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Cindy Schulz

Thanks for letting us know! We have been without cell service since early yesterday afternoon. For those of us who no longer have a land line, & our cell phones are our only means of communication, this is not good!

Timothy Thompson

Although cellular service outages don't tend to happen TOO there is a workaround, also good for in case your phone bricks (goes dead): you buy either another, cheaper smartphone or if you have in iPhone you can get a cheaper iPod (Apple still sells them) and you put all your essential apps on it (calendar, notes, etc.) & you also install a "texting & phone call over the internet" app (I use the Next+ app but there are others, such as Whatsapp), so if your house has WiFi you're good to go, if not a local coffee shop, & you can still make & receive calls. I decided to do this several years ago because every once in a blue moon your iPhone (or Android phone) can become a brick, i.e., useless, & it's true, many people have done away with landline (copper wire) phones, & being without the ability to communicate, plus all your appointments, notes, etc. is a very unpleasant experience.

Timothy Thompson

Actually this backup phone or iPod is more for if your phone goes dead, in this instance, because it's AT&T that has gone down, as long as you have access to WiFi & one of these "text & call over the internet" apps installed on your phone you can make & receive calls.

Ron Shelby

We will always keep a landline for exactly that type of problem. During, and after, Hurricane Ike, all cell phone services were out for more than a week (or more) on the island. But our land line still worked. It’s a great back up.

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