At the end of the fourth pandemic-affected semester, some schools still are challenged to return student attendance to pre-COVID levels.

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Susan Duif

Yea, kids need MORE time off after the last two years of being sent home for a "possible exposure" to a virus that doesn't hardly affect kids. My son was quarantined 6 times in ONE year for possible exposures and not once had the rona. Sounds like we have a weak teacher and leaders problem.

Cheryl Sawyer

Why must you blame the teacher? Teachers are doing their absolute best to teach while constantly adapting to an ever changing student population. Obviously you have never taught school or you would not pass such judgement.

Bailey Jones

That headline hurts my head.

Carlos Ponce

For older students (Junior High +) there used to be peer counseling to talk over problems a student might be having. Problem was despite being told that what was shared in the sessions stayed there, often the entire school knew what problems (home and school) your child was having.

If they need counseling they have professional counselors on staff. Problem is some would take advantage and used it as an excuse to get out of class. They could only go upon recommendation from a teacher, coach or parent.

It seems that the American work ethic is dwindling because of pampering in the formative years. Work it out.

Carol Dean

We need to get rid of the TEA. Independent School Districts should be allowed to set their own rules. We also need to do away with School Property Taxes. Yes, it can be done, but will take several years to accomplish that task.

Carlos Ponce

The problem with removing TEA would be with students who move in out-of-district. Do the outgoing transfer grades correspond with standards set by the incoming district? We have that problem with out-of-state transfers. With TEA there is a state curriculum, state adopted textbooks and accountability. In the 1980s in Galveston ISD a grade of 65 was considered passing but in La Marque ISD it was considered failing. So a failing LMISD student could transfer to GISD and be considered passing without lifting a pen... and a lot of that happened. But TEA standardized what a passing grade was.Then came standardized state tests with TABS and that standardized curriculum content.

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