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James Woodall

I lived in a coastal town in Alabama for a number of years this last decade. Postal service was horrible. I was told by the second supervisor in charge, who worked directly under the city's postmaster, "congress mandates there be enough money in the coffers to pay employee benifits 20 years down the road". If this is true, we are paying for benifits for future employees who have not been born yet. In addition, do you see that priority mail box in the person's hand in the photo? Providing in essence free packing supplies was a bad Idea from the beginning. I am guessing in the not so distant future some of you are going to go to a local estate sale of a local horder who has been using those boxes for at least 20 years to "carefully preserve" his stuff. It took the USPS years to get smart enough to print their logo on the inside of the boxes, for all those dishonest eBayers etc. who were cutting the boxes and turning them inside out and then taping them back together. I will just stop with the ludicrus and unethical things, I have either witnessed, or been told from fellow e-commerce over the last twenty years. They bottom line, the USPS has most likely lost hundreds of millions of dollars providing "free boxes" to those around the country who just needed something to pack up grandma's depression glass collection, only to truck everything the addict, barn, or basement. How come shipping via our quasi-government institution is a train wreck? Maybe the government part? If UPS or Fedex ran their business in the same manner the USPS runs theirs, they would have been bankrupt years ago. I think it is time for the privatazation of the USPS. I spend thousands of dollars each year shipping with the USPS and it costs everyone in e-commerce who does business with them more and more and more. I am speaking of increased rates more than one time a year. Another one just came to international shipping rates or so I told yesterday from a friend. I get discounts through the websites, I sell on. How the average per person who pays the counter rate can afford to ship anything other then a letter at .54 cents through the USPS is beyond me. Last but not least, there are some wonderful USPS employees around the United States! My friend worked at the central post office in downtown Houston, & was one of those "A-Team" trout fisherman around the island. He was BOI and taught me how to wade fish around 15 years ago. He was a lifer at the USPS and worked in lost mail department, again at the main downtown Houston post office. At that time the USPS was trying to demote, get rid of, or early retire employees. He was trying to hold long enough to get 65 years old (he was around 60, when I meet him). His department was down to around three or four employees. They were in charge of indentifying, finding, or re-routing lost mail for the entire city of Houston, or atleast all mail which was processed was mis-delivered, not delivered, or lost and then was re-routed back downtown. That was 15 years ago! I hope to rant. I hope to help eductate people to my 20 year experience in e-commerce and how ineffecient the USPS operates. One last thing..."delivery confirmation" only means your package was delivered somehwere in your zipcode. It does not mean the package was actually delivered to your address. The USPS will also attempt to sell you "priorty express mail", as the fastest way to get a package delivered. It might be, but they will not actaully garantee overnight express delivery or even when you package will arrive. Fedex and UPS do garantee this service. I would be encouraged if Kevin Costner was in charge of the USPS. Atleast he was trying despite his misrepresentation of situation!

Dan Freeman

If FedEx and UPS delivered letters for $0.50 to any location in the USA they would be broke. Congress should adequately fund one of the oldest federal institutions.

mjk11@comcast.net Kelly

The Post Office here on 59th Street has always had horrible service. The pandemic just makes it worse. I waited 1 1/2 hours last week only to be told they couldn’t find my mail. They had left a notice in my PO Box that they were holding mail.

David Shea

This is almost comical considering the service given during normal times at 59th. If this post office location closed I believe it would be an improvement to their current process.

Mark Stevens

Poor service is not the fault of the workers behind the county. And it's not an accident.

In my view our "government" is deliberately shortchanging the Post Office in an attempt to thwart and impede maiil in ballots in November. Consider this: Galveston's 59th Street is bad enough, as reported. But League City (i.e.., largely Republican) service appears to be much better by comparison. Is it just me, or is there a pattern? My advice for voting in November--Go and vote early and in person if you possibly can. If you mail in a ballot, do so at the very earliest opportunity.

Mark W. Stevens

David Shea

If the quality of service had recently declined maybe just maybe you would have an argument but this has been an ongoing problem for many many years. Your biased view has no merit.

James Woodall

Mr Stevens,

I appreciate your beliefs. In Mobile, Alabama, I lived in a mostly well off neighborhood. It was very similar to the Houston Heights. My neighborhood by majority of residents were primarly Democrats. We had absolutely horrible mail service in our neighborhood. I presently live in the hill country. A completely opposite environment. A bunch of well off retired Houstonian's mostly, sprinkeled with retired military and snow birds, with multi millionaires making up the rest. This is Trump country full out. It is obvious that the president has overwhelming support here. How is the mail service here? It's pretty bad here too! Nextdoor Neighbor has so many posts recently from people complaining about the bad mail service around this lake, I cancelled my account the other night due to the negativity. What, I am trying to convey. The USPS has been broken for a number of years. It does not matter where you live. I am a customer who depends on the USPS to a large degree for my well being. If they do not deliver my orders, I do not get paid. Please do not take your bad service, as being personal. It is bad everywhere. I hope you have a good morning man![smile]

James Woodall

Mr. Freeman,

If Charlie Burger sold hamburgers for .99 cents or Salsa's sold burritos for .99 cents they would go broke too. Mcdonalds and Taco Bell can do it, but they have the numbers. Even Taco Bell is scaling back to make operations more efficient in the current climate. In the digital age there is obviously less mail being processed. Less advertising (junk mail) is printed and delivered by the USPS. Business encourages paperless billing. it goes on and on. This is not rocket science and if it was, I would not understand it. The USPS has been struggling for many years.

Do you understand how mail is processed in the U.S.? It is quite amoazing to think that over 99% of the mail is deliverd to the correct place. To make it more amazing try and decipher the envelopes old old letters, where senders actually wrote the address down. Good handwriting, bad handwriting and literally eligiable handwriting. It still happens today. Nevertheless, most all mail got delivered to the right place, just like it happens today. Do you realize if you send me a postcard and hand write everything on the front and back and it gets lost. A supervisor in the right position along chain of command can go pull photographs and time stamps of every place that postcard arrived and departed until it reached the carriers hands. Most mail today is handled by machines and computers.

There is a time and place for each business to shine (FedEx, UPS, USPS). I stay a far away, as I can from the USPS, when a package weighs more than a pound and has diminsions larger than 10" x 10" x 10" inside diameter. That is unless, I can honestly fit up to 70 lbs into their Small Flat Rate box provided for free. Anything over that in most cases is taken and shipped FedEX Ground Home Delivery. It will arrive in most cases within 4-5 days to any destination in the lower 48.

Old does not mean better. I am not meaning to be aurgementive. We have a national debt, which is not being talked about, nor being dealt with in my opinion. Let's just catagorize the USPS as an old car leaking oil and transmission fluid. It has a bad interior and there are dents on the outside of body. Maybe the door does not close, or in some states without vehicle inspections the car does not have a door. It is not a Shelby Cobra, it is a Ford Focus. Do we, the United States who have a enough money in the bank to fix the car using a credit card, or do we reach into our pockets to see what we might be able to afford paying cash and seel a better solution? Why not just sell the USPS to China?

I know this again most likely sounds like a rant. I just believe private industry is better than more broken government. If the USPS cannot delivery larger packages and be profitable without being bailed out by congress, then allow someone else to accept the job who can. If the USPS can deliver envelopes / smaller packages better and still be solvent, then let them concentrate on how to be the best in the world at delivering small packages.

I remember growing up in Houston. Many years in April seemed like Christmas. Tall buildings and lights everywere. On April 15th dad, mom, my sister, and I would make this magial tour to downtown Houston. Mom and dad were taking thier tax filing to make sure it was date stamped by midnight by the main post office. It might have only been 9:00 PM, but downtown was special. There would be multipe lines of cars in queue to drop off "the envelope" into a mail bag being held by a real human dressed in the offical USPS uniform. There were postal employees all over the parking lot working in unison. The USPS had employees out working the bags until midnight, as recall. We made this trip multiple times during my childhood. I learned the importance of filing income taxes and the importance of the people standing out holding the large cotton bags.

Flash forward to a few days ago. The women whose experience was chronicled stood two hours in a line on Broadway at the post office. I'm guessing she was in the post office on the 15th of this month. Based on experience there many hundreds of times. There was one, maybe two postal clerks processing normal mail and the influx 2019 tax filings. What I just described in the previous paragraph is non existent to my knowleddge anymore. I ask nearly every year. I remeber standing at the mail in Alabama, where at 6:00 PM the USPS employee locked the door to a line of close to a hundred people trying to file their income tax.

The USPS is broken. Attemping to fix it on credit, with no real strategy is not very intelligent.

I would like to pat myself on the back. I think this is the closet, I have come to spelling ever wpord correctly, and using correct punctuation. Maybe not, but "things are getting better".

James Woodall

I had nice paragraph formation and separation, and the last paragraph was spelled correctly. I cut and pasted my comments, hit post, and this was the result. I hope everyoine has a good morning! [beam]

Bill Broussard

I have a had time accepting any of this nonsense with our great Bob Lyons post office is due to the pandemic, sick workers or low revenue. I like some of the other contributors, have had pink slips put in my box saying my Mail cannot be delivered cause contact could not be made when I was six feet away from my door all day

Like some contributors, I’ve just last week taken my pink slip to the station, waited in line only to be told the package was not at the station

And finally one can drive up to Bob Lyons and note the trash all over the front yard, the condition of the outside facade and the weeds throughout the dying grass and pretty much guess what they will find inside

I think our postal representative in the column is full of bs. They know this station is both a personnel and physical rot

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