Warm weather brought many people out to Galveston's seawall Saturday.

Most were in groups of two or three and were abiding by the social-distancing measures enacted in effort to slow the spread of coronavirus. City employees had to ask some people to leave the beach, which is still closed.

City officials Monday will open Galveston beaches between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. each day of the week, amid concern about attracting large crowds from the Houston metro area.    

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Wayne D Holt

The description of this scene could have just as easily read, "Crowds of island visitors were squeezed into a nine foot wide space overlooking a vast expanse of empty beach, an area that City officials have characterized as being of no public health concern to them. Enforcement of social distancing by responders in these very close quarters was deemed less perilous to the responders than enforcement would be on on the beach below. City employees used high grade field binoculars to spot the rebellious few who refused to join the throng in thongs cavorting on the seawall above. They were politely asked to please not stay where it was safe but to join the other sardines swimming their way around those who apparently have all passed virus tests with flying colors.

While obviously of satiric intent, the above is an accurate description of what City leaders consider to be intelligent, cautious and proactive public health directives. Your mileage may vary.

Henry Hansen

I thought the same thing Wayne. Several times this past week I drove the seawall only to see throngs of people doing on the seawall what they are forbidden to do a few feet away on the beaches. Closing the beaches and golf courses has made no sense at all to me.

Charlotte O'rourke

I thought the Texas governor’s order was to shelter in place. I thought it was basically Go exercise but don’t hang out. Go to the grocery store but don’t hang out. Hang out at home - outside or inside - your choice.

Walter Dannenmaier

Charlotte, at some point people have simply had enough instruction from the government. The Seawall last night was an illustration. The authorities will be following or fighting the people. Apparently a good number of people decided six week was quite enough. I have to go back to Kappa weekend to recall a crowded Seawall with no one on the beach. But I did see something I never saw in Galveston yesterday - a woman begging at the Broadway/61st Street intersection who was neat and well-dressed with a sign that said she had three children and needed help. People who are either afraid or at risk can stay at home. We need to get as many of our 26 million unemployed back to productive work as soon as possible.

Charlotte O'rourke

Walter, I think we can agree a well constructed plan to get people back to work is in everyone’s best interest. But I didn’t know going to the beach during shelter in place orders and snubbing the governor’s and beach patrol’s orders were worked related. I don’t like first responders put in extra jeopardy for trying to do their jobs as it currently exists. From Peter .davis’s article, it sounded like non compliant people have been creating issues,

Tomorrow, the governor is going to present his plan. Cities will then Implement changes and hopefully monitor for necessary corrective actions.

After reading about the choir practice where members social distanced but had 45 of 60 members come down positive with covid 19, I don’t think sitting in a crowded area i- even in the sun - is a good idea until more is known.

Gary Miller

Charlotte. Do something? Even if wrong. Evidence a bureaucracy did it.Was anything ordered by our bureaucracies the right thing. Some? None?

Wayne D Holt

"We need to get as many of our 26 million unemployed back to productive work as soon as possible."

Walter, people really, really need to let that figure sink in. Through faulty modeling and the unwillingness of government to dial back the restrictions as better data came in, our own governments (federal, state, county and local) are responsible for 26,000,000 Americans out of work who were gainfully employed six weeks ago. 26,000,000 individuals (most with families) who are struggling to figure out how they are going to keep their head above water and not lose everything they have.

We have done this out of an "abundance of caution" that was reckless in its disregard of the impact the decisions made by the political class was going to be. If the government's actions were treated like medical malpractice cases are today, the political class would have been sued out of existence already.

Gary Miller

Wayne> Right on. If 26,000,000 bureaucrats were unemployed the few left would look for better policies.

Debra Criss

Wayne Holt is not good for Galveston or D3.

Wayne D Holt

Ms. Criss, while I appreciate your enthusiasm for a different perspective than what I offer, it would be instructive for you to share with those in the audience and at home exactly what you find objectionable. This is your third foray into the conversation and yet you have never been tempted to share with the public what the problem is.

In contrast to you, I have presented links, direct quotes, statistical analysis, timelines and personal observations that support my position. I would be more than happy to have a public discussion with you so that others may judge whether I would--at least on this issue--be good or not good for District 3 (spoiler alert: I'm running for the council seat in D3). Since you feel so strongly about this, wouldn't you want to share what you have uncovered with others in D3 and Galveston at large?

David Schuler

Charlotte, if you and Debra want to remain safely in your house away from the Virus, you have every right to do so. Some of us have looked closely at the infection rate, hospitalization rates, death rates and decided we don't live in New York City and therefore have or will make more informed and reasonable choices. In Russia and China it's expected that the people will listen to and follow every government-issued edict. In this case, the statute of limitations on 'stupid directives' has run out - as witnessed by the Spot debacle yesterday. The times, as they say, are a' changin'.

Charlotte O'rourke

David, I’m confused. The data was 60,000 - 100,000 deaths. We are fast approaching that death mark.

Americans are dying daily.

To me that’s significant.

I’m for opening our hospitals that aren’t stressed, and a reasonable business reopening, I’m not for stupid (Georgia’s plan with cases increasing) to prove government (federal. State or local) was wrong.

Wayne D Holt

Ms. O Rourke, have you had a chance to look at what is being reported as to the fatality and infection rates for pneumonia, alternate flu and other respiratory distress diseases this flu season? They are statistically almost nonexistent. They are not being treated and/or not being reported and/or being reported as Covid-19 cases.

You don't go from year over year seasonal numbers within a measureable range to zip in one year...unless the care or reporting of those other respiratory diseases was being handled differently this year. And they are being handled differently this year. The question is, why?

David Schuler

I don't live in the 'world', i live and work in Galveston county, where 90% of the deaths linked to coronavirus have occurred in nursing homes or long term care facilities. Where checkers at Krogers, Home Depot, Lowes and other major stores deemed 'essential' come face to face with hundreds of people every day, and have since the outbreak was recognized. I fail to see - after all this time - huge spikes in those populations.

Debra Criss

Hey David, I am sure you believe you are making informed choices. Good luck with that, let us know how that works out for you. BTW, I don't play follow the leader or misguided folks on the forum. Have a nice day.

David Schuler

It's not just me, Look for lots more social unrest in the coming weeks, and we'll all know how that works out.

Jim Forsythe

"Look for lots more social unrest in the coming weeks" It has already started as all kinds of protests have been happening.

What is the goal of all the protest now and to come? Do they think people in elected office are going to change their message? That the medical professionals are going to change their message.? My answer to all these questions is it will not change anything that is happening as to reopening on a large scale. We are starting phase 1 and if all goes well more places will be opening. The Federal Government, the state and local governments have outlined the plan we will follow.

Remember they have warned us that if we act a fool at the beach they may be forced to close it down. This will be true for each step if people do not follow the rules.

A few of the protests that have happened.

In Concord, New Hampshire joining in with other demonstrators were armed members of the “Boogaloo Movement,”

Students protest coronavirus related to racism. Students have noticed coronavirus jokes made about them because of their ethnicity. These jokes have made students uncomfortable, as it seems to single them out for something they have no control over.

Terrorist victims’ families protest emergency corona assistance to PA.

Nurses in Sacramento and nationwide are hitting the picket lines on Wednesday to protest the federal government response to the coronavirus.

Amazon workers at Amazon's Staten Island warehouse strike in demand that the facility be shut down and cleaned after one staffer tested positive

Union set to protest GE Appliance's decision to bring employees back to work GE Appliances has told its employees to return to work on Monday, despite the COVID-19 pandemic

Rolling LA protest urges rent forgiveness for people hit hardest by coronavirus crisis.

More than 20 nurses protested for additional personal protective equipment at Lafayette Park in front of the White House.

Some Maui County residents are calling for more stringent action–staging protests on Maui and Moloka’i against all tourism arrivals.

Maine lawmaker organizes protest of governor’s coronavirus restrictions.

Kelly Naschke

Debra Criss not playing “follow the leader”?’re in lockstep with the pied piper....and don’t even realize it. You should just stay home......FOREVER.

Debra Criss

Wayne Holt, thanks, but no "instruction" needed. You are doing such a great job, don't stop.

Wayne D Holt

From out of the Inscrutable East, this aphorism comes to mind: "Even no answer is an answer."

Debra Criss

Leroy, bless your heart.

Jim Forsythe

For the ones not happy with how the reopening is going, what's your plan? Would you open it up all at once?

Walter Dannenmaier

I saw another terrifying thing yesterday - there are what looks like a hundred or more locomotives lined up in the Galveston yard. I hadn't been down Harborside in quite some time. My fear is that they are parked there due to lack of shipping volume. Does anyone have some insight?

Bailey Jones

They've been there since at least early January. Awaiting their final destination, as I understand it.

Tosha Jones

As of today... Texas Population: 29 Million (+ who knows how many illegals) - Texas Deaths: 648

Not to be insensitive but, the Texas economy came to a screeching halt over less than 650 people. Those that don't see the problem may need to do some deep thinking, do your own research, and stop listening to the George Soros owned media!!

Carlos Ponce

Pneumonia and influenza (P&I) deaths in Texas this flu season (Sept. 29, 2019 – Apr. 19, 2020) is 6737 according to the Texas Department of State Health Department. See page 7:

6737 Texas deaths to P & I outnumbers 648 Texas deaths to COVID - 19.

Tosha Jones

I certainly don't want to be told what to do/say - where I can/can't go. If you want to stay home & be cautious, do it! My parents are and I don't blame them one bit. On the flip side, some of us understand the amount of corruption, deception, and force fed misinformation and we're not buying it. From local government all the way to the Supreme Court - there's deception everywhere - every company. Bribery is a HUGE business throughout the world. It's no longer acceptable to believe everything someone feeds you. When you finally learn the truth in things, It's incredibly disappointing & stirs a fire within you. Some don't like our President and that's "ok" too. I'm still a supporter & will vote for him again.

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