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Bailey Jones

To really understand the numbers you should visit the graphs on the GCDN's interactive COVID-19 page. There you can see that county cases are rising exponentially even as testing increases linearly - this indicates that the increase in cases isn't just the result of an increase in testing. You can also see that the bulk of the cases are coming from League City and Texas City. On a per capita basis, Texas City, Dickinson and Clear Lakes Shores have the most cases. Island communities, including Galveston, have among the lowest rates. Most cases affect the 30-60 year old demographic.

Per capita cases in Galveston County are comparable with Harris, Fort Bend and Brazoria counties, but per capita deaths in Galveston County are roughly twice as high as those counties.

Nationally, we're at 2 million cases. It took 13 weeks to accumulate our first million, 6 weeks for our second. The US death toll will exceed 113,000 today, still growing at over 6,000 deaths per week. The US curve has not yet flattened.

Carlos Ponce

WHO is now telling us "Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is 'very rare' .


jimmy winston

..... okay?

Bailey Jones

As soon as they learned that Carlos was quoting them they walked it back. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2020/06/09/coronavirus-who-walks-back-comments-asymptomatic-spread/5325282002/

“I wasn’t stating a policy of WHO or anything like that, I was just trying to articulate what we know,” she said. “And in that I used the phrase ‘very rare,’ and I think that’s a misunderstanding to state that asymptomatic transmission globally is very rare.”

Carlos Ponce

Who walked it back, WHO?

Charlotte O'rourke

Texas as one of the first states to reopen is now the 7th state with the most number of cases in the US. But the good news is the deaths per population is still low.

My thanks to county and UTMB health officials and news sources who are watching the hospitalization rate and ICU beds closely and keeping the public informed.

The number of hospitalizations are increasing in Harris County and Texas.

The one area that I would like to read more about is on contact tracing and most likely exposure risks.

Terri Abraham

How many people are hospitalized with the virus, including those NOT local? I'd like the actual numbers, including those in all our local UTMB hospitals, TDC hospital included please.

Terri Abraham

If that was unclear, what I meant was, you give a number of the local people hospitalized, but I'd like to know total including those in the hospitals here that are from another county. The true number, not one that looks good.

Ted Gillis

We should wear the true number like a badge of honor.

Terri Abraham

I don't know about that, but from friends who still work at the hospital I hear that there are more cases than just those counted from local numbers. Also, that the TDC hospital has a death every day or so from Covid 19. I think the people of Galveston should be told what's really going on.

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