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Bailey Jones

That is an awesome milestone, this vaccine rollout has been phenomenal - it's hard to imagine 100,000,000 of anything. But it's still only about 30% of the population. Cases and deaths are down, and falling, but still not below the levels of last fall, between the summer surge and the holiday surge.

I suspect that a hard-core 30% of Americans will simply refuse to ever get vaccinated. So we need 100% of the rest of us to step up and finish the job - or we'll never get rid of this virus.

Wayne D Holt

Bailey, you speak as if you believe the vaccinations impart immunity from contracting Covid. Please tell me you aren't trafficking that falsehood.

The protocols for these vaccines since last year only claim to lessen the severity of mild to moderate Covid symptoms. They do not shield anyone from contracting it, nor do they help if the infection is severe. What they will do is hijack your cellular machinery to manufacture proteins that mimic Covid-Sars infection agents in ways that are completely unknown to us in long-term effect.

The 30% may be near the high water mark as the rate of vaccination is going flat. More people than ever understand that to risk this experimental trial to lessen the symptoms of a disease with an overall fatality rate of about <1.5% simply doesn't make sense.

“I want to put an end to all the rumors. I want to show people that there is no danger in getting vaccinated. On the contrary, it will protect us. And it is not like this vaccination will completely prevent us from getting Covid-19 infection. After the vaccination, even if we catch the virus, there won’t be death. So after vaccination, we should still follow the safety guidelines.” That was the very hopeful statement of Vivekh, India's Public Health Ambassador. On April 17, one day after taking the Covid shot, he was dead of cardiac arrest, which is the leading cause of vaccine-related death. https://greatgameindia.com/india-health-ambassador-vivek-dies-vaccine/

I suspect a hardcore 30% of the population is about all that will be suckered into becoming an unpaid guinea pig for Big Pharma and the CDC, its wholly owned subsidiary.

Ted Gillis

If the vaccine keeps me out of the ICU Wayne, I’ll take it.

Wayne D Holt

Fair enough, Ted. I respect anyone's freedom of choice and the voluntary use of Covid immunizations, mask mandates, etc. As long as I am not put in a position of being forced to share someone's health decisions, I am all for it.

Just as an aside: the point I was making is that you may wind up in ICU--or the morgue--if you take the shot, as the data clearly suggests. So this is not a slam dunk choice by any means. I wish you good health whatever you decide.

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