Dozens of residents crowded into a small county annex building Friday afternoon to urge, beg, lecture and warn commissioners against approving new precinct maps that dissenters called unfair, undemocratic and potentially illegal.

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George Laiacona

We must realize that as long as the Republicans are in control they will continue to use every gimmick they can in order to maintain that control. The 2022 election will be the next chance to make necessary changes that will be of value to the lower classes of Americans.

Dalton Logan

Yes, with the red title wave that is coming the common people most surely will benefit.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Logan > Well said sir, and allow me to add, if I were a Democrat and voted for the likes of who we have stumbling around like two Knee-Walking street drunks in the night... trying to lead this country now, I'd be careful about excoriating or vilifying another political party, but that's just me!

They are so bad, they have turned on each other with one claiming the other is discriminating against her because she is BLACK! It's not that though, because neither the President nor the Vice President have done anything resembling serving the American public here or over-seas!

PS You are correct though about change coming! The Big Red Wave is on the way ...and will bring with it sweeping changes and demolishing BS Communists/ Socialist inroads in our country, allowed to take roots by Joe China and Kamala Harris.

Dalton Logan

George, from what I see in the news the democrats are loosing ground in Texas already, just saw this morning where another democrat said he was changing over to the republican party. I've heard up to six have announced the same.

Also corrected my spelling from title to tidal[rolleyes]

Gary Miller

Dalton. Correct again. Three months ago the 2022 red tide was estimated to be 15 or 20 seats gained by GOP. Two months ago the estimate was 25 to 30, Last month it became 35 to 40. This month has it at 70 or more. At rate Democrats are retiring it could be over 100 by the time votes are counted 11 09, 2022. At the rate voters are moving from blue states to red states the 2030 census could cause redistricting to nearly eliminate Democrats as a national political party.

Larry Grissom

Lol learned how to do it from the Democrats.

After Biden’s absolute failed first year? Went from 1.14 a gallon of gas to 3.87? Lol

The Democratic Party should be concerned.

James Lippert

And a copy of the New Galveston County Precinct Map: http://www.sanleon.info/pol%20map2.pdf .

Ron Shelby

The North part of the county just got a HUGE boost in access to resources. By reducing the coast down to one representative, the other 4 can now vote in favor of the north getting the majority of county resources. Good luck southside of the county.

Heidi Gordon

Who knows. Maybe it will “trickle down” 😒

Gary Miller

Heidi>Or maby bubble up?

Carlos Ponce

Just admit it, no map will appeal to everyone.

Curtiss Brown

If you want to know if there has been a stabbing, you don't ask the stabber, you ask the stabee.

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