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Mr. Gerald W. Axt

While it's True,; each one of us is responsible for his/her Safety, Health, Happiness, etc.

It's also True; we should always think of " others "; and many people don't understand how to improve their own Health through Prevention, etc.

Bailey Jones

yep, and social distance. I've come to enjoy not having people all up in my personal space breathing on me.

Gary Scoggin

Yes, because I care about others.

Carlos Ponce

If the sign says wear a mask, I wear a mask.

At the museum, if a visitor enters with a mask, I put mine on. If a visitor enters without a mask I don't.

I went to Kelley's yesterday in Alvin. The restaurant was packed, little social distancing. One wore a mask entering but when drinks were served they came off. The waitresses wore masks.

The shrimp dinner was excellent.

Some entered, saw the large crowd and turned away. But it was evident from the cars in the parking lot it would be packed.

Ted Gillis

The parking lot at the LaMarque Kelly’s was packed too. I got our chicken fried steaks to go!

Carlos Ponce

Did you use curbside pickup or go inside?

George Laiacona

Believe it or not there are many of us that believe that the CDC are still the experts, not the Politicians regarding our safety during this Pandemic. So let’s stay with their recommendations and just maybe together we can defeat this virus and get back to the new normal.

Carlos Ponce

"CDC are still the experts" How funny!

Gary Scoggin

Who do you consider the experts then? Whose advice do you follow? Please be specific.

Carlos Ponce

Not bureaucrats.

Gary Scoggin

I didn’t expect a straight answer.

Bailey Jones

You know the answer to that, Gary. Youtube bloggers. African faith healers. Self-appointed religious prophets. Hannity and Carlson. Anyone who perpetuates the mythology of Cult45. Anyone except the serious scientists who have devoted their lives to studying infectious diseases.

Gary Scoggin

I know Bailey. I was just seeing if Carlos had the courage of his convictions to provide a truthful answer.

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