The Galveston County Health District and the University of Texas Medical Branch will begin offering the updated BioNTech and Moderna bivalent COVID-19 booster vaccines today.

The new bivalent COVID booster is designed to protect against the dominant BA.4 and BA.5 strains of the virus, according to the medical branch.

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Laura Addison

Summary of above: Get this booster. It might work (even though the previous ones failed, and people are still getting sick with covid.) I think it's important to note that my family and myself included all had Delta and no other strains of covid - none of us have been inoculated. The people we know getting covid multiple times have been inoculated. It seems the more shots, the more covid - just a personal observation.

Meanwhile, there are many reports that excess deaths are trending up and birth rates are down. I wonder why? I'm more concerned with what these multiple jabs are doing to the immune system than catching a virus that presents a minor risk to most. Tony Fauci on September 8, “It hasn't been proven in a clinical trial because we don’t have time to do a clinical trial.” In other words, no time to prove they work. Quote from the above article: "While we cannot precisely forecast effectiveness....we EXPECT that the new mRNA....will offer better protection." But let's be honest, no one knows at this point. The previous mRNAs shots were a failure, and I don't expect any different from this latest concoction - why should I or anyone at this point? I'll take my chances with the virus and hope others will seek out more information on these shots.

Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist on the boosters: As Spike protein is “gained” by everyone taking them the risks increase for myocarditis, blood clots, neurological damage, and immune dysfunction. Only way not to “gain” more medical problems is to have a safe unjected autumn."

Dan Freeman

Dr. Peter McCullough is being sued by Baylor Scott & White for illegitimately claiming an affiliation with its facilities. “In several media interviews, McCullough has spread misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.” He is not a credible source and may has caused many deaths and illnesses through systematic misinformation.

Carlos Ponce

Funny.... Dr. Peter McCullough, MD Cardiovascular Disease is listed on the Baylor Scott and White website, check p 7 of their affiliated doctors:

Jim Forsythe

Baylor Scott & White Health aka Baylor University Medical Center sued McCullough last week claiming he had breached a separation agreement reached in February 2021 by continuously identifying himself as a member of BUMC or BSSW.

The day the lawsuit was filed McCullough made sure to tell One America News he was no longer affiliated with Baylor Hospital or Texas A&M.

Carlos Ponce

His name still appears on their website, Jim.

Jim Forsythe

Baylor Scott & White Health aka Baylor University Medical Center sued McCullough last week claiming he had breached a separation agreement reached in February 2021 by continuously identifying himself as a member of BUMC or BSSW.

Carlos Ponce

Somebody needs to tell them. His name still appears on their website. I provided the link.

Laura Addison

Mr. Freeman, I suggest you listen to McCullough's statement to the Texas Senate, and then make your mind up for yourself.

Which of his statements/issues do you disagree with?

Dan Freeman

Virtually all of his testimony is based on half truths and incorrect interpretation of current and emerging data. He is neither an epidemiologist nor a virologist, so that explains his lack of understanding of the data. He is being sued by Scott and White for misrepresenting his credentials. Believing his testimony has led to the deaths and disability of thousands of Texans.

Carlos Ponce

Dan, you need to tell Baylor Scott & White Health that having Dr. McCullough on their website will not help their lawsuit. In fact, it helps Dr. McCullough.

Gary Scoggin

Summary of above: Make your own decision realizing that those who receive Covid vaccines and boosters have lower rates of serious effects and mortality than those who don’t.

George Croix

It's not so much the actual COVID illness suffered for a few days....most folks, other than the elderly and pre-existing conditions folks, have gotten over that after suffering about like bad flu.

The appearing-more-every-day long term after effects that so many people have are very real problems for those who previously had the COVID virus and fell ill.

Not everyone has the long term effects. They can range from simple confusion and memory issues to vision issues to full on heart and respiratory problems - none of which were noticeably present during or before the primary illness.

Studies and learning how to treat this, when/if it can be treated, are ongoing.

Vax/boost, don't vax/boost is a personal

So far, the followup studies and treatments indicate that the folks vaxxed and boosted are having fewer and/or less severe long term after effects, but, by no means is that conclusive to date....

I have never favored forced experimental vaccine injection,,,it should be a personal choice, and, for the record, those forced to do so previously should be made whole again, fully, for lost jobs or wages due to the 'vax mandates or else' issued by the same one and his associates who didn't lose a dime when he/they got COVID positive...several times....even after the jabs.

If deadbeats can be absolved of loans they willingly took and signed for, then citizens should be reimbursed for having the feds take from them by effect of bad executive order...imo....which, of course, means squat to anyone but me....

My 'link' to these assertions is at one of the doctors offices right now for one of the after issues.....

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