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Gary Scoggin

Because this Governor hates local control of anything. I think that in general it’s time to drop mask mandates but it should be a locally made decision.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Common sense. The argument against state-wide mask mandates was that what makes sense for Houston might not make sense for small-town Texas. That logic still holds.

Nick Saum

Using his logic, one could say the state has no right to dictate when and where alcohol is sold and served, where SOBs can operate and how much alcohol someone can imbibe before driving.

Stuart Crouch

Absolutely. Unfortunately, he has has repeatedly shown us that the length and breadth of his hypocrisy is unbounded.

Michael Moriarty

I think the Gov. is out to demonstrate Darwinism. If you are foolish enough to refuse a COVID vaccination and go about without a mask, your chances of contracting COVID are greater, at least that is what the educated professionals believe.

Obviously, there is a mass of under/non-educated patriots who do not agree with masking or vaccinations, their absolute right, as is their right to die, but only after they stress the healthcare system and leave huge uncollectable bills that the medical community will spread across all people through cost-shifting leading to further medical inflation and increasing medical insurance premiums. But, they have rights!

Ted Gillis

Right, just like smokers had their right to smoke and exhale their putrid foul air onto

all of us not so long ago. Society is still paying for that selfish behavior of theirs.

Yes, I still look derisively at smokers these days, as they puff their lungs out on the sidewalk, fouling up the public air that belongs to all of us.

So yes, I assume we will have to deal with those non vaccinated folks who become infected with the COVID 19 virus and all of the new variants that come our way. They will suffer complications and require hospital ICU stays, while us vaccinated patriots stay safe and get the booster shots as they become available to us.

That’s our new life.

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