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Michelle Aycoth

I hope we can return to focusing on long term issues that effect the city soon.

Andy Aycoth

Craig Mason

The mayor almost died from Covid, but woo wee COVID is over. I have never seen a larger example of stupidity by elected officials. I feel for the city employees who have to deal with the unmasked public. The idiots on city council don’t have to deal with the public on a daily basis. Another example of folks who are unaffected by their decisions making decisions without consulting those people it does affect.

Chuck DiFalco

I have seen larger examples of stupidity by elected officials. Specifically, governors, mayors, and other local officials across the country locking down businesses and locking out workers for too long.

Stuart Crouch

...and yet, they still walk among us. I don't give a squirt of p*** about you or your business if you don't take this virus seriously and do your part to prevent its spread. Nor will I, or quite a few others of a like mind, patronize a business that doesn't require responsible behavior (masks) from their employees and patrons. The governor could have opened things up for businesses and left the mask mandate in place a while longer. He didn't because he's trying to appeal to his base and dig himself out of the hole he dug with the ERCOT/Freeze fiasco, where he was caught lying (again). Not looking for any debates, as those are futile and a waste of my time.

I'll do my part for myself, those that I care about, and even those I may never have met that are also willing to take the necessary precautions. It's not too difficult to see just who puts profits before people. Sorry, I wasn't raised that way. If your favorite color is 'greed', just say so. (You pretty much have already.)

All I can do for those that refuse do the responsible thing, is to add their name to the list of those that truly deserve all that this virus has to offer.

Craig Mason

Yes the mask mandate should have been left in place. Again I feel sorry for the folks who have to deal with the maskless idiots on a daily basis.

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