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Bailey Jones

Not trying to ignite a snark fest, but I'm wondering what Juneteenth events the rest of Texas' politicians attended - Abbott, Cruz, Cornyn, Middleton, Weber, Babin, etc. I saw the mayor at our parade in Galveston. Beto managed both Galveston and Fort Worth. I would have thought that Cornyn, at least, would have shown up somewhere. If anyone has any facts on the whereabouts of our representatives, I'd love to see them.

BTW, the AP has a nice photo essay of celebrations around the nation here -


Carlos Ponce

Greg Abbott:


Ted Cruz


John Cronyn


Randy Weber on Twitter

157 years ago, federal troops arrived in Galveston to inform the people of Texas of the Emancipation Proclamation issued by President Abraham Lincoln that all slaves were free. Juneteenth is a symbol of hard work, commitment, and a day of celebration.https://twitter.com/TXRandy14/status/1538607568867696640

I don't keep up with Babin since he's not on my ballot.

Bailey Jones

Yes, Carlos, I did the obvious google search before I asked. I assume the answer to my question "what Juneteenth events the rest of Texas' politicians attended" is "none".

Carlos Ponce

Presumptuous, Bailey. If they did anything clearly public, you would lambast it as a "photo-op".

Bailey Jones

Carlos, if they did anything clearly public, I would call it "news". And I'd welcome their participation in our nation's latest federal holiday. It's kind of a big deal, historically. The Senate did pass the bill without amendment and by unanimous consent, after all. And no one of consequence in the House voted against it.

John E Sr. Macrini

Perhaps the other Politicians were being apolitical and enjoying their families in celebration of Father's Day. Families are important.

Bailey Jones

That's probably why most of the celebrations were held on Saturday.

Jim Forsythe

Former U.S. Rep Beto O’Rourke joined a large, diverse crowd at a Juneteenth festival in Menard Park on Saturday

Bettie Bennett

I remember Beto proudly, publicly announced he would take our guns.

Ted Gillis

So John, all of us fathers who spent day, golfing, going to a ball game, attending a car show or fishing with a buddy should somehow feel ashamed for not spending the day as you prescribed?

John E Sr. Macrini

I prescribed nothing and you are entitled to feel however you would like to feel.

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