that illegal things happened, charges will happen. At this time Biden is ahead by over 156,000 in Michigan. This is with 100% reporting, which may not include overseas votes.

Maybe Laura Cox is the most honest person. In 2017, there was a issue raised during Cox tenure as head of Appropriations when she denied having any knowledge of how an additional $20 million dollars was added to the budget which benefited the family business of former MRP Chairman, Bobby Schostak. The fact is that Laura Cox was in a position of leadership and responsibility for knowing how funds were appropriated, but she had no answer.

Carlos Ponce

Wait.... and be astonished![scared]

Carlos Ponce

There goes Jim, attacking the messenger Laura Cox.

The discrepancy was noticed by Antrim County Clerk, Sheryl Guy.

Jim Forsythe

Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy, said results on electronic tapes and a computer card were accurate but it appeared that some of the results were somehow scrambled after the cards were transported in sealed bags from township precincts to county offices and downloaded onto a computer.

Why did she think this? Was it because she had proof of Ballot tampering? No, it was because she had a question "How could Democrats take over this county?"

Where is she coming up with the numbers she thinks should be Trumps? "Trump won Antrim County with about 62% of the vote, compared with about 33% for Democrat Hillary Clinton. Trump beat Clinton by about 4,000 votes."

Biden is not Hillary Clinton, and to think that there must be something wrong with the votes because Trump did not receive the same number as last time, is not what a official should do. This is the whole bases of the allegations.

Unless the seals were broken, the votes will stand. No one has said the seals were broken.

The answer may be, Antrim County may not like Trump now, and voted against him this time.

Carlos Ponce

From the Detroit Free Press:

LANSING — A failure to update software was the reason for a computer glitch that caused massive errors in unofficial election results reported from Antrim county, the Michigan Department of State said late Friday.

And a U-M professor of computer science and engineering who specializes in voting systems and securities says it appears the snafu arose from an "unusual sequence of events very unlikely to affect any other jurisdictions."

"The erroneous reporting of unofficial results from Antrim county was a result of accidental error on the part of the Antrim County clerk," the state agency that oversees elections said in a news release.

There was no problem with the voting machines or vote totals, which were preserved on tapes printed from the tabulators, the state said. The problem occurred when the totals by precinct were combined into candidate county-wide totals for transfer to the state, using election management system software, the state agency said in a news release.

"All ballots were properly tabulated. However, the clerk accidentally did not update the software used to collect voting machine data and report unofficial results."

Antrim County uses voting machines supplied by Dominion Voting Systems. The same equipment is used by most Michigan counties, especially smaller ones. But the state said the software problem was not related to the Dominion voting equipment. Antrim receives programming support from another company, Election Source, the agency said.


Jim Forsythe

Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy, said results on electronic tapes and a computer card were accurate but it appeared that some of the results were somehow scrambled after the cards were transported in sealed bags from township precincts to county offices and downloaded onto a computer.

Jim Forsythe

The human error has be resolved. Anytime humans are involved, human error can happen.

Antrim only had about17,000 votes cast.

Trump 9,783

Biden 7,289

Trump won the county back winning roughly 56% of the vote while Biden received 42%.

A spokesperson for Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said the skewed results were due to “county user error” and not the software itself, per the same report. Detroit Free Press- Nov.6.

Carlos Ponce

And once the problem was fixed, votes were removed from the Democrat side and went back to their rightful place - Republicans - like Trump.

Carlos Ponce

The human error was not upgrading the software. There are 47 counties in Michigan using that program and 30 states that also use that software including battleground states. Is it possible "human error" is also present in these? Only one way to find out.

Jim Forsythe

Even with the correction, Biden leads by 146,000 votes with 100% counted, except maybe a few overseas votes.. The small number of votes that are corrected each election, will happen. All that matters that the are corrected.

They have now said that Biden has won Pennsylvania, giving him enough EC votes.

Bailey Jones

tick tock

Carlos Ponce

Do I hear a Cuckoo Clock?

Bailey Jones

I don't normally look to Rick Santorum for wisdom, but he nailed it this morning. If you look at Biden's performance in Pennsylvania county by county, he outperformed 2016 HRC by 1 - 7 points. Yet in Pennsylvania - the hotbed of purported massive voter fraud - he outperformed HRC by only 4 points. There simply is no evidence of fraud in the data. The truth is that the Republicans had a great night - they held on to just about everything. It wasn't a great night for the Dems. There was no great repudiation of the Republican party. There was no Blue Wave. What there was, was a shift in independent voters who normally vote Republican, and still voted Republican up and down the ballot, who decided that they didn't want 4 more years of Trump, so they went with Biden. It really is just that simple.

It's time for Trumpsters everywhere to accept the fact that Trump lost, and to start the process of getting over it (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance). And it's time for Never Trumpers everywhere to realize that even though Biden received the largest number of votes in history, Trump received the second largest - more than he got in 2016.

Jim C.

Mr. Jones,

You have some nerve telling 'Trumpsters' they need to get over it. After the Democrat's collective four-year hissy fit you can safely say they never got over nor accepted his victory in 2016. And now you are holding Trump voters to a different standard. There can be no acceptance without confidence in the process. May I suggest you let folks investigate the accusations voter fraud and withhold your admonitions to the 'Trumpsters' until it is over. By forcing Biden down the throats of half of America you will do nothing but undermine the integrity of our elections which I fear will be irreparable.

Bailey Jones

By all means, Masked Man, as I have posted several times here - take your evidence to the courts and have it adjudicated. Recount as the courts decree. Arrest and imprison as many American poll workers as the courts think necessary. Then - accept the results and move on. They aren't going to change.

(Speaking for myself, I never "never got over nor accepted his victory in 2016". The reality of it was all too real for me.)

Carlos Ponce

Patience, Bailey. The case must be properly presented so that even the most ardent Trump hater will be convinced. Otherwise there will be an uprising.

David Hardee

As a System Analyst for 56 years, the experiences of critique, design and securing the processes (integral parts) and their interaction properly control to produce a secure result was the purpose in creating a SYSTEM. All integral parts including the actions of people/machines, timing and motion, document veracity, thresholds, and exceptions, and then the data extracted were constructed and secured. Then the automation can take trusted data to exercise/replicate the once slower manual system with improvement of speed and credibility to produce the cost savings (value).

Any person that cannot immediately know that the sudden decision to mass mail ballots was doomed to create a suspicious result should be excluded from involvement in anything but respiration in public life.

The curiosities that the votes disparities occur in the large populous (high density) cities is at once obvious. These are the always festoons of corruption. These are where a ballot would have other than intended value. This ballot would be subjected to potential use as a transaction with purposes of – monetary value, coopting, harvesting, and other manipulations. None of the infected ballot/votes can be scrutinized and detected as the illegal votes - they are.

Social impacts and voting.

A new paragon erodes the integrity voting process and quality of large amounts of voters.

There is little doubt that the 2020 election was: 1. Skewed by the media and Internet social discourse (Twitter, Google, Facebook) networks. 2. the Several Democratic-controlled States changed/usurped legislature laws. 3. Mass mailing of ballots produced suspicion on the quality of voters and the procedures of processing votes. 4. Polling is a psychological tool with no other value.

Having so many variables to analyze for credibility confound the average person’s ability to present any composited opinion/judgment that will be succinct on all 4 issues. Consequently, each of the 4 must be given independent critiquing and proofing.

#3 How MASS MAILING corrupted quality of voters and the credibility of counting votes.

Did you cast your vote in the secure sanctity of a voting booth, or did one of the millions of nanny state ballots arrive, or did you select to go to the VOTE.org site or any other source and get a ballot delivered? Did the return postage get paid for your vote at the public’s expense? Yes!

A little Info on Wisconsin: 2016 total votes 2,787.000 2020 total votes 3,339,000 consequence of mass-mailed 1,152,000 – concentration of increase was in the 2 Democratic megacities for a 87,000 increase at 72% Biden = 62,000 Trump 25,000 == 37,000 difference in Biden favor. Biden won Wisconsin by 20,540 votes – so all of Biden’s win was concentrated in 2 counties + 15,000 leftovers. From this illustration of CENTERED POWER BASE, the reason for the ELECTORAL COLLEGE should be obvious. This Mass Mailed ballot procedure has destroyed the protection from POWER BASES being erected. The founder’s belief that the built-in protection has been corrupted by then-Democratic Party nanny states and the National Democratic Big Tent filled with progressive liberal tribes.

Sit back and relish the Biden win though it is another crumbling of the once best hope of humanity.

Most of those who got a mass-mailed ballot from the Democratic Party nanny states, that knew historically these persons were too lazy to exert any effort, were presenting a much suspicious ridden easy way to vote. Obviously, some of these people traded their vote for a reward - a few bucks, a fix, etc. Some took the ballots to a voting party where the Reverend or mentor help (influenced) them. These and many other scurrilous activities happened. There is no way to know how many votes were tainted but it is certain Democratic party administered mega-cities did not intend for this new voting process to purify voting. An uninhibited quite possibly trashy vote system is what they wanted and what got.

This mass-mailed ballot procedure produced several new repugnant groups of voters. One group is those who had never exert the effort to vote but did only under influence this opportunity. Another was those that had no idea of what or who the candidate really represents but were by influence. Then there were those that bartered their vote. And, there were some who took the ballot into the bathroom and while sitting on the throne gave our country a vote with the stench that is prevalent on any progressive liberal vote. The chicanery in this election exhibits just how much integrity or society has lost in the past 60 years under the Progressive Liberal ascent to power.

2016 138 million vs 2020 161 million – mass mailing generated 28 million votes, of questionable quality.

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