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noah page

No person on council or the park board has stepped up to cancel Lone Star Rally. Why not? No person on council or the park board has formed solutions to handle large car shows and street cruising events. Why not? With or without permits, Seawall has become a gridlocked event area that places people and police in danger.

Bailey Jones

Noah, I think it's clear that the city council and park board are happy with the rally as it is.

Raymond Lewis

While this article is not about the Lone Star Rally, it should be noted that the LSR attracts more than twice as many people with way fewer police actions and more filled hotel beds.as the 'slab' cars (which had no organization). Full transparency; I enjoy the LSR. Not so much the young folks slab party. Most of us on the island enjoy some events but not all. Just the way it is, has been and will be on this very attractive piece of dirt. Wouldn't live anywhere else.

Hoping the local businesses start to see rebounds soon.

Wayne D Holt

Speaking of slab car parties: Get ready for it all over again. They are announcing Slab Beach Party 2 on Facebook, set for July 25 on the Seawall. And they have about six personalities listed, don't know if they are known for their cars or what the connection is.

This problem with massive events is going to get worse and worse until the people we send to City Hall wake up and begin putting residents first. There is total gridlock on Broadway, the Seawall and 61st streets as late as past 11PM on the nights these events are put on.

If your council representative is not speaking up for you and getting massive events under control, they are in favor of what we are experiencing and/or sitting on their hands. The elections await.

Wayne D Holt

Posted on: June 17, 2020


The City of Galveston has made the decision to cancel city special events permitting for two events scheduled in July, the Fourth of July parade and the Old Smokey Throwdown, because of concerns about COVID-19 cases in Galveston County.

The City consulted with the Galveston County Health District and determined it is in the best interest of the island to cancel both events and postpone special events permitting within the city right-of-way for the month of July. Organizers for both events have been contacted.

This applies to special events occurring within the public right-of-way, which would require a city permit.

We look forward to reopening the special events permitting process when it is safe to do so. Please continue taking health precautions, including wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, and maintaining six feet distance from those not in your immediate family.

Do we still have civil government in Galveston or are we a de facto autonomous zone for whoever wants to roll into town?

Bailey Jones

Apparently, if they can organize it, they can come. A de facto autonomous zone - that's every libertarian's dream isn't it?

Wayne D Holt

There's a bright line between libertarianism and the sensibilities of today's Visigoths. Anyway, I'm a strict construction constitutionalist so I can't really add much about what a libertarian dreams about.

Bailey Jones

I don't think the constitution will be much help in keeping hoards away.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey posts, "Apparently, if they can organize it, they can come. A de facto autonomous zone - that's every libertarian's dream isn't it?" So you're sticking up for the Confederacy. A little late but the outcome is known.

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