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Bill Sterchi

Welcome Home MARINE!!!

James Lippert


Charlotte O'rourke


Wayne D Holt

Every one of us should look long and hard into those eyes, and study this Marine's face. Resolute, committed to his country and to our freedom.

That is the face of Memorial Day. Not hot dogs and beer, golf carts, loud music and beach time. He left this island long ago and died on another, distant island, where he has remained all these intervening years.

Twenty-five years old. A time when, for most of us, life was really just getting started. His life ended, as it did for so many others in the Pacific and European theaters, before it could really begin.

What did he die for? What kind of country have we allowed ourselves to become? His death was a tragedy but for his sacrifice to have been made only to see our political system corrupted to its core, and our nation's moral fiber attacked at its roots, is a tragedy beyond tragedy.

Would we be able to say to 1st Lt. Justin Mills if he were here today that the ultimate sacrifice he made was something we built on, making the USA worthy of those countless similar sacrifices in distant lands? Or would we in truth have to admit we squandered the blood of our finest and the treasure of our riches for the past 60 years in pointless, criminal wars that only earned the enmity of those on the receiving end of American might?

I fear if we were truthful, we would be ashamed to tell young 1st Lt. Justin Mills what became of the America he died for on that insignificant speck of island in the vast Pacific.

John E Sr. Macrini

Thank You for your ultimate sacrifice and your service 1st Lt. Justin Mills. May you rest in eternal peace at Arlington, the former home and estate of General Robert E. Lee.

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