Officials arrested 215 people on Bolivar Peninsula from noon Thursday to 1 p.m. Sunday during the annual Jeep Weekend.

Most of the arrests were misdemeanors, Galveston County Sheriff Henry Troschesset said Sunday.

At least 87 people were arrested from Friday to Saturday morning, Trochesset said at the time.

Dozens of sheriff’s deputies had been on Bolivar Peninsula since Friday for the annual Jeep Weekend event. Constables and state troopers are also in the area to help.

The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office has deputies working overtime at the jail and jail substation, on the beach, on local highways and on the Galveston-Port Bolivar Ferry, Trochesset said.

Jeep Weekend, or Go Topless Weekend, is an annual beach party that started as a gathering for Jeep owners and enthusiasts.

The event has grown to be an annual beach party held the weekend after Mother’s Day. It can draw tens of thousands of people and be as busy for public safety officials as a major holiday.

The event has no central organizer.

The county also arranged to station a nurse on the peninsula to help draw blood for testing from people suspected of driving while intoxicated. An assistant district attorney will be in the area to advise police on charges for some crimes.

Galveston County Emergency Services District No. 2 arranged for eight ambulances to be on the peninsula and for a helicopter to be available for medical airlift, officials said.

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(9) comments

Dan Freeman

Makes the Slab Weekend look positively civilized.

Don Schlessinger

I don't think the Jeepers were purposefully blocking the highway which is a "'thing" for slabbers. Now if you hit the beach over there you'll probably have to slow down. Anyway I think the cops may have been arresting Jeepers because they didn't like them. [beam]

Ted Gillis

And the Slabs kept their tops on.

Carlos Ponce

Ted, keep your top on!

Phill Sean

Slab, jeep weekend, mardi gras and lone star motorcycle are all terrible events that run good people off. Decision makers should continue to crackdown and end large disorderly events. Galveston's top brass paints a pretty picture of the same type of disorderly behavior during mardi gras and the motorcycle event. City manager issues permits to let organizers break the laws. Law enforcement is fed up with bad decision makers.

Carlos Ponce

A Tale of Two Weekends

May 13 - 16, 2021: Arrest 215 for violating the law and no cries of racism from anyone.

April 24-25, 2021: Arrest 33 for violating the law and you hear cries of racism.

Think about it.

Don Schlessinger


Charles Douglas

It is pure and simple Mr. Ponce! Pure -O- D Simple!!! Radical Liberals are in full mode of playing the "RACE CARD" ..."RACE-BAITING" ..and practicing "SATANIC MATH"... which is dividing & subtracting in order to conquer! This is their master game plan now! I learned this years ago from the deranged, crazed killer named Charles Manson from California who died in Prison over there for ordering a hit on actress Sharon Tate and others! He wrote a book, and inside it he outlined this plan the Liberals are using now ......years ago!

The LEFT is now riding the backs of minorities to cause upheaval, and division in this nation, in order to obtain and hold power by changing laws and stepping on freedoms under the guise of helping gain respectability & justice for the BLACK MAN! If the Singer Ray Charles was alive, even...HE COULD SEE THIS PLAINLY! The underlying, root objective here for the LEFT is Vote Harvesting! So, while they need the BLACK & HISPANIC votes to win elections, ..they are careful to keep those minorities educationally and financially dependent so they can be CONTROLLED and retained on their LIBERAL Plantations! I am a product of that Plantation Life, but somebody introduced me to the Lord of Glory, years ago, and he impressed upon me that HE WAS JEHOVAH JIREH...my provider and my source, and that everything and everybody else are just provisions and resources! [wink]

Bailey Jones

Compare to 2019 - "Deputies arrested 125 people on the peninsula and responded to about 600 calls for service from Thursday to Sunday, Sheriff Henry Trochesset said."


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