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Bailey Jones

Hmmm... compared to every other place a tourist might go while traveling, an STR is just about the safest. A typical STR might have one or two sets of guests a week, compared to the 100s that stay at a hotel, fly in an airplane or ride in an Uber. STRs have no common areas, unlike hotels. They are typically already socially distant from places where other people are staying - also unlike hotels. With everything shut down, about all an STR guest can do is watch TV and order takeout - both safe and beneficial. If the goal is to rid the island of tourists, it makes no sense to leave the hotels open. Also, Airbnb and VRBO are already encouraging guests to cancel, and many STRs are already vacant. Will RV parks be shut down as well? How about those grand kids or in-laws in the den who came for a never ending spring break?

Kelly Naschke

I rarely agree with Bailey.... but he’s spot on with this one......

Bailey Jones


Craig Mason


Christopher Fluke

Disagree. I have several STR around my house and they have had more than 10 people gather. One even had some form of wedding or event with photographers, etc. This was just this past weekend.

Saw people from one STR out introducing themselves to neighbors, shaking hands, etc.

If they followed the guidance and rules by the governor, CDC, and the President, it wouldn't be an issue, but people are finding ways around the limits being asked of us all. Because people aren't following the rules, the next steps need to be taken.

David Shea

We are seeing the same problems with the STRs near us. With certain limited items in the grocery stores it also poses a problem with STRs buying up the same items that we as permanent residents need.

Mary Branum

It is not guests buying up the stores, but locals who believe they have to have 10 of everything. Then there are the local corner stores who are buying anything and everything and reselling at a huge profit! Fact, not fiction!!!!

johnferguson Staff
John Wayne Ferguson

Christopher, what neighborhood are you in?

Christopher Fluke

Kempner area near Silk Stocking. Hopefully it was a one-off issue this past weekend, as I don't really mind STR's but if people are not doing what society is asking of them during this pandemic, sometimes a few bad apples spoil the bunch and we all suffer from those bad apples.

dawn wilson

Why short term rentals only and not hotels???? More people congregate closely in a hotel.

Mary Branum

Disconcerting to find out from a reporter! To state that it is harder for City Staff to monitor is ridiculous, What do they monitor anyway. A permanent resident a block away from me had a party yesterday with 30+ guests! Why STR's? Why not hotels and bed & breakfasts? There is more exposure there. STR's contribute more than 30% in Hotel Operating Tax to this City yet are the scapegoat for whenever there is any issue the City does not know how to confront (affordable housing) The financial implications are devastating. The City mantra - Support Local Business - who does the City consider the STR owners to be who are small business? Has the City even considered who are in short term rentals are not always tourists? Has the City considered the financial repercussions as well as the reflection on Galveston. This is completely unacceptable, bias and vindictive. Whether this comes from the City, County or combination of both; this is entirely unacceptable.

dawn wilson

Thank you Mary for being the voice of reason!

Don Schlessinger

When you have an STR within feet of your home with inconsiderate owners, rented by inconsiderate customers it's easy to scapegoat STRs. The STR near me is a bad neighbor. Send them home.

Ana Draa

Pretty short sighted. As a local STR owner, our tourist business is dead. i should be almost fully booked for the summer, I have one booking in July. On the other hand, when my son's long tern landlord tried to screw him at the beginning of California's lock down, who helped him out? An AirBnb host he had previously rented with. While I was helping him on that, I had a local Galveston family, who were desperate for lodging between when their house closes and they sign on their new place, ask to rent our home. I gave them the place at a better than 50% discount. Very few of the people in our rentals are tourists, they are people in need. All this will do is worse people's suffering with unintended consequences.

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